Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Read About Homeless California Reporter on, Living Out Of Her Car

10 facts about me

From Denny:  Social sites are a great way to while away some hours of boredom, learn something new, and, most of all, connect.  You never know who you might meet.

Well, here's a shocker.  Either this person is great at laying on the BS to pull on our heart strings as some people might speculate or is someone in deep need, reaching out into the thin air, hoping someone will listen.  How about a lot of us - especially fellow reporters and bloggers - take the time to investigate this story and see what we can do to help?

Homelessness has devastated the middle class, the current unemployment and bad economy sending half into low income, outright poverty or, as in this woman's case, homelessness.  What is annoying about Congress and President Obama is how little they choose to do for the unemployed and homeless.

The media no longer writes about The 99ers, the long-term unemployed.  With the new payroll tax legislation the new unemployed will only be allowed to receive up to 63 weeks or so, depending upon the state.  That means things are going to get even more desperate for the newly unemployed in the coming year.

This lady is living out of her car in California, is a free lance reporter, lost her house to foreclosure, is about middle-aged, has an autistic child and, oh by the way, her esophageal cancer has returned.  "Do Ya Think?" she could use a hefty dose of compassion from the rest of us?  So often women like her suffer in silence.  Maybe it's finally time to do something about it.

What can we do?  Like the commenters on her post, many offered goodwill and kind words.  Others offered their prayers to help her through her ordeal.

Those in the media need to get up off their fat assets and help a fellow reporter.  You never know when it might be you living out of your car.

What is this one fellow journalist doing?  I'm doing my usual, often considered doggedly obnoxious and relentless best, to blog about her situation.  The White House, the Pentagon, the CIA are just some of those who read The Social Poets political blog.

Get off your assets, boys, and see what you can do as she might be a military veteran since there are over 4,500 female vets who are currently homeless.  It is an election year after all.  Helping her can help you too - especially in the area of women voters who are not enthused about your record on helping us.

Putting this post up on my best performing blogs will - hopefully - attract attention that is motivated to send her some real help like getting her some medical attention, a place to stay and a paying job.

How about some network reporters get on this and check out her story?  If people in her area know about her maybe they can offer her a job before this homelessness creates more issues than anyone can help.

Here's the current log of those in the media that I contacted:

Nightly News with Brian Williams
Andrea Mitchell
Hardball with Chris Matthews
Rachel Maddow
Up With Chris Hayes
Dylan Ratigan
The Ed Show

60 Minutes
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

Good Morning America
World News With Diane Sawyer

Anderson Cooper 360
CNN Newsroom
CNN:  Special Investigations Unit
Sanjay Gupta MD

Associated Press

The White House

                                                 * * * * *

I discovered her plight on the following post:

10 facts about me...

State 10 facts that no one on here would know about you. 

1. I am homeless- 4 months now 
2. lost my house-foreclosure 
3. My youngest child just became the first African-American in the Navy Nuclear program out of Northern California 
3. I have an Autistic Savant daughter 
4. I went back to school this year after 25 years. 
5.each night as I crawl into my car I thank God that I have this chime-in community to come to- you all make me so happy 
6. My cancer returned..and I am determined to spend time living, instead of spending time dying 
7. I love people and always see the good in everyone 
8. .My faith is what carrys me through 
9. I am a free-lance reporter..and have met some awesome people on the journey

and 10...I stay happy because as much as I have gone through in my life, I realize that there is always someone who has gone through much more.. 

.....AND NOW you know...what say u? 

irigal4u2 @

Comment section on this post @

02/18 11:53 PM

What I say? You are simply a marvelous person. The plain truth is that there are (and always will be) plenty of opportunities for a person who steps forward with positive attitude and an honest desire to be happy and live. God knows who are the top-quality people - and that's YOU! Hope you can be stronger than any disease and certainly will find out how to make all your dreams come true.

Likes7 Dislikes Hideninalitaninalita 02/19 09:53 AM

Likes10 Dislikes HideBillBill 02/19 11:16 AM
Me too, speechless is the best thing I can say, and I feel helpless, and I wish i could figure out a way to help. My thinking cap is on, however.

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:22 AM
ninalita Bill, yes for the last four months it has been hard. I just came back from covering a local play, two people who know me from around town were shocked to hear I am still in my vehicle. I try not to think about it sometimes, but yeah somtimes I do. I just wanted folks to realize that just because you see someone smiling might now know the troubles they bear... onel

Likes8 Dislikes HideNewayaNewaya 02/19 10:12 AM
Don't worry iriegal4u2 things will get better I'm sorry you are having such problems. You are the one who really keeps going.Gorify is right you are an inspiration things will be alright I know they will.

