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Funny Friday: Jon Stewart Mocks GOP Fear of 2nd Obama Term

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From Denny:  Leave it to the comics to ferret out the twisted thinking of the Republican political strategists.  It's clear they are desperately reaching for just about anything to make their voters so terrified they will vote for any candidate they place in front of them.  Yeah, their 2012 field is really that awful.

Of course, the Democrats have been running the same game to scare their voters into staying with Obama no matter how little he has done for them.  The only difference is that they Democrats are correct about the Republicans' complete lack of leadership or interest in governing.

To hear the Republicans tell the Fear Game If The Other Guy Wins reaches the levels of the hilarious and the ridiculous.  That funny fact was not wasted upon Jon Stewart who could not resist lampooning their efforts.

Remember, the Republicans all get in lock step with whomever gives the order of what to think.  Never mind that over time, as the message changes back and forth, when collected into one stream of message it becomes so twisted it looks like a mind monster on speed.

And, if you don't believe Stewart, I could tell you a few stories of some real nut jobs that constantly attempt to leave vile attack comments on my political posts.  As the 2012 election ramps up you see the twisted hate comments on any news story about any Democrat.

Pelosi, John Edwards and Obama are the three they most like to hate on national sites because they are some of the most liked in the Democratic Party.  Read that as the Republicans fear if these three politicians ever figure out what to do with their innate talent and connection to the voters it's game over for the Republicans and they know it.

Yes, and that's why they shoot so hard at what they fear the most.  They act like a crowd of cackling hysterical hyenas who are about to be eaten by annoyed lions who are screaming at the hyenas to "Shut the F up!"

In fact, the Republican war room strategists now comment under Democrat names like "JFK Democrat," spew their hate, pretending to be a disgruntled Democrat.  There is just one problem with this:  their writing voices scream conservative Republican strategists.  They are fooling no one but themselves.

Take a look as Stewart laughs at how the Republicans try to portray President Obama as the Resident Evil of our generation = PRESIDENT EVIL in their minds.  Oh, how the Republicans love to over estimate their competition.  It trips them up every time.

Comics no longer have to be clever.  The real news is such rich comedy material they don't have to make it up.  It gets handed to them on a silver platter.  Get your weekend laugh on!

Indecision 2012 - President Evil

Republicans claim that the 2012 election is all that stands between America and catastrophe -- same as they claimed in 2008.

Indecision 2012 - President Evil 2

Republican leaders believe that everything Barack Obama has done in his first term has been a canard so that he can do the opposite in his second term.

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