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How Democrats Can Win Midterm Elections? If Women Ain't Happy Then Country Ain't Happy

President Barack Obama delivers remarks during a campaign rally.
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From Denny:  Women voters are furious at not having our issues taken seriously by either national political party.

Women voters are the foundation of the Democrat Party yet do not get the time of day to get any serious legislation passed that could actually be effective to improve the lives of all women: equal pay, higher minimum wage, dealing with abuse online and in the work place, and, let's not forget the outrageous refusal of Military Rape Rights and justice for rape victims.  Congress arrogantly rejected to renew legislation against abusing women that had been passed by former Senator, now current Vice President Joe Biden.  

Why should that kind of legislation have to be renewed in the first place?  We don't see that type of temporary odious legislation imposed upon gays or African-Americans.  Why do women get kicked around on these issues of abuse and rape?

If the Democrats want to win, and win big for the midterm elections, then it's time for the Democrats - and this President - to get decisive and make a big very public show of real action. And you know I'm gonna tell you how to achieve this...

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The problem with the Democrats and this President is that all they do is spout the rhetoric and big promises before the elections - yet after the elections the promises go unfulfilled.  Frankly, the Democratic leadership shows no interest in fulfilling their decades of promises to their women voters.

Well, I've got the first of many solutions the Democrats and President Obama could do if they would only apply themselves.  The first is to deal with the military rape epidemic which is actually a serious crisis of leadership.  Nothing makes a woman more angry is to not feel safe in her own house, her job, her profession, around her boss, and in her community.  Well, military women are the daughters, aunts, sisters, nieces, granddaughters of other women who are furious at their shabby treatment from this current Pentagon leadership:  Gen. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the top of the Pentagon pyramid.

Gen. Dempsey never has been interested in or serious about addressing the issue of sexual assaults, serial rapists and gang rapists, especially when it involves guilty military men at the highest levels.  It was Dempsey who made the audacious - downright odious - comment, "Well, that accused man has medals on his chest so we just can't prosecute him for rape [even if he is guilty]."

How can President Obama tolerate such awful Pentagon leadership, especially Gen. Dempsey?  Obama would be better served if he brought back Marine Gen. Allen from retirement.  At least that man still owns a beating heart and would provide some real leadership.

Get this: when Defense Dept. Sec. Chuck Hagel asked all the heads of the armed services to volunteer to set in place the necessary protocols to seriously and aggressively address and prosecute sexual assaults, only one answered the call:  Army Gen. Odierno.  The Navy, the Coast Guard and the Air Force all had the audacity to tell their commander in chief, the President, and their boss, DOD Sec. Hagel to "screw off" because they were simply not going to do any such thing. Now, if these military leaders refuse to obey their commander in chief and Sec. Hagel, what else are they doing against the interests of the country?  (President Obama surely does not have to look far beyond this Pentagon leadership, past and current, to find his government leakers.)

Don't you think that when these armed services leaders defied him, President Obama should have exercised his leadership as commander in chief and told these armed services heads that it was time for them to retire?  You would think Obama would be interested in protecting victims of rape and sexual assaults?  Apparently not or not enough.

When will this President exercise what is within his power to do?  He whines about how Congress ties his hands and limits him.  (Note: write more, not less, presidential orders and tell the whiner Republicans to screw off.)  Well, all these military generals "serve at the pleasure of the President."  It's time for Obama to show he means business - instead of spouting empty rhetoric that does nothing but infuriate women voters that much more every time he opens his mouth.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 23: President of the United States Barack Obama addresses the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting on the third day of the Clinton Global Initiative's 10th Annual Meeting at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers on September 23, 2014 in New York City. The annual meeting, established in 2005 by President Clinton, convenes global leaders to discuss solutions to world problems. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)
Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Women want real action on this military rape epidemic.  It only makes women more angry to have to repeat the call to action for integrity and a big change in leadership at the top of this military.  There has been no substantive movement on the issue in four years now.

President Obama tasked that clown excuse for a leader, Gen. Dempsey, to come back in December with a report on the sexual assaults and what the Pentagon has done to move the needle in the right direction.  Word is that Dempsey set aside that idea as soon as he received it from the President, never intending to actually do anything to fulfill it, let alone report back to his commander in chief that he secretly believes is "not the boss of him."

