Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Funny Jon Stewart Explains Compromised Inked Debt Ceiling Deal

From Denny: As only Jon Stewart can straighten out The Crooked Speak of our politicians, he is astounded at this crappy debt deal. Considering that 77 percent of the country is of the opinion that our politicians acted like "spoiled children" during this international crisis, Stewart has a lot of agreement in the country.

Stewart takes clips from Obama news conferences and speeches from seven months ago to just recently to demonstrate just how much Obama caved in to Tea Party demands. Like the rest of us, Jon thought the debt deal compromise sucked.

Why? Obama kept promising how the rich should pay their fair share. In the end, they do not pay a dime and get to keep the Bush tax cuts in place. Who foots the bill? The middle class and the poor - again. That is the reason many liberals like Senator Bernie Sanders, (I - VT), did not vote for it.

About the only thing this bill did accomplish is to get the angry public off the backs of the scared politicians. Gridlock got busted as Congress and this President soon figured out how they can be expendable to the voters come election year. That is the real news and the real change.

I was so disgusted with the back and forth over the weekend as Congress claimed they had a deal, then they didn't, that I took off several days from posting - rather than wait on these indecisive fools.  Read that as I had to wash off the political stink on my computer monitor.  I just could not look at it any more.

The whole world has been watching this drama for weeks now, incredulous Congress and the White House would actually take it down to the wire and possibly default the nation. When news reached the markets in Asia on Sunday that a deal had finally been agreed, the stocks rallied.

Come today, the deal was accepted and voted upon and the President quietly signed it into law. What did the stocks do? They plunged more than 200 points as investors no longer have a healthy confidence in America or Obama. What a mess.

Oh, and my favorite saying from the Bush years and now the Bush sequel, the Obama years: "Yes, we have a finalized deal. It's signed. Now we work out the details." Read that as, "Send in the lobbyists to work out the details and weaken what we just did."

What is more amazing is how Team Obama political strategists like Plouffe and Axelrod think Obama will get reelected "because there is really no place for the left to go" That is the lamest statement if ever we heard one.

Boy, have I got an alternative for you to the typical corporate suck-up politicians like the entire GOP or Obama - which I will write on soon. Meanwhile, get a laugh at what Jon Stewart has to say, framing this debt ceiling debate and screaming match as it looks to the world.

Monday August 1, 2011

Dealageddon! - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Compromise
The debt ceiling debate ends in a budget deal that raises the debt limit and cuts trillions in spending, but doesn't increase revenue. (06:02)

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