Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jon Stewart Celebrates Liar Outrageous Funny CIA Fraud John Beale

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 funny videos.
From Denny:  Bored with reading the news in print or online?  Want to spice it up with some jokes about the truth of the news with a side dish of critical thinking?  Look no further because one of America's beloved comics is to the rescue: Jon Stewart of The Daily Show.

This news story is about an incredible Liar Outrageous, a 65-year-old bored guy named John Beale.  He was a former top deputy, a senior policy adviser at the Office of Air and Radiation and extremely well paid at the EPA.

Of course, the CIA probably thought it was hilarious that Beale was claiming to work for them.  Lots of people claim to work for the CIA.  Of course, Beale had never worked for the IC (intelligence community).  Beale never visited Vietnam where he claimed to have contracted malaria during service as a way to explain his prolonged disappearances from work.

Others claim to be Navy Seals.  Even I outted a false Navy Seal a few years back who was scamming a pack of gullible acquaintances.  Yeah, they were impressionable Republican voters that would dutifully believe a Liar Outrageous.  Leave it to the liberal to catch on first.  It's amazing how much people enjoy being lied to every day, especially if it's someone claiming to be a patriot, a hero.  Sometimes, you really wonder if Truth took a permanent walk since terrorism became a national obsession - and a huge money maker for those government contractor third parties.

John Beale is the poster child for what people don't like about slackers, especially if they happen to work for the federal government.  (See Fox News and the Republican Party about government workers in general.)  These days, millions of people are thrilled to have a job, even a crappy one.  Then this putz has the nerve to disrespect the taxpayers who gave him said job and ridiculous bonuses and high pay.

Turns out Beale skipped work for 2.5 years out of 13 years.  Can you imagine what your boss would say if you dared to miss that much work?  Yeah, priceless.  Which really makes you wonder where Beale's boss, Gina McCarthy, was all this time:  clueless and certainly not paying attention, that's for sure.

Beale was one busy slackin' and lyin' and lazin' around kind of guy.  He cheated the government out of $886, 186.  For his lying and cheating he was sentenced to 32 months in prison and repayment.  Not a bad rap for all the fun he enjoyed for over a decade.  This guy claimed to be suffering from malaria so he could get a parking space worth $200 a month for a job he didn't show up to do.  All this lying really makes you wonder if this guy was really interacting with a bad case of early onset dementia or good old-fashioned depraved indifference.

From U. S. Attorney Ronald Machen, Jr.:  "John Beale spent a decade telling one fantastic lie after another to steal our tax dollars.  At some point, his commitment to public service warped into a sense of entitlement fueled by greed."

Get this:  Beale also bilked the U. S. government for another $57,235 for an imaginary CIA research project that was never completed - or sanctioned by the CIA.  But hey! it involved at least five trips to California while not submitting a leave request and continuing to draw his EPA salary.  It gets better:  he retires and continues to receive an EPA paycheck.   Let's just chalk that up to "EPA spending oversights," as labeled by the agency's inspector general.  Unbelievable.

Apparently, Jon Stewart also found it equally incredulous.  Check out the fun Stewart had with this news story - like a giddy cat tossing catnip into the air and not caring at all where it landed.  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

U.S. Govt, NSA, NORAD Surveil Santa On Christmas Eve: Follow His Global Journey

NORAD Tracks Santa Tracking Map
NORAD Tracks Santa Tracking Map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 funny videos and a lot of satire too.
From Denny:  Go ahead; set aside your paranoia about the intrusive oppressiveness of world governments - at least on Christmas Eve.  Real people like us at our house know that as long as Santa lives no one can successfully take over the world or be the boss of us.  We believe!

You see, Santa is not a terrorist unless you claim he is because for centuries he has aggressively marketed and promoted goodness and goodwill toward all.  World governments and diplomats could take lessons in good attitude and right intentions from Santa.

The U.S. Government, via the NSA and NORAD are diligently following this holiday UFO in our airspace.  Come to think of it, the NSA is following everything in everyone's airspace too all over the globe.

These sure are some nosey guys over there at the NSA.  Either that or they have nothing better to do with their time than lavishly spend taxpayers' money on vacuuming data they will never use and that has still not led to one terrorist arrest.

