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NSA Leaks: Can DNI Clapper, World Govts Prevent Coming Cyber War? Not A Chance.

Photo: Getty Images, NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander
speaking at hearing, DNI Clapper to the right

From Denny:  If ever there was a group of clueless guys who needed a crisis consultant it's the Pentagon, the NSA, the IC (intelligence community) - like DNI Clapper - and this President.

Or to reminder quote former President Bill Clinton, "When you are in a deep hole, quit digging."  Yet watch this clown circus and they are still digging - all the way through Middle Earth to China.  Maybe the Clown Circus should be renamed "Ridiculous On Steroids."

Just this weekend Sen. Diane Feinstein went on "Face The Nation" and basically threw President Obama under the bus, claiming it's Obama's fault as he sets the parameters and policies for all they do - the NSA and the IC (Intelligence Community).  Of course, embattled NSA Chief Gen. Alexander did the same "throw them under the bus" tactic last week when he claimed it's the State Department's Sec. Kerry who has been ordering them to tap the personal phones of world leaders.

Is there anyone left in the world that does not agree that the NSA, the IC, President Obama, the much too secret FISA Court with no one investigating or oversight on them, have all over played their hand?  Now the EU wants to create their own spy agency to counter the NSA stupidity.  The European Commissioner for Justice, Viviane Reding, believes it's time the playing field got leveled out though it's doubtful it will become a reality.

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There are so very many ramifications to these NSA revelations of their skunky behavior it would take a book to document them all.  Of course, Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff is considering the closing down of any companies cooperating with the NSA and doing business in her country or with it.  Many of her government agencies were using Google Gmail accounts for their "private" emails so you can imagine how livid she was to discover there was absolutely no privacy to conduct government business.  Hint to Brazil:  you should have developed your own government servers and email accounts to guarantee your privacy.

Another is how furious the Europeans are at the very personal level of spying.  Leaders feel violated that they can't even talk to their spouses or children without the NSA listening in or grabbing personal photos like the pervvy creepy uncle no one in the family wants to visit.

The Germans are particularly upset with the U. S. and its pervasive spying.  They are threatening to cut off the transatlantic trade deal between the U. S. and the European Union to the tune of 58 percent of Germans support that view.

The latest bizarre twist in pushback against the spying community?  The liberal ACLU has been joined by the conservative NRA gun rights guys in a lawsuit against DNI Clapper.  Strange bedfellows.  It just goes to show you that angering the entire world is a really bad idea.

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Sec. of State Kerry has been scurrying around visiting various countries to reassure them the U. S. will finally do something to strike the right balance between U. S. security and their privacy.  Did they actually believe President Obama is serious about changing anything?  Did they believe that DNI Clapper would rein in the IC's out of control programs that are bullying 7 billion people?  Of course not.  No one believes any of these U. S. officials and politicians because they have all lied to us repeatedly.

Of course, DNI Clapper and President Obama and every American politician knows what they have been doing is grievously wrong. Come on; even God has been yelling at them and they know it.  But they are just too lazy to get going and take care of the obvious.  DNI Clapper has this idea in his head - just like President Obama - that it would take too much effort to start the mountainous process of scaling back and redirecting the intelligence community away from excess and paranoia.

Here's the deal, boys, as to why it's time you get off your lazy asses and start the process of reining in this NSA monster:  if you don't it will be forced upon you from many directions.  Snowden is just the tip of the iceberg.

Right now, DNI Clapper, NSA Chief Gen. Alexander, their spouses and families, staffs and aides, and all of Congress are too busy enjoying the profits from these excessive out of control programs.  The government's 3200 private contractors yield billions of dollars in profits and, well, the insider trading of Congress and government workers, staff, aides are also yielding some serious wealth as a result of investing with these private contractors like Booz, Allen, Hamilton.  Come on; DNI Clapper used to run that company as their titular head and then was well placed as head of the IC in order for Booz, Allen, Hamilton to procure 26 no-bid contracts.

