Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cartoons: American Public Angry at Prez Obamas 1st Year in Office

*** The real reason Americans are so intensely angry at President Obama and Congress is because for the entire first year of this "change" presidency they gave away power to those famous for abusing power: the Republican Party and Big Business.

From Denny: For anyone who was naive enough to think the Republicans would let go of power willingly - and choose to cooperate for the good of the country - or that this new President would be able to solve any of the massive problems in one year, well, they were unrealistic. It took more than eight years of Bush and 25 years of a Republican dominated Congress to get America into this rabbit hole and it's going to take more than a couple of good years to pull us out.

At the rate the Republicans are throwing the taxpayers all off the cliff the Democrats had better buckle down and start working fast and furious. Enough of the niceness thinking Republicans will cooperate if you talk sweet to them. Get real. A junkyard dog is a junkyard dog even when you dress him up in a suit.

Get tough and get real. The Republicans don't respect nice. All they respect is tough and hard-nosed strictness like Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. They hate her which means they fear her. Obama could take a lesson from her. Either that or the country needs to hire a dominatrix to discipline the Republican Party. Oh, wait a minute, Louisiana Senator David Vitter probably already has one on retainer. Maybe he will loan her out on a pro-bono basis. Prez Obama and his team have walked on egg shells long enough while real people are losing their jobs, their homes and their savings to Big Business who are taking unfair advantage.

That anemic credit card legislation Congress passed a year ago just motivated the banking industry to jack up everyone's interest rates on a whim, changing all the rules of the original contracts with their customers. And all the banks had to do was send the customer a fine print notification they changed the rules? And you wonder why the news keeps reporting there is a public revolt against paying mortgages and credit cards now? If changing the rules of the contracts is good enough for the banks, then it must be good enough for the customers too.

Who gave Obama this really bad advice about bailing out Wall Street in the first place? Who advised Obama to go moderate on Big Business? Hmmm... "do ya think?" it could be those same advisers are planning to return to Wall Street and want to cultivate some goodwill for their wealthy return? Come on; Big Business is a behemoth that steam rolls over everyone it can. Why has Obama not stopped all those Big Business job visas, replacing American workers when our economy is so fragile?

Yes, jobs loss, jobs creation and the economy is what is utmost in the upper mind of Americans. People are frustrated at where they are in life as they watch the economy slide down for them but huge bonuses for Wall Street with taxpayer monies. One note though: just how many of those same very frustrated people goose-step marched along with the Bush-Cheney duo when things were going well and voted them into that disastrous second term? Those voters should not be taking their anger out on Obama but rather need to kick themselves around the block a few times in the driving rain.

Here's a news clip of the Obama year in review:

And the cartoonists sure have some caustic things to say about Obama's first year. The GO BAMA TEAM sure needs to pick up the pace:

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