Could Santa Be A Terrorist?

Want to refute the NSA argument that Santa could be a terrorist?  Well, just who is The Big Red Guy anyway?  Could Santa actually be a terrorist?...

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas Post: Funny Charlie Brown Christmas Flash Mob: NYC Snoopy Boogie

Snoopy hit the streets of New York in this flash mob.

A Christmas Post: Funny Charlie Brown Christmas Flash Mob: NYC Snoopy Boogie: From Denny:  Ready for some holiday fun?  Nothing like a Christmas themed flash mob to make you smile.  Dancing to the famous Peanuts comic strip tune, "It's A Charlie Brown Christmas" a flash mob entertained New York City this week, recreating the animated original.  Schroeder banged away on his famous piano.  Linus danced with his security blanket.  Snoopy was truly larger than life and danced his doggy boogie, stealing the show.  Get a grin and enjoy this cute video, guaranteed to melt away all that holiday shopping stress!

Joy LOVE Peace Journal

Spread some happiness all during the holiday season and beyond!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Afghanistan: Pull The Plug NOW, 2 Funny Daily Show Videos

Hamid Karzai - Caricature
Hamid Karzai - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

From Denny:  How many times does this President need for Afghanistan's Karzai to stick his finger in Obama's eye before he finally slaps back?  "President" Karzai was supposed to sign the security pact with the United States, then President Obama gave him a Tick Tock delay to sign it by the end of December.  Karzai is still negotiating for more and more and as outrageous as he can, claiming he will not sign until his conditions are met - not signing until maybe April 2014.  Karzai arrogantly dangles this possibility in front of Obama's nose like a gold-plated carrot.

So, President Obama sends as his envoy National Security Adviser Susan Rice to talk some sense into Karzai.  Did Karzai listen?  Of course not; he was as odious as ever.  Fortunately, Rice is tough enough to hold her own and I'm sure she gave Karzai an earful before she left steaming mad.  While she was at it here's hoping she threw a few elbows for good measure.  But then why would Obama send a woman to be so abused by a guy whose culture does not respect women?  Afghans treat women worse than starving feral dogs.  I guess Rice can count herself lucky she escaped without her nose and ears cut off by local crazies.

Which brings me to just what is Hamid Karzai?  Well, he's the puppet government first installed by President Bush 43 in December 2001.  Karzai does not control the country of Afghanistan.  He has a somewhat tenuous hold upon the capital city and that's it.  His brother was a drug lord while Karzai played at being President, giving a more respectably appearing, though deceptive, veneer to the international community.  At best Afghanistan is a smoke and mirrors government masquerading as legitimate.

Next in the story line was that Karzai's drug lord brother was killed by a rival faction.  It fell upon Karzai to take over the day-to-day dealings of the drug lord business while play acting at international politics.  In the past year or so, the various drug lords have allied themselves with assorted Taliban factions in order to preserve their ruthless empires.  The Taliban knows how weak Karzai is and are actively seeking to topple him, installing themselves in the Afghan government as yet one more victory for conservative and oppressive jihadist Islam.  Soon enough Karzai will be killed off just like his brother.  The Taliban were not that successful at terrorizing the West, especially the United States, so they turned to what is easier:  weak Islamic governments ripe for takeover...

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Christmas Post: Funny Christmas Poem: Santas Curmudgeon Version of The Christmas Story

A Christmas Post: Funny Christmas Poem: Santas Curmudgeon Version of The Christmas Story: From Denny:  OK, for the naughty folks out there who enjoy some holiday sarcasm comes this silly poem sure to make you grin - or wince.

Just when everyone is tired of making nice to the relatives just read this one aloud to the gathering to cut the grumbling.  Sure to make some folks howl with delight or indignation!  Oh, look, yet another family fight during the holiday season. :)

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Dennys Food and Recipes: Turkey Cooking Tips: How Good Is Your Holiday Roast Turkey?

U.S. President Barack Obama pardons "Popcorn" with his daughters Sasha and Malia at the White House, Nov. 27, 2013.
Dennys Food and Recipes: Turkey Cooking Tips: How Good Is Your Holiday Roast Turkey?:
From Denny:  Roasted my Thanksgiving turkey a day early.  Sure beats stressing on the Big Day.  Also, my husband, affectionately known as "Satan" misses out on trying to micro-manage the cooking, driving me absolutely crazy.  He never did learn to cook but thinks he knows how to tell you all about how to do it anyway.  Getting the Big Bird done a day early is a win-win for everyone as he was less stressed just as much as me!