All of this political corruption has to stop.  While the NSA spying and the establishment of the U. S. Cyber Command may have initially started as a way to counter terrorism in the world, it has developed into a multi-snake monster that is out of control.  It ceased to be about terrorist tracking and evolved into the grandiose idea of world domination by literally gathering all data about every person on the planet, thinking they can own it.  Of course, they never took into account that people change and evolve and that collected data will be stale in a short time and virtually useless - and expensive to keep stored.

The saying that "everyone does spying" as referencing other countries is a common theme as a way to misdirect the public ire.  Yes, China and Russia and the UK are all competing to be at the top of the mountain of world government for world domination as much as the U. S. does.  In this generation world governments and Big Business buy into the illusionary belief that technology can give them world domination.  It can't.  Technology can never replace human relationships that are what really make the world work.

Why should DNI Clapper be motivated to scale back his IC from collecting my data and photos as a journalist and your data as a private citizen?  Mainly, because it's just plain stupid and unwise to incur the rage of billions of people.  Logic follows that within those billions are millions who know how to write code extremely well.  Hell, within less than a decade precocious ten-year-old kids will be hacking the government successfully.  Within those millions are hundreds of thousands of IT trained who, as individuals, have no criminal record and would never have thought of breaking the law - until now, making them difficult to find or track.

The world is fed up with all this excessive spying.  In the beginning the hackers will only inconvenience DNI Clapper, NSA Chief Alexander, President Obama, Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Rogers (think Brown Noser) and other politicians like redirecting Twitter links to another web page as the Electronic Syrian Army hackers accomplished when they took aim at President Obama's social media.

Eventually, as these government heads continue to lie to the world and refuse to make serious changes the rage will grow exponentially against them.  That's when the hacking will turn a lot more personal.  If DNI Clapper continues to ignore what he knows God Himself is telling him to do then the hammer will fall and the hackers will get more ominous.   At some point, those hackers will be hacking our government with hundreds of thousands of cuts to the point they will take down Wall Street and other parts of the economy just to get at one person like DNI Clapper.

For three years now people like me have tried to offer this President and this IC a safety net - which you refused.  As you started running fast toward the cliff we've offered you well-packed parachutes to ensure a safe landing.  You spit on it; arrogantly content you had packed your chutes better.  FYI, you guys forgot your rip cord.  See you at the bottom.  The public told the ambulances to stay home.  The American taxpayers can't afford your health care anymore.

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For too long "Patient Zero," 60-years employed Wrong Track Andrew Marshall at the secret Pentagon's Net Assessment Office and the Rand Corporation has sold the world this paranoia of how governments like Russia and China will conduct cyber war upon the United States of America.  Guess what, guys; the enemy is within.  The intelligence community is preying upon and bullying average Americans using counterterrorism as the excuse.

The real cyber war is here.  The real cyber war is not what various countries can do to the U. S. or the U. S. to other countries.  It's the people of the world who desire to take back their lives from those governments who arrogantly thought they had the right to steal and dominate.

World domination for any country?  Forget it; you all lose.  Individuals have a level playing field online that no army can counter.  Basic military strategy should be a reminder for the NSA, the IC, the CIA and this President and his Congress:  when you attack on a person's home soil it's the invader who loses the advantage because the attacked is highly motivated to protect what is theirs.

For once in your miserable lives do what is right.  Stop spying on average Americans.  Stop spying on journalists like me.  Yes, I just received my AT & T bill for my cell phone that verified what I already knew was true:  the NSA's cryptology department scooped my photos preventing them from being sent to my email server.  (No, I don't want them back after you had your pervvy little hands on them and you probably would encode them with viruses anyway.)  I'm sure the IC is convinced I must be secreting nukes under my front yard azaleas.  These paranoid freaks are unbelievable.  Such is the "exciting" life of the government critic.

I get rid of an iPhone because of the GPS data Google collects without our permission.  I buy a crappy phone to lower my bill.  Then I'm reduced to emailing my photos to myself to get them off said crappy AT & T phone, all the while wondering if getting such a crappy phone to replace the higher tech was worth the effort.  Then the NSA photo program scoops my photos because they have my phone tagged for collection.  Oh, by the way, Mr. President, the NSA made a liar out of you when you promised the NSA is not spying on journalists.  Come on; really?

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