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9-11 Stories Roundup: How Is America 10 Years Later?

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From Denny:  Every year when this date comes we all pause and remember those whose lives were taken quickly and horribly.  We mourn for those left behind and pray for them to find their way in life.

For the youngest generation this event is a moment seared upon their memory, remembering where they were when America was struck by terrorism and the Twin Towers fell.  Included here is an article of how to talk to children about the attack.

Not all associated with this terrible event is sadness, despair and sorrow.  Whether survivors, or families and friends of the fallen, many have discovered the well of strength within themselves.  Others have started charities and foundations to honor not the dead but the lives of the victims, promoting their life philosophies and initiatives.  Stories of wonderful inspiring people have been shared in the news and memorials for the world to remember.

One doctor responded to the horror by developing a new and simple device to help people get out of burning buildings that are up to 1,000 feet.  Read his story of how he came to develop the Rescue Reel.  Rappelling down the outside of a skyscraper may not be the desired mode of exit but it sure beats the alternative.

Included here are the various news sites that tend to leave up their stories to be accessed years later.  Which means the obvious news site, the New York Times, did not make the cut.  This year they went to charging people to read the news online and archive quickly so I figured the links would no longer be available within a few weeks.

Can you believe it there are conspiracy folks who think 9/11 didn't happen the way it did?  Yes, they are out there promoting an alternative story and there is an article about it.  That's the first I've heard of it.

There is an interview with the landscape architect who created the 9/11 monument and his thoughts on the process, keeping in mind the wishes of 300 million people in the nation, and interacting with the families.

Included is a music video of the song played at the first 9/11 memorial that the families enjoyed.  There are new books out about the 9/11 story in the UK too.

The world paused today to remember.  There are some interesting stories from the UK, especially how views toward or against religion in general has changed dramatically since that day.

Take a look around at this collection.  If you run across other articles or blog posts you think of merit to add, please leave it in the comment box below and I will add it to the list.  This list is meant to be an anniversary marker.  Hopefully, years from now, most of these links will still be up on the sites and accessible for historians and students of American history.

While I feel the sadness of my nation on this day, I also look forward.  We can honor those who left too soon by living our lives with zest and joy and appreciation of each moment - like they never left our side.

How 9/11 has shaped a generation of Americans

The terrorist attacks have become this generation's Pearl Harbor – an epic event that has changed young peoples' view of the world and America's place in it.

9/11 Memorial: At site of terror, a site of grace (video)

The dedication of the 9/11 Memorial Sunday will evoke many emotions. Instrumental in bringing about the memorial are three Americans who were strangers on 9/11 but ultimately became linked by the terrible events of the day.

One man's 9/11 idea to rescue people from high-rise buildings

Many of those who died on 9/11 jumped from the upper floors of the World Trade Center in New York. San Francisco doctor Kevin Stone has invented the "Rescue Reel" personal escape device that might have save lives that day.

How 9/11 looked from the air-traffic control center that saw it coming

The air-traffic controllers in 'Boston Center' – the facility that oversaw Flight 11 – speak of what happened on 9/11, from the confusion of the first moments to the frustration that military jets could not get to New York City faster.

New York's other 9/11 memorial offers a glimpse through survivors' eyes
The Tribute WTC Visitors Center tells the story of 9/11 through tour guides that are all survivors. It offers a unique look at the World Trade Center for visitors and a sense of solace to 9/11 survivors.

Remembering the audacity of the twin towers
The soaring twin towers of the World Trade Center became an affirmation of the American value of dreaming big. To the engineer who designed them, their loss on 9/11 remains heartbreaking, but he's found the resilience to keep dreaming.

On eve of 9/11, what story is the media telling?
Media imagery can play a profound role in shaping the cultural memory of an event like 9/11, and some media experts worry that coverage could veer too far toward mythmaking.

Hillary Clinton: more 'smart power' needed in terrorism fight
Hillary Clinton announced Friday the creation of a new Global Counterterrorism Forum, which will use 'smart power' such as diplomacy and democracy to fight terrorism.

9/11 hijacking victim's family expanded, even without him

Lives Changed: A decade-long series of profiles of those most directly affected by the 9/11 attacks. The Mladenik family has adopted two children since 9/11. Even they miss their dad, who died in the hijacking of American Airlines flight 11 before they arrived.

9/11 racial profiling: Where civil rights met national security

Cameran Sadeq lost the life he'd built in America when racial profiling landed him in months of detention. His civil rights were sacrificed for perceived national security.

Five ways 9/11 has transformed the US military

The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, fundamentally transformed the way the United States military wages war.

An update on a post-9/11 forecast

Before 9/11: The tale of an Afghan 'lion'
Journalist Ed Giradet met the remarkable Ahmed Shah Massoud during the Afghan insurgency against the Red Army. Twenty years later, on the eve of 9/11, he tried to see him one last time.

Response to 'credible threat' shows how much has changed since 9/11
Al Qaeda may have been degraded since 2001. But the threat since 9/11 has become more complicated, decentralized and elusive with franchises, affiliates, and homegrown terrorists.

Photo by CBS/AP

How to talk to your kids about 9/11

The 9/11 aftermath in photos.

Photographer Joel Meyerowitz was given unrestricted access to ground zero to document the aftermath of 9/11.

Five for Fighting sings 9/11 anthem "Superman"
Story and video.

The view from 1 WTC. 9/11: Ten Years Later

"Mixed bag" for U.S. Muslims since 9/11

Obama calls for unity on 9/11 anniversary

Memorial to Flight 93 victims dedicated

9/11 survivors: Where are they now?

9/11 look back: NYC, the Pentagon & Shanksville

"On September 11, 2001, America experienced its greatest loss of life from a foreign attack on home soil and was forever changed. Chris Wragge, David Martin and Chip Reid take a look back at the events in New York City, Washington, DC and Shanksville, Pa."

Tony Blair: Post 9/11 battle is not over

George W. Bush Visits Ground Zero With Obama on 10th Anniversary

While America Slept: The True Story of 9/11

Photographers revisit 9/11; 'It was that horrific'

The Politics of September 11th: From Agreement to Discord

Obama Heralds ‘Resilient Nation’ on Sept. 11 Anniversary Eve

911 Conspiracy: 'Truthers' Continue to Offer Alternate Claims About Sept. 11 Terror Attacks

Sept. 11 marked with new memorials to the dead

What Took So Long? Why the World Trade Center Still Isn't Finished

Reverberations of 9/11 felt all the way up in space

9/11 anniversary: How the loss was felt worldwide

9/11 anniversary messages to heaven: We miss your meatloaf

Essays revisited: Reflecting on 9/11

Patt Morrison Asks: Memorial man Peter Walker

"The Berkeley landscape architect on creating a monument for ground zero that honors the American people."


President Obama and First Lady Michelle comfort relatives of Sept. 11 victims.

World pauses to remember 9/11

9/11: the tragedy that engulfed our fathers

Why 9/11 was good for religion

Tony Blair discusses how the UK nearly shot down a passenger jet after 9/11

Twin Towers and terrorism: the impact 10 years on

9/11 books round-up – review

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