Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Syria War: Anti-War Vaccine Not Yet Available For U.S. