Thursday, September 12, 2013

Funny Post: Russia To World Stage Declares, "We're Baaaack!"

4 funny video clips from "Puss In Boots" animated film. Check out all the links as many are polls.

From Denny:  Oh, how I have missed the Russians on the world stage.  Affectionately deemed as Denny's Fightin' Yard Cats, the Russians never fail to throw paws (at America), amuse by pinning some unlucky misbehavin' ears to the ground in a show of dominance (to Syria) or provoke reasonable people to deeper thought on international issues (yes, the World).

At least the Russians "get it" about discussing world issues in depth and detail as opposed to my American government - and their lazy think tanks.  Those think tank guys spend more time dreaming up catchy political slogans, tweeting arguments on social media, yessing each other in an echo chamber and talking like they skim the news headlines rather than invest in solving serious world problems.  Come to think of it, much of that sounds a lot like the Russian Yes Government in relation to how they behave with Putin...

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Wildly unpopular around the world, and in an effort to rehabilitate Russia's ruthless image, Russian President Vladimir Putin published an op-ed piece in the New York Times concerning what to do about Syrian intervention.  His political timing could not have been better as he capitalized upon the American people's frustration with our government.  It was also a move to be heard beyond the Washington prism of political hacks and biased media.

Everything Putin stated was accurate and newsworthy, arguing for adherence of all nations to international law in regard to Syria, reminding us all of our commitments to international agreements.  His ghost writer/translator penned an excellent intelligent piece for him since Putin is not that fluent in English.  Well done - even if it did include at the end a bit of name-calling that got lost in the translation of Putin's sentiment of what he was really trying to express.

Most of the American media denounced Putin's message, too sensitized to criticism from a Russian dictator.  Well, if it's the truth it's the truth, folks; don't shoot the messenger no matter how much you don't like or understand him.  Besides, all politicians do so love to lecture each other whether it's national or international.  OK, they love to pontificate - of which President Obama is firmly a member of that club.  Considering how many times Obama has lectured Putin it was only a matter of time before Putin fired back.  So, everyone quit with the sensationalism and bickering.  It's just an opinion.  Of course, it would only be good manners for Putin to offer Obama an op-ed piece in a high volume read national Russian newspaper as a sign of the equality Putin is promoting for all countries.

President Obama, and American lawmakers are already suffering from Cat Scratch Fever after several American Junk Yard Dog skirmishes with Russia.  Congress also suffers from an 83 percent disapproval rating as a double whammy and Obama's polls numbers have been plummeting.  Dogs do seem to be slow learners.  Every cat owner knows The Cat Always Wins in the end.  American lawmakers, this President and Sec. of State Kerry really should re-think always pulling the chair out from under Russia in an effort to mock them when Russia is sincerely trying to bail out Obama and solve a world problem, like Syrian chemical weapons.  This mocking can elicit unexpected - even more amusing consequences - which America may not find equally amusing - as illustrated by this funny video clip:

Never Make the Cat Angry clip from hilarious animated film "Puss In Boots":

But, since I'm both a Junk Yard Dog Lover and a Yard Cat Whisperer I will referee to keep this international game as honest as possible. "Now hear this, Animals, anyone who steps out of line gets the furious Lioness Slap so hard you both end up battered, beaten and recovering in entirely different time zones!"

Come on, regular readers of this blog; you knew I just couldn't resist. Besides, the Cat Slap is so much kinder than my usual Baseball Bat approach for the misbehaving.  It's how Head Cat establishes her dominance whether it's pets at home or pets in the international kennel.  Believe me when I say, it is no easy feat to rise to Head Cat status as cats or dogs are not easy to lead without putting in a lot of training effort.  Just take a look at this funny video clip that illustrates how even yard cats can organize to overcome what seems to be an impossible situation - with a woman finishing the fight:

Cats in prison and the Spray Bottle Incident clip from animated film "Puss In Boots":

Cats do have long memories and love rigid routine whereas dogs forget quickly what they just learned and roam all over the place until called back into focus.  Yes, I'm still talking about Russia and America - and having great fun with the analogy.  But then my personal focus has always been to take disparate elements and synthesize them successfully.  It's intriguing to take that journey and enjoy the awesome results whether it's ranging from art to international relationships.  It does seem to be a well-honed skill strangely in great deficit in all the world governments for this generation.  You government guys really need to pick up the pace to keep up with me.

More unnecessary political grandstanding from world leaders:  

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Now on to address Putin's finger in the eye to Obama's lame speech he delivered on trying to sell a very tired argument to the American people about attacking Syria.  By now Obama should know the American people are out of patience with government and political hacks manipulating opinion.  Read that as, "STFU!" If Obama does not want to view his poll numbers jumping down into the abyss then he should heed that sentiment.  This ridiculous emotional argument for war is simply not welcome with the American people as evidenced by this poll.

The Unhappy Couple:  Life - and politics - are actually a complex dance.  Russia and the United States just need more practice time to perfect their partnership dance.  Now, boys, quit fighting over who gets to lead.  Check out this funny video clip, illustrating the constant grandstanding in international politics:

Hilarious "Fight by Spanish Style Dance Competition" clip with huge Kitty Softpaws revelation at ending.

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Of course, in the end, this Syrian incident will turn out well if everyone involved remains committed and quits trying to find excuses not to work together.  It will take a couple of years to work through the entire process of more than just dealing with the chemical weapons issue.  The Russians are truly aware they must deliver to a world that does not trust them because Russia suffers from a really awful international reputation.  This is Putin's hour to improve that reputation and build upon it.

Russia is at a critical moment in her history, about to transition to the next level.  It would be helpful if Putin decides he wants Russia to be taken seriously on the world stage and then follow up with the internal reforms necessary to achieve that goal.  Russia can choose to pout and declare herself a "victim" or push forward and help do her part to lead a war-weary world.

To wind up my fun analogy of Russia as a Yard Cat check out this quote in the funny animated film "Puss In Boots" regarding Puss's co-star Kitty Softpaws, an accomplished deft "business woman" who declares, "I'll steal you blind and you won't even know I was there."  Russia. "She is a Bad Kitty." :)

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