Monday, July 5, 2010

Funny Video: Kimmel Compares BP To Al Qaeda

*** Check out comic Jimmy Kimmel's funny fake BP promotional ad of how they are putting America back to work.

From Denny: Comic Jimmy Kimmel really knows how to zero in on those polls and find the gems. Apparently, there are supposed to exist an odd segment of America: a 6 percent who actually like BP and are not angry at them. That means there are like around 18 million people who like BP in America. You have got to be kidding me! Like Kimmel says: "Who ARE these people? Do they actually know the meaning of the word 'favorable'?"

Kimmel lampooned BP's efforts to counteract the truthful public image that these bumbling fools filled up an entire ocean with their oil slick and it still keeps coming as the leaks have yet to be stopped.

BP keeps trying to put a positive "spin" on an environmental disaster with lame ad agency after lame ad agency. They have recently announced that Gulf Coast residents are really not that upset with them because BP cleanup crews have boosted their local economy. What drugs are they smoking? Those jobs are minimum wage replacement jobs for the several hundred thousands they threw out of work in an instant and don't even pay the bills for families.

Kimmel had a ready quip for the fools at BP: "BP taking credit for boosting the economy in the Gulf is like Al Qaeda taking credit for creating jobs in airport security."

Check out the very funny fake commercial Kimmel did for BP's positive spin, complete with a new slogan: Putting America Back To Work...Cleaning Up Our Sh-t."

*** Photo by FellowCreative @ flickr

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