Saturday, May 22, 2010

America This Week: World Politics Cartoons and Commentary - 22 May 2010

From Denny: America is definitely in the mood to shoot themselves some politicians, figuratively speaking. Voter anger has shut off the drug drip from the lobbyists to long time puppet politicians. Of course, the million dollar question, literally figured in kickbacks and payoffs, is whether the new group of fresh politicians will end up in the wallets of Big Business interests just like the last batch.

One fresh face just elected in his GOP primary in Kentucky is Rand Paul. This guy is already in the pockets of as many Big Business interests as he can find it seems. Already he has spoken against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - what a piggy racist - because he is crying the blues of all the tough high hurdles Big Business has to do to employ minorities - or women for that matter. You know, that pesky annoying mosquito in the room called ethics in business.

Then Paul goes on to insult everyone on the entire Gulf Coast with crying the blues and pleading the case for BP and how they should not be blamed. This guy would be wise to withdraw from the Senate race before someone takes it into their own hands to tar and feather the guy and run him out of the country. He is truly a case of "Stupid is as Stupid does."

Politics, the Supreme Court, lobbyists and their handlers Big Business - all crazy human behavior and never a dull moment! :)

The usual suspects for sex scandal: Republicans 10 to 1 over Democrats

Tea Party complainers:

Brought to you by Big Business who is lobbying to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964 so business doesn't have to hire people of color is Weird Rand Paul, the Tea Party's Man of the Racist Hour. He is also proudly standing up for BP in the oil spill and the "rights" of Big Business over American citizens just trying to work a job.

World time-out corners for naughty nations on order from the Good Sense Factory of the Universe:

Loose cannon Iran:

Voter anger in America:

Considering how too much of the media in this country lied and enabled the Bush years they deserve this treatment from Obama. They did not safeguard the Truth and public safety and now it's karmic payback time:

The state of weird in American politics:

Purposely misleading about the level of military service during - not in - the Vietnam War - a huge difference:

Wall Street nasty boys:

One of the few things the current Supreme Court got right: keep the violent sex offenders off the streets and away from America's children. Of course, Justice Thomas decided to take a vacation away from his magazine reading or public naps to suddenly oppose this. Really makes you wonder about the guy even more. It was a 7 - 2 ruling in favor of indefinite sentences for incurable sex offenders who have made a mockery of our judicial and health systems.

And then there's the behemoth of Big Business of the social sites: Facebook

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