Thursday, September 15, 2011

Funny Jon Stewart Mocks What It Took to Humanize Dick Cheney

From Denny:  Jon Stewart loves to talk about the Darth Vadar metaphor in regards to former Vice President Dick Cheney.  Cheney has a new book out, called "In My Time," and is busy hawking it on every talk show that will take him.

Stewart gives us many clips of Cheney hard at work selling his piece of fiction he claims is nonfiction.  What's amusing is how "The View" talk show just had to say, "Mr. Vice President, let's talk about this little bulge here."  She patted his chest.  Jon thought that funny as he wondered out loud "how that (statement) played to the radio broadcast audience."

As Cheney launches into his "old man talks about his health issues" talk on "The View," Stewart is speechless, unable to mock.  Can it be there is finally something Jon cannot mock successfully?  Find out why in this funny clip:

On Topic - Childhood - Star Wars

Jedi becomes a recognized religion, Jon brags about his life-size Boba Fett costume, and Darth Vader has to hand it to Dick Cheney.

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