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Haiti Earthquake - Editorial Cartoons 16 Jan 2010

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon by Ian D. Marsden of mar...
Rush Limbaugh Cartoon by Ian D. Marsden of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From Denny: One thing about editorial cartoons is that they really give you an inside look on what is going on in a culture and what people are thinking. This week really shows what the whole world was thinking following the blow by blow news accounts on the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Whew! Ever since late Tuesday night when the 7.0 earthquake destroyed Haiti the news has been flooding the airwaves as the world geared up to send relief and rescue. What's amazing is that with all the outpouring of prayers, sympathy and donations there just had to be mean-spirited people like Republican conservative radio shock jock windbag Rush Limbaugh and Republican conservative TV shock jock "trying-to-pass-the-stink-boundary-pretending-to-be-a-real-Christian" Pat Robertson, these two have the really bad taste to try and capitalize off the Haitians misery by condemning them.

update, 2013: cartoon sites have disabled many of the embed codes for their cartoons. some still available on the posts. follow their link to the cartoonists' site to view the cartoons there.

Apparently, Pat Robertson claims Haiti was judged by God because of some pact they made with "The Devil" 200 hundreds ago. As a real Christian I wonder where this guy gets his material? How insulting these fundamentalists are to these people when they are struggling to survive. Is this a war of Protestants against a predominantly Catholic country? If so, it's quite petty and not deserving as a follower of the real Jesus Christ. Haitians need our compassion as fellow human beings deserving of respect, our prayers of comfort and strength to push forward to live another day - not our condemnation.

Here are a few other cartoons on other subjects like "connecting the dots" on terrorism intelligence when an Al Qaeda bomber got on an airplane and would have blown up the plane if not for the bravery and smarts of a passenger who foiled the plot, a Danish filmaker. There are some better cartoons but they were not available for embedding. Just click on the link below the cartoons to go to the main cartoon page to see the others:

Then there are the idiot changes going on at NBC for late night television, pitting Conan O'Brien against friend Jay Leno because the producers decided to move Leno back to the original slot since the early time did not do well after all. You just can't give someone something and then, on a whim, take it away like they have done to Conan. Leno needs to take it on his big chin and develop his new time slot like a big boy or move on.

Oh, the good ol' days when Johnny Carson ruled the late night airwaves:

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, Majority Senate Leader, in his new book, spilled a lot of dirt on the 2008 Presidential campaign. Along with it he made what some felt were racist remarks. Read that as what he said was true about a lot of America but he was actually stupid enough to put it in print. To his credit he did support Barack Obama from the very beginning and Obama basically blows off Reid's statement "as just how older generation white men talk."

My opinion of Reid is that he's been a weak leader for the entire time on health care reform, giving in way too much to the Republicans' and lobbyists' demands who then turned around and refused to vote for it. Why give them anything if they do not support it? Redraft it for the final version and vote it through with the public option.

Of course, Reid is a Mormon, a minority in politics and you would think the guy would be more sensitive:

Now this one really made me LOL:

Today is civil rights leader lion Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday and celebrations are taking place all across America:

Gay people are still fighting for their equal rights:

It's been such a roller coaster week for all of us emotionally with this Haiti earthquake we need to end this post on a funny note - especially since I have a female cousin charity worker who was in Haiti during the quake and we have no official word she survived. Unofficially, there seems to be word an American woman trumpet player was spotted at the French embassy in Haiti. Let's hope for the best this is true.

Now one last funny as the airport security regulations continue to be debated in America:

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