Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dennys World News May 2014: U.S., World NEWS LINKS

English: Map of what was called New Russia dur...

Dennys World News May 2014: U.S., World NEWS LINKS:

*** updates daily ***  From Denny:  Back up blogging after weeks long onslaught of Russian cyberattacks on my blogs.  Oh, well, nothing like waiting them out and recircling like a proper yard cat.  A lot of fussing and cussing at Blogger and Google up on Twitter was also helpful.

Nor am I well impressed with the NSA and CIA gremlins still surveilling me because of my vociferous opinions about their police state tactics, especially against journalists.  These days, as a journalist, it's getting more difficult to tell the Good Guys Governments from the Bad Guys Governments because ALL of them are suppressing the Truth from every media outlet quarter, including bloggers.

Of course, you didn't think a little strong arming would stop me, now did you?...

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