Thursday, November 21, 2013

WTF? Outrageus Afghanistan: Many Reasons Wrong Idea To Commit To Another Decade There

Standing by on a hilltop, Soldiers with the 10...
Standing by on a hilltop, Soldiers with the 101st Division Special Troops Battalion, 101st Airborne Division watch as two Chinook helicopters fly in to take them back to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, Nov. 4, 2008. The Soldiers searched a small village in the valley below for IED making materials and facilities. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  This is crazy.  America does not need to remain in Afghanistan for any reason and certainly not for an undetermined amount of time, committing any amount of troops.  To hear the Afghans tell it they expect us to subsidize their economy by training and financially supporting their entire army.  It's outrageous.

The Afghans possess both the natural resources - and a thriving drug trade - to pay for themselves.  American taxpayers do not want to spend billions of dollars more on this boondoggle with the tail wagging the dog yet again.

What is the matter with this administration?  The American people have weighed in on this long-running Afghan War and want nothing to do with the country.  End it and end the relationship now.  If Big Business wants to go into Afghanistan and work their various projects then let them hire their own security forces.  It is not appropriate to force the American taxpayers to foot their bills.  Nor is it appropriate for American soldiers to lose their lives, leaving their blood on the field of the greedy outstretched hands of the Afghan drug lords, er, President...

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This American President does not need to behave like a helicopter parent with Afghanistan, encouraging this co-dependent and manipulative behavior.  Cancel this "draft" proposal you are about to force down the throats of the American people.  Enough.  It's past due time the Afghans learn to stand on their own feet and build up their own country.  They have had 12 years to figure out how to do this.  They never wanted to learn it and they most probably will never be motivated to do so.  The U. S.  is just spinning our wheels on this fruitless endeavor.

Just to illustrate what an ungrateful jerk this guy is, in his words, from President Karzai about how he is not happy with the equipment the U. S. provided free for his Afghan security forces:   “I'm always asking for good equipment and armed force from the U.S.  For example, I asked for jet aircrafts but they sent me military transport aircraft.  I ask for tanks but they send us pickup trucks, which we can easily purchase from Japan ourselves.” Yeah?  So, why don't you go ahead and use your own money to provide for the security forces, Karzai?  But then, why spend your own money when you can spend America's, right?

If President Obama feels he must provide training for the Afghans who never intend to use it, then do so outside of the country on neutral territory in another Middle Eastern country more friendly to America.  It will certainly cost a lot less than maintaining thousands of troops inside Afghanistan.  Did this White House even consider to have the GAO (and examine closely those lucrative DOD contracts) put a pencil to this grand expense?  Did this President even entertain other ideas to accomplish training that would cost the American people must less?

Yes, there is a reason that Common Sense packed its bags and left Washington.  You just don't allow a third world country drug lord - who calls himself a President - to dictate to the largest super power in the world.  It makes you look weak, Mr. President, because you are weak if you allow this "draft" proposal deal to go forward at all.

Cancel it; take your troops and go home.  Americans have better projects to do with our money than waste it on drug lords and their corrupt culture in Afghanistan.  Tell them to come back in about 70 years when they have made some progress and elect legitimate leaders who know how to do more than deal in extortion for trillions of dollars.

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