Though he did try only twice this season to be ever so irritating:  once, when taste testing the fabulous gravy he made The Yuck! Face but could not keep his composure for long, laughed, and then raved about it as one of the best yet.  Later he decided he just had to tell me how to cut the French bread for sandwiches his way rather than the normal slices I was doing for hot garlic bread, his favorite.  Since I'm basically The Spatial Engineer in this house (just ask me to pack a car for travel and I am The Expert on finding every nook and cranny to fill) I explained to him how his way made no sense but cut a few slices for him anyway.  He was so disappointed to realize I was right after all.  "Satan" lost that round.  Never a dull moment at our house, that's for sure!

Hey, we should all be challenging the White House chef to a Roast Turkey Cook Off.  Bet mine is one of  The Best!  We love spices at our house and every year I create something different.  This year's wet rub spices were swimming in clarified butter:  sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, smokey paprika, cumin, curry powder, marjoram leaves, lite sodium soy sauce, Moscato wine and Remy Martin cognac...

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Inside the White House Holidays - great video and the White House Gingerbread House too!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kudos Watch: First Step Iran Nuke Deal A Win For ALL

Anti-American mural in the Iranian capital Tehran.
Anti-American mural in the Iranian capital Tehran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  Israel is not in charge of America.  So, zip it, Israeli PM Netanyahu.  Entitled to his opinion?  Sure.  Not entitled to lobby Congress and bully this President to get the legislation Israel wants instead of what the American people expect.

It's bad enough Israel has its long reach tentacles into our poorly managed NSA and a stranglehold on our intelligence community, now it's Congress.  Enough.  Stay out of interfering in our national politics, Israel, before we all give you the bum's rush out of the room permanently.  Or, to quote cheeky Stephen Colbert, "You aren't the boss of me!"

Sec. of State Kerry has done a marvelous job of steering the negotiations between the United States and Iran just to get the two countries to engage in this first step toward thawing a deep freezer cold relationship.

Are there a number of problems wooing this new relationship with a vicious regime after 34 years of throwing feces at each other like a room full of gregarious chattering monkeys?  Oh, yeah...

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Friday, November 22, 2013

222 News Links: 50 Years Later, President JFK Assassination. Are We Any Closer To Knowing The Truth?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About JFK?

From Denny:  It's been a long day for the entire country, revisiting the worst of American history - the killing of a President.  As the child of a CIA officer I have my own memories of that fateful day and ensuing Cover-Up Week that followed.  I certainly remember watching the news that was discussing how the bullets hit the President and the Texas Governor in the vehicle.  Then, suddenly, there was a commotion on the news show and a shuffling of papers and then the news man changed his story to accommodate the new - and utterly ridiculous - theory.

Even my father thought it was a ridiculous idea of how a single bullet could hop and skip around to create all the damage it did - until the phone rang.  It was his boss at "work" at the Agency.  My father listened, then repeated what he was told to sell to others, "Got it.  You can count on me."  Then my father returned to the room where the rest of the family was yelling at the TV for being so stupid.

My father changed his story.  He was white as a sheet, clearly shaken and visibly frightened.  I heard most of his conversation with his boss and I knew they were both terrified of stepping out of line with the "higher ups."  They even discussed who else might be involved outside of the CIA - which only scared them more.

My father started with his typical engineer style of how to rationalize the possibility of the Single Bullet Theory being true.  As a precocious child with an adult mind, I would have none of his sales talk, "That's a bald-faced lie and we both know it."  That pretty much shut down that vile conversation and we watched the rest of the news show in silence.  My father turned embarrassment red and looked down, ashamed.

Was he ashamed he was caught in an obvious lie and partner to a nasty cover-up for his bosses and those who were guilty?  Was he ashamed he was selling such an insulting lie so soon after a President was killed, even before he had been buried?  Was he ashamed he lied to his family?

All these years later we will never know.  What I do know is that when some author comes along and writes a book about how this killing of a President was not a conspiracy, well, I know that is yet another bald-faced lie from someone trying to profit from a man's death.

