Monday, August 29, 2011

Darth Vadar VP Cheney Crosses Bush In New Book

Alex Brandon / AP
Alex Brandon/AP

From Denny:  Former VP Dick Cheney is out to settle the score with his former boss, President Bush 43.  Cheney, often likened to the villain in Star Wars, Darth Vadar, is best known for his reputation as the GOP hatchet man.  He is also now literally the man with no heart.  What beats inside his chest is a mechanical heart.  He plugs himself into the electrical outlet every night.  Talk about the creep factor.

In this news clip he contradicts Bush's account of how it happened when he and Bush made the decision to go into Iraq.  Yeah?  Well, what I remember is the New York Times article back in August of 2001 - before the terrorist attack - detailing how the Pentagon had plans to go into Iraq.  That article also discussed how Bush and Cheney told the Pentagon to dust off the plan, take it off the shelf and put it into action.  Somehow, that little factoid has escaped public attention all these years.

Another big secret kept from the public for over a decade is how VP Cheney wrote a secret letter of resignation in case he was incapacitated for health reasons.  He thought there was no way to officially remove a Vice President in the event he was unable to perform in the office so he offered this letter as a solution should the day come.

Cheney is famous for rewriting history and hogging the limelight.  We may never know what truly happened for those eight years, especially since folks like Rumsfeld refused to take notes.  Remember him?  He was afraid he and his diary would get subpoenaed so he claimed he wrote nothing down for the record.

Cheney's book is to be released on 30 August and is titled In My Time.  This should be entertaining.  Even the normally affable NBC Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams, practically rolled his eyes when he introduced the Cheney clip

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