Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kudos Watch: First Step Iran Nuke Deal A Win For ALL

Anti-American mural in the Iranian capital Tehran.
Anti-American mural in the Iranian capital Tehran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  Israel is not in charge of America.  So, zip it, Israeli PM Netanyahu.  Entitled to his opinion?  Sure.  Not entitled to lobby Congress and bully this President to get the legislation Israel wants instead of what the American people expect.

It's bad enough Israel has its long reach tentacles into our poorly managed NSA and a stranglehold on our intelligence community, now it's Congress.  Enough.  Stay out of interfering in our national politics, Israel, before we all give you the bum's rush out of the room permanently.  Or, to quote cheeky Stephen Colbert, "You aren't the boss of me!"

Sec. of State Kerry has done a marvelous job of steering the negotiations between the United States and Iran just to get the two countries to engage in this first step toward thawing a deep freezer cold relationship.

Are there a number of problems wooing this new relationship with a vicious regime after 34 years of throwing feces at each other like a room full of gregarious chattering monkeys?  Oh, yeah...

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Because of crippling international sanctions for many years now the desired result has finally occurred:  Iran's economy and currency are in free fall.  And the regime is only too well aware that if they don't get it right this time their own people will pull them out of their offices and kill them in the streets.  Because of ridiculous and overly harsh seventh century idealism that has not worked in the 21st century the reasonable and educated people of Iran want to take back their lives and establish Peace.  Those are goals worth fighting for by any one's standards.

Should America trust Iran?  Why should we?  That's what constant and frequent inspections are designed to do:  verify if Iran is holding up its end of the deal.  Here is the actual text of the Interim Nuclear Agreement.

But what if Iran is found to be negotiating in bad faith?  What if Iran is found to be hiding and developing other nuke sites?  What if Iran chooses to be deceptive through the entire process of more negotiations and/or the implementation of this current short term deal?

Come on, Nervous Nellies, there are always solutions to any problem.  Easy:  Set up more sanctions to cripple Iran yet again.  It worked the first time; it will work again.

What's the sticking point with that idea?  Well, of course, Iran says the current deal is thrown into the garbage if our Congress slaps new sanctions on them.  Republicans in Congress want to punish Iran harshly, their usual answer to, well, just about any issue.  The Republicans never were any good at timing or wisdom.  There is no need to crush Iran unless and until they give us reason.  It's good to respect your opponent but they must also respect you.  Insist upon that mutual respect or your negotiations will never succeed long term.

As to freeing up so much money for Iran, then, I suggest we do the obvious:  take steps to follow that money to see where it travels.  Terrorism financing?  Then Iran is so screwed.  Let Israel attack at will.  This deal must not include the United States forced to play world's policeman and pull Israel over on the side of the road and detain them.  They can make their own decisions.  They must also see progress with Iran, and, if their security will remain intact.  If they are not convinced then Israel can do whatever they believe to be in their best interests - and do so independently.

Part of this deal must be to not pull back all the sanctions in place from the international community.  Keep the sanctions in place except for the American ones would be one version.  We cannot lift all the sanctions so quickly or easily, allowing too free of a flow of money into nefarious endeavors.  Because you know they will.

Here's a better idea:  Go ahead and prepare the harshest sanctions yet that America intends to slap on Iran.  Pass the bill but with a delay clause to immediately go into effect only if Iran is found to be in violation of the current deal.  Congress or the President could even extend this delayed sanction idea into the next step of the many ensuing deals in this very long process to eventually dismantle Iran's nuke program.

The Damocles Sword swinging just out of reach in plain sight would encourage Iran to remain constant rather than deceptive and crafty.  It would ensure the United States a faster mechanism than waiting for Congress to take months to meet and debate yet again if Iran chooses to step out of compliance.  The Republicans are worse negotiating partners for this President than the Iranians.

Nor does President Obama enjoy a tough reputation in negotiations.  Now, more than ever, it is important for the United States to give less than Iran gives in any deal.  After all, we are not the terrorist nation chanting death to everyone in the world and declaring the need for Jewish genocide.

These sanctions would be immediately implemented if Iran was found to be playing more games.  After all, when a player in the game chooses to violate the rules both parties agreed to, then there must be consequences if their word carries no weight.  Americans have run out of patience with Middle Eastern nations thinking they can wag the dog with impunity:  Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran.  They have all had their decades in the sun to get their relationship right with us.  Time's up.

To sweeten the deal the United States can apologize for the idiot nation building strategy of the CIA puppet government mess in Iran which is a sore wound upon their nation.  One more thing:  It's past due time Iran publicly apologize for taking our 444 hostages 34 years ago.  That is not negotiable.

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