Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day: Living Courage, Dying For Honor: Celebrating Vietnam War USMC GSGT Charles "Chuck" Perkins

From Denny:  Today is more than just that long needed holiday vacation with the family, fun backyard barbecues and country music festivals.  It's one of those few days of the year that Americans come together to remember the fallen in our too many wars over the past few centuries of our young country.  

Some of those wars were justified for the greater good to bring back world peace.  Other wars spilled precious blood for nothing more than the Pentagon leaders' selfish need for personal glory and the just plain money-grubbing greed of business people:  otherwise known as war profiteers.  

Profiteers and War and Bad Politics

FYI, for those who don't remember or don't know:  The Vietnam War was a proxy war between the U. S. and Russia.  Russia backed North Vietnam and the U. S. backed South Vietnam.

"Feeding the Beast" of Russia with American Money

Profiteers are still with us today, not just the Vietnam War era.  Take a look at how our current day Pentagon is busy "feeding the military beast" of Russia.  The latest nonsense is giving away half a billion dollars to the Russians in exchange for Russian rocket engines that you know Putin will sabotage.  Come on, really?  Putin is supposed to be under sanctions, and, yet, our Pentagon and Congress find a way to feed his ailing economy another $500 million???  The sanctions won't work as long as the Pentagon, Congress and Wall Street cockroach around them...

Military Sacrifice Shower Curtain

"No sacrifice is ever left behind or forgotten - thank you." - denny lyon