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Obama: You Got Your Minions, I Got Mine: Truth Team

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From Denny:  President Obama touts new websites of gathering two million followers to do the work of his political team for free.  

It's the Democrats' answer to the Bush years' juggernaut of crushing the opposition.  But then most politicians and their handlers are men and men like smash mouth sports.  They are also cheap when it comes to being employers for troops on the ground.

Stuffed political war chests

Team Obama brags they have collected over $250 million for their political war chest.  They were aiming for over $1 billion.  You really have to ask yourself one question:  If either political side of the aisle is willing to collect this much money for a campaign then just how crooked are all of them?  America got sold out by both sides a long time ago.

The Minions Campaign

Back to The Minions Campaign... What President Obama is looking for are bloggers willing to debunk the GOP attacks.  Come on; we all know the GOP candidates lie about every issue.  The Republicans know the lies work with the weak minds and easily manipulated hot tempers of their racist electorate.

Nasty Racist Fox News at it again

And, if you are wondering if Republicans really are racist, just go check out the many vile comments directed at the story of Whitney Houston's death over at Fox News.  Shocking - and very cruel - stuff.  Any responsible journalism site would have filtered out those type of comments immediately.  Enough progressive  bloggers complained and took screenshots of the comments section and posted it that it looks like Fox News finally took down the attacks on Houston.

New Obama election websites fend off attacks, tout record

Meanwhile, the 2012 election for president heats up and Team Obama decided to roll out some websites where they can help control the often garbled message voters hear every day.  Apparently, Obama no longer counts on the mainstream press to deliver the truth or debunk the critics.  Of course, a lot of them are constrained by Republican network owners and CEOs with a stake in the election results.

After three years of sucking up to Republican Big Business, Republican Wall Street and the GOP in Congress, maybe Obama has finally accepted the fact that he will never be part of the Big Boys Club?  This Truth Team network may be the first step in addressing that realization.

Obama's garbled message gets tightened up

Obama knows this campaign is going to get ugly and is saving his money for ads in the last weeks leading up to the vote.  But how do you control perception - right or wrong - in the preceding crucial months while voters mull their choice for president?

The answer Team Obama came up with is to lower the volume - and expense - on the ads, many which may never get run because of Republican owner networks and individual TV stations - is to enlist every day people to talk to the voters via websites answering and debunking the critics.  Basically, these websites are cheat sheets to make it easy for The Minions to go forth and conquer.

From the Obama Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter:  "People don't just want to hear from campaign statements or ads - they want to hear from the family and friends they trust."

Fishing for disappearing youth vote

That statement doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the framework of these websites -  but hey, feel free to run with it.  The reality is Obama is trying to influence and woo back the wilted youth vote with slick websites and his own propaganda.  They are hoping some will become enthusiastic about the new sites and feel propelled to engage with the undecided, swaying them into the Obama corner.

The weakest link in this strategy is Obama's record as president.  He does not have much to place in his column for the progressive base to balance out three years' of give-aways to the Republicans.  So, the slick looks of technology are supposed to distract away from the obvious lack of substance.

Obama fishing for Independent vote

But then that's just the point.  The messages on the sites are aimed at Independents and the undecided.  While Obama tries to get the base to do the work for free for his political team, he is rolling out these truth teams in the swing states.  A couple of national groups have signed on as partners for The Obama Minions:  National Education Association and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Want to become part of the president's re-election effort?  Here are the new sites: - this one defends the president against false attacks. - fact checking the Republican claims about their own records.  I wonder if this one will end up reading like the satire site The Onion over the next few months.  Lots of laughs should be available non-stop. - these poor guys will be touting the president's weak record.

2008 campaign Fight The Smears

Back in 2008 there was a similar campaign called "Fight The Smears."  Over one million people participated.  Obama's political team hopes to double that effect for the 2012 campaign.  I would not count on that because a lot has not happened that was promised by this president.

In 2008 there was a huge sweep for change across the country as well as the enthusiasm of the youth vote.  All that has disappeared with millions of job losses and half of the middle class descending into low income or poverty.  Unemployment is excessively high among the young, the middle-aged and minorities - all key groups that propelled Obama into office.

Meanwhile, the conservative blogger camp continues to snicker at the effort with the usual ridicule and condescending remarks:  They are labeling the AttackWatch site as the "snitch police squad" (from the nasty corner of Michelle Malkin), the "little brother initiative" (from Human Events) and "see something, say something" (from the Drudge Report referencing Homeland Security's public awareness campaign.)

Didn't I Tell Ya?

Look at it this way:  the new Obama websites are bolded in excessively huge print - so even the baby boomers can read it without their glasses.  "Didn't I Tell Ya?" there was good news today?

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