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Jon Stewart Celebrates Liar Outrageous Funny CIA Fraud John Beale

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From Denny:  Bored with reading the news in print or online?  Want to spice it up with some jokes about the truth of the news with a side dish of critical thinking?  Look no further because one of America's beloved comics is to the rescue: Jon Stewart of The Daily Show.

This news story is about an incredible Liar Outrageous, a 65-year-old bored guy named John Beale.  He was a former top deputy, a senior policy adviser at the Office of Air and Radiation and extremely well paid at the EPA.

Of course, the CIA probably thought it was hilarious that Beale was claiming to work for them.  Lots of people claim to work for the CIA.  Of course, Beale had never worked for the IC (intelligence community).  Beale never visited Vietnam where he claimed to have contracted malaria during service as a way to explain his prolonged disappearances from work.

Others claim to be Navy Seals.  Even I outted a false Navy Seal a few years back who was scamming a pack of gullible acquaintances.  Yeah, they were impressionable Republican voters that would dutifully believe a Liar Outrageous.  Leave it to the liberal to catch on first.  It's amazing how much people enjoy being lied to every day, especially if it's someone claiming to be a patriot, a hero.  Sometimes, you really wonder if Truth took a permanent walk since terrorism became a national obsession - and a huge money maker for those government contractor third parties.

John Beale is the poster child for what people don't like about slackers, especially if they happen to work for the federal government.  (See Fox News and the Republican Party about government workers in general.)  These days, millions of people are thrilled to have a job, even a crappy one.  Then this putz has the nerve to disrespect the taxpayers who gave him said job and ridiculous bonuses and high pay.

Turns out Beale skipped work for 2.5 years out of 13 years.  Can you imagine what your boss would say if you dared to miss that much work?  Yeah, priceless.  Which really makes you wonder where Beale's boss, Gina McCarthy, was all this time:  clueless and certainly not paying attention, that's for sure.

Beale was one busy slackin' and lyin' and lazin' around kind of guy.  He cheated the government out of $886, 186.  For his lying and cheating he was sentenced to 32 months in prison and repayment.  Not a bad rap for all the fun he enjoyed for over a decade.  This guy claimed to be suffering from malaria so he could get a parking space worth $200 a month for a job he didn't show up to do.  All this lying really makes you wonder if this guy was really interacting with a bad case of early onset dementia or good old-fashioned depraved indifference.

From U. S. Attorney Ronald Machen, Jr.:  "John Beale spent a decade telling one fantastic lie after another to steal our tax dollars.  At some point, his commitment to public service warped into a sense of entitlement fueled by greed."

Get this:  Beale also bilked the U. S. government for another $57,235 for an imaginary CIA research project that was never completed - or sanctioned by the CIA.  But hey! it involved at least five trips to California while not submitting a leave request and continuing to draw his EPA salary.  It gets better:  he retires and continues to receive an EPA paycheck.   Let's just chalk that up to "EPA spending oversights," as labeled by the agency's inspector general.  Unbelievable.

Apparently, Jon Stewart also found it equally incredulous.  Check out the fun Stewart had with this news story - like a giddy cat tossing catnip into the air and not caring at all where it landed.  Enjoy!

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