Saturday, May 22, 2010

America This Week: World Politics Cartoons and Commentary - 22 May 2010

From Denny: America is definitely in the mood to shoot themselves some politicians, figuratively speaking. Voter anger has shut off the drug drip from the lobbyists to long time puppet politicians. Of course, the million dollar question, literally figured in kickbacks and payoffs, is whether the new group of fresh politicians will end up in the wallets of Big Business interests just like the last batch.

One fresh face just elected in his GOP primary in Kentucky is Rand Paul. This guy is already in the pockets of as many Big Business interests as he can find it seems. Already he has spoken against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - what a piggy racist - because he is crying the blues of all the tough high hurdles Big Business has to do to employ minorities - or women for that matter. You know, that pesky annoying mosquito in the room called ethics in business.

Then Paul goes on to insult everyone on the entire Gulf Coast with crying the blues and pleading the case for BP and how they should not be blamed. This guy would be wise to withdraw from the Senate race before someone takes it into their own hands to tar and feather the guy and run him out of the country. He is truly a case of "Stupid is as Stupid does."

Politics, the Supreme Court, lobbyists and their handlers Big Business - all crazy human behavior and never a dull moment! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Funny Video: Stewart Skewers Conservatives 4 Obama-Bush Comparisons

From Denny: Have you noticed lately how the conservatives keep trying to tell us how much Prez Obama is so much like Bush - like Obama is a Presidential clone or something? Weird, huh? Stewart decided he had to sound off on that latest Republican political strategy that clearly doesn't work.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BP Oil Spill Funny Political Cartoons - 15 May 2010

Photo by I'm Fantastic @ flickr

From Denny: Considering the possible magnitude of this environmental disaster for years to come, BP has not been forth-coming on a lot of truths. Just this week NBC reported how they are only trying to clean up 1% of the spilled oil. BP has been flooded with calls to help with the clean up yet refuse to take the calls.

Sure looks like their strategy is if they sign any contracts for clean up they will be required to pay upon completion. They are trying to foot drag their out of pocket immediate expenses and tie up the American government in court for decades to avoid their fiscal responsibility.

Mr. President, might I suggest that you begin nationalizing BP holdings in America? Or how about suspending their right to do business in America until they fess up and do right by throwing billions of dollars at the clean up right now - not later and only if their arms are twisted into submission? How about freezing their American accounts until further notice? BP is just playing games with you and the American public. They are not serious about truly fixing the problem.

Of course, on the lighter side of humor, Colbert had some choice words for what BP is doing about clean up. Have I got a funny video link for you...! :) Check out the finger pointing cartoons.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Late Night BP Oil Spill Jokes - 10 May 2010

You know that hurt!

From Denny: This week the news has focused upon the unfolding environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico off my Louisiana coast. The reason the BP oil spill is such a danger to Louisiana over the other Gulf states is because our shoreline is very jagged, full of marshlands that are habitats to wildlife. Those marshlands act as a barrier to slow down fierce hurricanes before they reach land. Those marshlands are also home to some good fishing that will be completely destroyed if the oil makes its way into those jagged areas. The oil will be too difficult to clean up in those areas. Fortunately, the Coast Guard is working feverishly by dumping tons of sand to plug the areas from the Gulf into the marshlands. It erodes as soon as they dump sand but it's better than nothing at all. You have to admire the effort as it may buy some time as clean up continues.

The comedians are not saying anything we aren't saying in Louisiana to joke about it. For the past several weeks, when there was a ban placed on fishing in the Gulf, diners have flocked to their favorite seafood restaurants like vultures on roadkill. There is some stock in freezers but when that runs out there won't be any more Louisiana Gulf shrimp, oysters or other fishes available.

One of the restaurant jokes around here in south Louisiana is there is a couple seated at a table in a fine dining restaurant. The server approaches the table with towel folded over his arm, ready to serve wine, and a pen and pad to take their order. The server proceeds to tick off the specials of the night to the couple when the man asks, "I suppose what you mean by blackened shrimp is that it's the chef who does the blackening, right?" Ah, BP oil spill humor...

The comics also lampooned the Time Square Bomber and Arizona immigration in relation to Cinco de Mayo holiday.

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