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There has been far too much foot dragging and insincerity from this Obama White House on many issues, especially those affecting women.  Nothing is more personal or annoying than a President, a Pentagon and other politicians demonstrating publicly that women don't deserve justice but it's the criminals who deserve all the consideration.  Seriously??  It isn't just white women that are being raped and sexually assaulted, so too are African-American women, Hispanic women, Asian women and Native American women.  The perverts are even gang raping heterosexual men in the military.  What is there about "out of control" that this Pentagon and this President do not accept?

President Obama likes to tell how President Lincoln was one of his most admired Presidents.  Well, it was President Lincoln who fired a whole series of similar surly and smug generals until he finally hit upon Gen. Grant as the right man for the job.  President Obama needs to follow President Lincoln's example:  fire as many generals as it takes until he finds the right group who will present as capable leaders.

Image: Barack Obama and member of Congress
With a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the background earlier on Thursday, President Obama tells members of Congress the most fitting tribute they can pay to the 16th president is to remember they work as “servants to the same flag, as representatives of the same people, and as stakeholders in a common future."  Photo: Gerald Herbert  /  AP

From ABC News interview 22 Dec 2011:

Which historical figure do you most admire?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: [Abraham] Lincoln and [Mohandas] Gandhi are the two people, when I think about what they achieved, two very different men. … What I admire most about them is under huge pressure, monumental changes that they brought about but they never lost their moral bearings.

MICHELLE OBAMA: The first person that comes to mind is Coretta Scott King, because I think she's somebody that I actually had a chance to meet as well, so she's more real to me. Understanding the pressures, and the pain, and the ambiguity of the life she must have lived. And coming out on the other end of that, still hopeful and positive, and pushing for more for herself, for her family, for this nation. It's impressive.

If the Democrats want to win the midterm elections, then put your foot in the back of President Obama to stand up for women who have been raped in the military.  President Obama does have the power to fire the Pentagon leadership that is so cavalier about the rights of women.  President Obama does have other more capable military men who can be chosen to run the Pentagon instead of these nasty excuses for leaders.  But President Obama must reach far down into the ranks, a good three levels down to find men of integrity capable of leadership women can trust.

If President Obama wants a Congress who will not tie his hands for legislation worthy of a great presidential legacy, then he needs to make a bold move to inspire female voters.  He can't just announce that Gen. Dempsey is retiring and throw him a party.  Obama must announce that he has lost confidence in Gen. Dempsey's leadership because of the military rape epidemic.

Obama must say he is truly committed to ending military rape and sexual assaults, accepting no more excuses from Pentagon leadership so that is why he is taking this unusual very public action to reassure women.  Make sure there is news footage of Gen. Dempsey leaving and a new leadership being installed.  Anything less than this from the President will just continue to grow resentment and lack of trust from women.  It will certainly keep women away from the voting booth to support Democrats.

Firing Gen. Dempsey and the other military and civilian heads that refused Sec. Hagel would go a long way to improving the President's poll numbers.  Why?  Because he would be perceived as taking decisive action that had immediate impact upon the lives of people.  It would certainly go a long way to help calm down the anger, resentment, bitterness and hopelessness of rape victims if they could see their President they voted for choosing to stand up for them.

But will this President quit sitting down when he should be standing up?  Will this President choose to be the People's President that he sold to voters in 2008 and 2012?  Or will this President continue to be the Pentagon's Pal and Wall Street's Bitch?

The current Pentagon leadership has sorely abused its authority with the troops, women in particular.  There is a terrible crisis of the worst decision making in our top military leadership.  (Check out the link for $25 billion for the most stupid of government waste by our precious Pentagon.) 

Calling for the firing of the majority of the Pentagon leaders is considered outrageous or too bold?  Since when was it "too bold" to stand up for integrity, denounce abuse and reveal there is zero confidence in this current Pentagon leadership?  Go Big or Go Home.

If the Democrats want to win big in the midterm elections then remember this:  When Women Ain't Happy Then The Country Ain't Happy.

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