Over the years too many people have tried to assign the guilt of this President's murder to this group or that.  The reality is that they all did it.  That is what is so heinous:  there was a confluence of groups and individuals with resentments, grudges, bigotry, and just plain hatred that joined together to kill a President. They were heads of government agencies.  They were so callous and cavalier they actually believed that after six months no one would care any more and the country would move on.

The truth is the country has never really been able to "move on" because this murder of a President is a festering wound that political leaders and current Presidents have not had the courage to address and heal.  It's created a restlessness and mistrusting attitude toward government.  President Clinton saw to it a bill was passed in 1992 to release all the papers concerning this assassination.  Yet various parts of the government refuse to release these documents decades later.  Since when do they outrank a President?

It really is past due time one President step up and get these documents released:  all of them (please sign this White House site petition to reach 100,000 by 11 Dec 2013 - currently at 99,846.)  The only way for a badly infected wound to heal is to do the messy business to lance it, clean the wound thoroughly and then dress it to properly heal.  You can't have infection present and expect the wound to ever heal.  So it is with a country, this country:  America.

President Obama, perhaps this is your time in history to do this country a tremendous service?  Perhaps this is your moment.  Now really is the time to step up:  "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country."  Heal your country, Mr. President, please.

This Day In History @ History Channel - Nov 22, 1963:  John F. Kennedy assassinated

The following are the news links from the major news networks:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

WTF? Outrageus Afghanistan: Many Reasons Wrong Idea To Commit To Another Decade There

Standing by on a hilltop, Soldiers with the 10...
Standing by on a hilltop, Soldiers with the 101st Division Special Troops Battalion, 101st Airborne Division watch as two Chinook helicopters fly in to take them back to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, Nov. 4, 2008. The Soldiers searched a small village in the valley below for IED making materials and facilities. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  This is crazy.  America does not need to remain in Afghanistan for any reason and certainly not for an undetermined amount of time, committing any amount of troops.  To hear the Afghans tell it they expect us to subsidize their economy by training and financially supporting their entire army.  It's outrageous.

The Afghans possess both the natural resources - and a thriving drug trade - to pay for themselves.  American taxpayers do not want to spend billions of dollars more on this boondoggle with the tail wagging the dog yet again.

What is the matter with this administration?  The American people have weighed in on this long-running Afghan War and want nothing to do with the country.  End it and end the relationship now.  If Big Business wants to go into Afghanistan and work their various projects then let them hire their own security forces.  It is not appropriate to force the American taxpayers to foot their bills.  Nor is it appropriate for American soldiers to lose their lives, leaving their blood on the field of the greedy outstretched hands of the Afghan drug lords, er, President...

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kudos Watch: Could Prez Obamas Next NSA Chief Be A Woman; Where Would He FInd Her?

From Denny:  There are a few good things going on in our federal government.  OK, not much, but it should still be celebrated, especially when it involves breaking through the glass ceiling for women in the work place.

Finally, back about 1995, part of the intelligence community realized how stupid it was to not aggressively recruit women for development in the intelligence field and maybe eventually grooming them for positions higher up in the organization.  At the time the CIA only felt women should "get the privilege" to ascend to middle management - and never higher.

The natural go-to first line of recruitment started with the children of CIA officers.  As the child of a CIA officer, it was about then the CIA tried to recruit me yet again and again and again.  Of course, they had all the bullying finesse of stinking billy goats and I would have none of their toxic organization.  Clearly, they were seriously clueless as how to recruit smart women.  It would take a lot of time before they got it right.

Usually, the CIA quits trying to recruit you once you reach age 35 but they persisted with me long after, probably because I never have looked my age.  Even after I was married ten years strangers would ask me what high school I was attending.  It's really annoying - until you get older and people half your age ask you about a music group of which you have never heard.  I've learned to just play along rather than give them the Big Speech of true age disclosure that shocks them. Awkward.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NSA Leaks: Can DNI Clapper, World Govts Prevent Coming Cyber War? Not A Chance.

Photo: Getty Images, NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander
speaking at hearing, DNI Clapper to the right

From Denny:  If ever there was a group of clueless guys who needed a crisis consultant it's the Pentagon, the NSA, the IC (intelligence community) - like DNI Clapper - and this President.