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:23 AM
thanks@Newaya for your kind and thoughtful words (((HUG)))

Likes7 Dislikes Hidesandy775sandy775 02/19 09:54 AM
I like you so much, iriegal4u2. You are so freaking awesome. Things will turn around for you...I am absolutely sure of it.

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:24 AM
thanks sandy775, it has been and still is an interesting journey...onelove

Likes5 Dislikes HideGorifyGorify 02/19 09:58 AM
*(((hugs)))* I had no idea you were going through such tough times. You always have such a positive attitude. You're definitely an inspiration. Keep you're head high, you have much of which to be proud.

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:27 AM
thank you gorify, I have my days but for the most part I just keep moving. Sometimes though I have to admit it is like a some outtabody experience...but I know I will weather this small hurdle in life... BTW..I now LOVE ZOMBIES!!

GorifyGorify 02/20 03:49 AM
I got "into" zombies when I was going through what I call "the dark years" of my life. There were days when I felt dead or wished I was dead. I starting making myself up as a zombie to express myself and kinda poke fun at a way too serious situation. Then it stuck because it felt like a short vacation from my troubles. I'm so happy that I can bring a bit of that joy to you now! You'll make it ;-)

Likes6 Dislikes HideMorganLoveMorganLove 02/19 09:14 AM
What an awesome 10 facts!Congrats on 3 & 4 admire your patience and devotion to your daughter God bless you for that and love 8 and 10..

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:24 AM
thank you so much morganlove

Likes6 Dislikes HideSimply.AlonSimply.Alon 02/18 11:38 PM
I say, thank you for sharing! imaniwrites were wondering about you. Thank you for sharing. JUst getting out of the woods ourselves as we have been on the "bounce" since returning to northern GA. I continue to know that home is truly where my heart lies as I have had my bouts with homelessness several times in my life. I appreciate that you are positive through the challenges that you face.

Likes5 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/18 11:39 PM
thank you for your kind words. This too shall pass. Everyday I have been blessed to see another light. I continue to press on..until that light is no more...ONELOVE ((HUG))

Likes4 Dislikes Hideladystrumladystrum 02/19 12:47 PM
I am overwhelmed at your courage and strength. When I wake up each day with the passion in my heart knowing how things in our country have to change, I will think of you as one of the many who suffer the injustice of our system. Prayers.

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:39 AM
thank you ladystrum, it is indeed strange. I can't qualify for any benefits because I need and address and I can't provide and address because I don't have a home. I really don't know too many folks where I live (I kind of keep to myself) I just spend time keeps me alive..thank you for your prayers YES there was NO BAIL OUT for me..

ladystrumladystrum 02/20 10:06 AM
I'm glad you have writing. I hope you can find a place (transitional services) or some organization that will let you use their address. Peace :)

Likes5 Dislikes Hidetranslatoradelatranslatoradela 02/19 01:31 PM
I'll be praying for you so God will give you continued strength to carry on.

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:27 AM
translatoradela thank you so much...((hug))

Likes5 Dislikes Hidesissynuisissynui 02/19 01:55 AM
I want to are AhhhhmaaaaaaZing! I always wanted to know more about you. Keep your positive attitude going, it the best tool to live life and to fight off all of those negative surroundings! Stay Strong HUGs ^__^

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:25 AM
Love you guys ssissynui....

Likes5 Dislikes Hidemoviegirlmoviegirl 02/19 02:18 PM
Hi iriegal4u2 Stay strong and positive as you always are. Things will get better for you and your housing situation. You are a positive light in the community, and we care about you. You are in our prayers. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are an inspiration, stay strong.

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:29 AM
Moviegirl...thank you. I just love you guys. You make me laugh, smile and really keep me enjoying life. Yeah I sit and type a lot but each chime is a testimony of who we all are..onelov

Likes4 Dislikes HideMellow_MandyMellow_Mandy 02/19 09:06 AM
You have an awe inspiring attitude and I wish you only the very best! I truly look forward to your chimes glad you shared this.

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:31 AM
Mellow_Mandy, well it was Whitney's funeral that made me decide to share this with you guys. I thought about if I was to leave this earth tomorrow, no one would know anything about me...except my 3 kids and sister. I am adopted so all I have are my kids, grandkids and memories of what was...

Likes4 Dislikes HideSmartkidSmartkid 02/19 03:20 PM
All the best in your doing, faith will move mountain, I ave been there so continue been the strong person you are you will over come.

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:32 AM
thank you smartkid..I am trying..I am trying

Likes4 Dislikes HideImaniWritesImaniWrites 02/19 11:18 AM
Good Morning..What say me? Honestly wish I could give you a big hug! You are so strong and filled with determination WE all at know with the help of the Most High you will rise above all of this. I am so happy you posted these facts..I was curious about you *smiles*.Glad that could be here for you and that YOU can be here for us!! God Bless you sweetheart!

