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Poll: Prez Obama, Congress Strongly Blamed For Bad Economy

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From Denny:  Most of America blames President Obama and Congress for having done a really lousy job when it comes to the economy.  

According to this The Hill poll, 66 percent say scarce job growth and an anemic economy is because of bad policy.  This is not good news for Camp Obama because in June the Gallup poll showed dissatisfaction was at 52 percent.  That's quite a steep jump in only 30 days.

Most people are angriest at President Obama, registering at 34 percent in The Hill poll.  Another 23 percent accuse Congress as the dirty culprit in this national economic mess. 

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Who else do we blame?  Folks are no fans of Wall Street, blaming them by 20 percent, which I find astounding considering these asses created this mess because of their crooked derivatives market.  Former President George W. Bush was blamed last by 18 percent.  Last month President Bush was blamed at 68 percent.  Sure looks like people have run out of patience for Obama and now fully lay blame at his feet.

Do we think Obama has the country on the right track?  Most people, at 53 percent, say Obama has the country on the wrong track that has resulted in slowing down the economy.  Those that believe Obama has America on the right track to revive the economy add up to 42 percent.  Those who were not sure were small, at six percent.

Clearly, the Obama reelection campaign has failed to distract voters' attention away from the current economy and its woes.  His political strategists have repeatedly attempted to continue to focus voters on "how it's Bush's fault."  They wore out that message so much it backfired.

Well, yeah, it was for a number of years but at some point the public expects this President to grow up, quit finger-pointing and actually do something constructive.  And, by constructive, the public intends for our government to do something to help the people, not the corporations dig deeper into the corporate welfare fund.

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However, if the Republicans think they can slide off safely into the corner unnoticed, think again.  The public is just as angry at them.  Folks are unhappy with the Republicans in Congress to the tune of 60 percent.  Why?  Because the Republicans have repeatedly thrown up obstacles to good policy initiatives.

So, when you look at the Blame Game both Congress and President Obama get their fair share.  And, we all know they deserve it.  They have spent far too many years on minutiae, political showdowns, stalemates and petty bickering that have greatly frustrated the public.

Americans should be angry - and will get angrier as time goes on without anything substantial happening to correct the deep economic issues in this country.  Jobs?  We need 31 million or more that can pay the bills, not minimum wage jobs that are temporary and cheerily hyped as "Look at all the new jobs we added in the past year!"

The reality is that America has watched how President Obama and Congress have thrown billions of dollars at the Egyptian military, Pakistan and Afghanistan with little real return for the investment.  America has witnessed the propping up of Big Banks in America and all over the globe because of their colossal derivatives mistakes.  More bailouts and prop-ups are on the way with Italy, Spain and Greece imploding.  America has also seen how the middle class has evaporated because of massive job loss and resulting home foreclosures.  

If Congress and this President have billions of dollars to throw at the world, then why are they denying the middle class those very tax dollars we gave to the national treasury?  Why should corporations that pay no taxes get that money?  Why should foreign governments get that money when the middle class is in a serious meltdown?  Throwing $1 billion at a home foreclosure help program or two and then returning the majority of it to the treasury was cruel.  Doing something like that just for show was dishonest and vile.

President Obama cannot expect to be reelected to a second term.  Romney will win because of the missed opportunities this White House refused to take - not because he is a great candidate or anyone has any faith in him.  

What can Romney expect?  If he thinks he will get more than six months to get it right, he and his campaign had better think again.  The public is in a foul mood, out of patience for national politicians of any stripe.  

Romney will be lucky if he isn't pulled out of the White House within his first 90 days, tarred and feathered and run out of town.  If he and his business pals don't get smart and learn to share with the majority of fellow Americans it could get ugly - real ugly.  And those Occupy protests are the mild form.  Corruption is out of vogue because people are far too desperate to overlook it any longer.

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