Saturday, September 7, 2013

Best Spiritual Posts: Step Out into the Unknown with Ease

Dr. Martin Luther King quote.
Best Spiritual Posts: Step Out into the Unknown with Ease: From Denny: This photo and quote reminds me of the ancient mystery schools where the spiritual path was taught over decades.

Students did not expect to learn spiritual principles in a few months of study. Students did not expect to interact with spiritual energy on the highest levels within a few years. Students did not expect to wield spiritual power until their egos were well disciplined, honed into perfect obedience to Spirit.

A true student of the spiritual path accepts early on that Life is truly a journey. This journey involves the unexpected and the unplanned. Life is not always as orderly as our emotions and left brain sense of the world would prefer. :)

In order to maintain our balance - or regain it quickly - it's important to root ourselves in the present - the Now - and not focus upon even what happened a few moments ago or what might happen in our future...

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