Or to reminder quote former President Bill Clinton, "When you are in a deep hole, quit digging."  Yet watch this clown circus and they are still digging - all the way through Middle Earth to China.  Maybe the Clown Circus should be renamed "Ridiculous On Steroids."

Just this weekend Sen. Diane Feinstein went on "Face The Nation" and basically threw President Obama under the bus, claiming it's Obama's fault as he sets the parameters and policies for all they do - the NSA and the IC (Intelligence Community).  Of course, embattled NSA Chief Gen. Alexander did the same "throw them under the bus" tactic last week when he claimed it's the State Department's Sec. Kerry who has been ordering them to tap the personal phones of world leaders.

Is there anyone left in the world that does not agree that the NSA, the IC, President Obama, the much too secret FISA Court with no one investigating or oversight on them, have all over played their hand?  Now the EU wants to create their own spy agency to counter the NSA stupidity.  The European Commissioner for Justice, Viviane Reding, believes it's time the playing field got leveled out though it's doubtful it will become a reality.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jon Stewart Whips Some Lying Butt: NSA and Congress

From Denny:  Incredibly furious with the NSA right now?  Yeah, me too.  I mean who really enjoys an arrogant thief who knows the government will not prosecute him, bursts into your house, steals its contents - unapologetic - rapes you and then says, "But I'm doing all this to protect you.  Just shut up and take it up the ass." Then, in a congressional hearing he gives all of America the verbal version of the finger eagle on the national news.

It doesn't help the President is too damned weak to fire all these punk bullies at the NSA.  In another life - if I were President - or Kahleesi - I would have already drawn my sword and taken their heads - literally.  So, it's no wonder I am too furious to write much of a cogent post this week.

This journalist blogger is so furious she can barely see straight, so - for the moment - I'll let Jon Stewart be my proxy for this government fight.  Right now he is far more eloquent than I could hope to be.  Meanwhile, I hear the Germans are offering Snowden asylum, sanctuary and a helluva deal if he would relocate to Germany to help them shield against the NSA spying.  Can't wait to see what Russia counteroffers.  Oh, how I would love to be a fly on the wall to listen in on those fun negotiations.

Check out funny Jon Stewart who has an endearing way of putting this NSA Spygate into perspective.  Wait until you see the clip with that idiot from Congress who has his brown nose up Gen. Alexander's lardy ass.  It really does make you wonder just how much money all these guys are being promised or already are making from this so-called need for this level of spying.  It must be millions of dollars.  Why else would they fight so hard to keep doing it?  Yeah, it's all about political corruption in high places...

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Fantasy Fool Running NSA? Just How Seriously Whacko Is NSA Chief Gen. Alexander? Answer: Very.

NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland.
From Denny:  At the rate the NSA cyber punks are going they will have the entire world and all of America confused as to who is the real enemy:  the NSA or the nebulous terrorists.  This self-important loony tune NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander should never have been installed as NSA Chief in the first place.  Just how did this guy pass his psych evaluation anyway?  Are the Pentagon and the IC (intelligence community) that bad at taking a close look at the people they install as leaders for any project that can literally affect the lives of billions of people on the planet?  Come on; really?!...

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Govt Shutdown Shutstorm 2013: Late Nite Jokes Display Congress' Malfeasance In Office


4 Jon Stewart videos.

From Denny:  Have you been enjoying the Washington soap opera lately - known as The Government Shutdown?  The word is that sometime tonight Speaker Boehner will finally do his job and allow the full House to vote on the bill to end this idiot shutdown and reopen the government.  

Of course, there are conservative groups still urging members to vote against raising the country's debt ceiling to avoid default.  Those same groups also don't want the government reopened.  No one said groups like Club For Growth were smart enough to understand the global implications of such a screamingly stupid strategy.

Tomorrow is when the government hits its final time limit where the clock runs out because America loses its ability to borrow.  Get this; the U. S. Treasury says after that date we only have about $30 billion on hand with which to pay our bills, along with some incoming tax revenue added.  That isn't much for a $17 trillion annual economy.  Apparently, over at the House, they aren't smart enough to understand basic math like the rest of us, with conservatives and Tea Party members declaring how good it would be for America if the country defaulted from its prestigious AAA rating.  Does Stupid get any more ridiculous?

