Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Funny Jon Stewart: Obama 50th Birthday Greetings From The Media

Day 163 - Happy Birthday

From Denny: President Obama gets funny 50th birthday wishes from Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Harry Smith, formerly of CBS and now over at NBC. In the August blistering heat, two comedians didn't think twice about blistering Obama, turning up the political heat for his birthday on August 4th.

The truth hurts, as the saying goes, well, at least the comedians made it funny. Obama can look to Harry Smith to give him a kinder, gentler birthday wish. Check out The Owners Guide to Turning 50 from Harry Smith. "You are only as old as Congress makes you feel."

I thought I'd collect this year's birthday offerings like some political time capsule of just how angry the American public is right now at Congress and this president. Since the debt ceiling deal was finally passed, the stock markets have gone crazy here and abroad.

They have zoomed down almost 1,200 points in the past three days.  Today, they rebounded somewhat.  Does anyone smell a financial con here?  First they cause the markets to panic, push the panic buttons and then start the buy backs.  Either that or big companies are buying back their sagging stock.

Bank of America is suffering a 20 percent loss in stock value, mostly from the mortgage mess.  They still continue to steal other people's houses - they never had a mortgage on those houses as they were owned by the homeowner who had long ago paid off their houses.

It's amazing that the DOJ is not investigating this continual banking scam since they have targeted hundreds of homeowners across the country.  Why do they continue to get away with this?  Well, at least there is a billion dollar lawsuit against them right now by AIG claiming they were defrauded.  That might explain some of the stock sell-off as it would affect investor confidence.

America was downgraded from its AAA rating, thanks to the S & P Index. Did I mention the S & P made a $2 trillion error but still expect us to respect their numbers and their opinion? It's no wonder President Obama is furious with them for creating more turmoil in the economy.

Thursday August 4, 2011
Presidential Birthday Gift Montage
Jon gives Barack Obama an economic downturn montage for his 50th birthday.

Thursday August 4, 2011
Colbert Report: Barack Obama's 50th Birthday
Barack Obama throws himself a lavish birthday party instead of working on the economy, so the recession will last four hours longer.

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