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:33 AM
Thank you imaniwrites. You an your partner are so awesome. God has definitely sent you wonderful folks in my life.

Likes4 Dislikes Hidechrischris 02/19 03:08 PM
you are a shining example of how the positivity & realness of people can shine through in the hardest, darkest moments, as examples to us all. thanks for sharing, & do stay strong. we just found out my grandad has lung cancer. >.<

Likes2 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:36 AM
Oh Chris my prayers to you an you family. With support and love grandad will progress. I have esophageal cancer. I bet it a couple of times..but that stupid thing keeps trying to come but I am a fighter, so until I breath my last breath...I will continue to write

Likes4 Dislikes HideThevoiceoftodayThevoiceoftoday 02/19 11:29 AM
I admire your strength in the face of adversity.

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:36 AM
thevoiceoftoday thank you

Likes4 Dislikes Hideaprilborbonaprilborbon 02/19 02:53 PM
You sound like a totally amazing person!!!!

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:39 AM
thanks aprilborbon

Likes3 Dislikes HideDianDian 02/19 12:48 PM
Pillar.Of.Strength. I'm so grateful Chime is here for you, too, and that you're a part of what makes our community so wonderful. Cheers to all the life that's left in you, and may it be another 50 years.

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:42 AM
thank you @ Dian. I am indeed a fighter

Likes2 Dislikes HideTREZTREZ 02/19 01:01 PM
I say YOU ROCK! & I feel your foreclosure pain

Likes4 Dislikes HideTREZTREZ 02/19 01:08 PM
may one love be your guide & may ma nature be on your side~ Jah bless

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:40 AM
Jah has blessed me to find this wonderful site with such caring and awesome people..blessings to you and yours as well

Likes3 Dislikes Hidejcscherjcscher 02/19 02:32 AM
You are awesome and an awesome chimer! :)

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:41 AM
jscher, no sir WE ALL are awesome chimers..because it is through each of our chimes that Chime-in blossoms and grows..onelove

Likes3 Dislikes Hidecrazedmomcrazedmom 02/19 01:32 PM
I am speechless but amazed by your strength. I pray that all gets better. Good luck to your son

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:41 AM

Likes3 Dislikes Hideebooksinternationalebooksinternational 02/19 11:15 AM
You are such a brave and wonderful women! I admire you! All the very best, Doris

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:43 AM
thank you ebooksinternational, Doris I never asked God to move my mountain, just to give me the strength to climb

Likes3 Dislikes Hidedimitris.kouzasdimitris.kouzas 02/19 01:47 PM
i am speechless...............

Likes3 Dislikes HideSimply.AlonSimply.Alon 02/18 11:40 PM
Congrats on 3. 4. and your perseverance with your daughter, 6. and 8. Keep on keeping on as you keep practicing 10! One love!

Likes3 Dislikes HideLeanneStewartLeanneStewart 02/19 02:41 AM

Likes2 Dislikes HideTheConnectorTheConnector 02/19 09:49 PM
If you can accomplish ALL I've read / felt-thru-yor-words / intuited / realized frm your intellectually balanced Chime's these past 6 wks.... from the back of your car >> then B READY for an astonishing uptick in your aura, soon! Youve let all of us see in2 your trunk - but know w/Your willpower & the faith/sincerity of the Chime Cmnty in your engine, tomrw's sun in yor windshld will be BRILLIANT!

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:45 AM
theconnector..I never thought of it like that..but you are right when I type from my car, school or the library...I feel I am giving a piece of myself to this wonderful community

Likes2 Dislikes Hideviralviral 02/19 11:20 AM
thanks for sharing! =)

Likes1 Dislikes Hidekristathomaskristathomas 02/19 07:27 PM
This community continues to amaze me and open my heart. IrieGal - stay strong and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Likes1 Dislikes Hideiriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:46 AM
thank you Maya Angelou said, "still I rise."

Likes1 Dislikes HideWatchThisWatchThis 02/19 10:16 PM
iriegal4u2 You must be so proud of your son, I know I am. It's a testament to your steadfast mothering that he had that determination. Your daughter must be quite a young woman and she has the benefit of your persistence also. I second what Bill said I feel so helpless to do anything for you, and for everyone else in such straights such as yours. Tonight, though I do have something to do: Pray.

iriegal4u2iriegal4u2 02/20 01:45 AM
thank you...@watchthis

Reply Likes1 Dislikes HideTheConnectorTheConnector 02/19 09:50 PM
ONELOVE, IRIEGAL4 All of us...

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