You see the House Speaker has held the American people hostage just to stroke the childish egos of the Tea Party and conservative Republicans performing the World's Worst Temper Tantrum for the past 16 days. All this, with Boehner knowing he would have to back down and agree to vote some version of this bill anyway.  Yet Boehner thought nothing of putting through financial hell the country and millions of people dependent upon the government directly or indirectly for their paychecks. 

Do you know just how much money the Republicans and the Tea Party have cost the U. S. economy?  Try a minimum of $24 billion for the past 16 days.  That's just the monetary cost which does not take into account consumer, investor and voter confidence.  That cost is yet to be accurately measured and will play out over the next few years in the form of elections, housing market sales and Wall Street reports.  

For now, Congress has kicked the can down the political road until the middle of January 2014.  Yes, start rolling your eyes now and get ready for the next installment of The Government Shutdown Washington soap opera.  The new season starts January 2014.  Bet you all are really jonesin' for it like a new episode of Downton Abbey.  

Barring that maybe the nation's lawyers will get together and bring a hoarde of lawsuits against all these Washington Cry Babies to push them out of office early.  Maybe we will get lucky and they get some prison time too for "malfeasance in office" which is all too evident.  Not to mention "theft by deception" as these guys take paychecks for which they don't spend time actually working.

Meanwhile, enjoy the hilarious social commentary from The Comedy Gods, the national late night comics and my personal favorite, comic Jon Stewart.  They keep us laughing so we don't pick up a can of Cajun Whoop Ass from my local Louisiana convenience store and march on Washington to teach them nasty political varmints a lesson.  Oh, be sure to order your government shutdown t-shirts today.  Many styles and sizes and three designs from which to choose! We have to be ready for the next showdown.  We simply must be in unison with our coordinating fashion statements when we march on Washington.  Just think of the news visuals; they will be stunning - and a news producer's dream! :)

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Govt Shutdown: Venzuelan Chicago Marathon Runner Delivers True Grit Congress Does Not


From Denny:  As the government shutdown has rippled through the global economy for two weeks now, anger is growing exponentially.  There really is nothing worse than selfishness and greed taken to the level of excess, rudeness and insensitivity to the plight of your neighbors.

To not take into consideration how the lives of others would be harmed by the political action of closing a huge government like America displays the height of hubris on steroids.  There will be repercussions come election day.  The American public will not just move on and forget how they and their families got screwed over by national politicians on a joy ride at our expense.

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#Dear Congress: Resign Men's Performance Dry Tee

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Daily Show Shutstorm 2013: Govt Shutdown Jokes Just Keep On Coming!


5 funny Daily Show, Colbert Report videos.

From Denny:  While the  American Congress acts like fighting children, risking the world economy in this stupid government shutdown, hey, look! it's Russian President Putin looking like a global statesman.  He's busy destroying chemical weapons while holding Syria's nasty feet to the fire until that mission is accomplished.

Can the world get any weirder when Russia sets aside thuggish behavior and takes the world lead acting with the debonair class America used to display in eras past?  Kiss classy goodbye in America.  It hasn't happened in a very long time.  Maybe the country will get lucky and Texas will organize a recall election for Sen. Ted Cruz and other Tea Party guys like him...

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Govt Shutdown Featuring Daily Show Shutstorm 2013: Lemming Caucus Politicians Gone Wild

2 funny Daily Show videos. From Denny:  Just when I was enjoying Russia's Putin elegantly drinking Dos Equis beer (the campy ad), getting adored as The Most Interesting Man in the World (the Vermont actor in interview), enter the Government Shutdown.

It appears that Putin has found a way for a Russian cultural advancement group to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize in regards to resolving the NSA Leaker Snowden's whereabouts. Hey, President Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize for which he did absolutely nothing.  So, as Putin's nominating group reasons, why can't Putin get one for actually acting like the weirdest choice on the planet for successful world statesman in this NSA Leak drama?

Of course, Putin doesn't realize the only reason Obama was given that Peace Prize was because he was riding on the backs of decades of other American Presidents who did do their part for world Peace.  Russia has not yet built that foundation upon which to stand - though it's never too late to start building that success.   Putin's recent involvement with getting Syria to give up their chemical weapons was an impressive first success...

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Late Night Jokes, Video: Syria, Government Shutdown, ObamaCare

4 funny video clips from Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel on the government shutdown, funny political memes to keep you laughing through Congressional Stupid. 
From Denny:  Figured I could take the last week off from posting as we all knew Congress was hell bent on Stupid and the late night jokes would start flowing like milk and honey in the promised land.  Is it any wonder that Congress only enjoys a 10 percent approval rating?  And that number is "down" from 17 percent a few months ago.

Who are those people who approve of Congress anyway?  Seems like fellow journalist and NBC News Political Director, Chuck Todd, has a bead on that approving crowd:  they are all friends and relatives of Congress.  He's probably right.  Add a few lobbyists to the numbers and it's an accurate count of those who approve of crooks and insensitive louts running our government into the ground - all at the expense of the struggling middle class.  Kudos go to the Democrats and the President for standing firm against childish politicians who are emotionally stuck in 7th grade.  "Whaaaa!  Give us our way or we burn down the House, the White House and the country!  Whaaa!"

My post from 2011 when the Tea Party and the Republicans last threatened a government shutdown is quite popular tonight and a second post here.  And the cartoon embed codes are still working too, yay!  Fortunately, the two sides finally got their act together and averted a shutdown at the 11th hour.  Fast forward to 2013 and the Same Stink is wafting in the national air:  the Republicans have just blasted America with their political diarrhea.

Check out this year's late night jokes and video clips about the government shutdown and Syria.  At the rate the Republicans are going this government shutdown temper tantrum is going to become an annual tradition - and we all know how addicted the Republicans are to "tradition."

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

WTF?! Theatre of the Ridiculous: Congress Finally Kills Off Whats Left Of Middle Class

English: President Barack Obama holds 3-D glas...
English: President Barack Obama holds 3-D glasses while watching the Super Bowl game at a Super Bowl Party in the family theater of the White House. Guests included family, friends, staff members and bipartisan members of Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny:  This ain't no win, Mr. President.  Leave it to Congress to sneak in a few laws that get little scrutiny or publicity from the national press.  Then, presto, it's magic! and the next thing you know you are up to your eyeballs swimming in debt, courtesy of your federal government.

Here's what is going on in Louisiana and about to spread to other parts of the country like the Jersey shore, New York and flooded Colorado.  Why?  Because Big Insurance has not been reigned in or disciplined by this President or Congress.  Quite the contrary, Congress and President Obama, like diligent workmen, have enabled the dismantling of the middle class by Big Insurance and Big Banks, eroding the lives of millions of people a little bit at a time until it has now amounted to a calamity...

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Funny Post: Russia To World Stage Declares, "We're Baaaack!"

4 funny video clips from "Puss In Boots" animated film. Check out all the links as many are polls.

From Denny:  Oh, how I have missed the Russians on the world stage.  Affectionately deemed as Denny's Fightin' Yard Cats, the Russians never fail to throw paws (at America), amuse by pinning some unlucky misbehavin' ears to the ground in a show of dominance (to Syria) or provoke reasonable people to deeper thought on international issues (yes, the World).

At least the Russians "get it" about discussing world issues in depth and detail as opposed to my American government - and their lazy think tanks.  Those think tank guys spend more time dreaming up catchy political slogans, tweeting arguments on social media, yessing each other in an echo chamber and talking like they skim the news headlines rather than invest in solving serious world problems.  Come to think of it, much of that sounds a lot like the Russian Yes Government in relation to how they behave with Putin...

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Syrian War Intervention: Polls And Russia Step Into The Breach

sailor protest syria

From Denny:  Well, it's official; Americans see no positive end game in Syria.  Americans refuse to go to war yet again in the Middle East.  Because people all over the world are in agreement with the American people, suddenly Congress and this President are in a political quandary.

Politicians know going against the majority in America means the end of their careers - and a whole lot of historians writing contemptuous things about them for posterity.  Thousands of Americans called and yelled at their national politicians to stop this madness.  Yet why does President Obama still act like it doesn't matter if Congress votes him down because he will move forward and bomb Syria back into the Stone Age?..

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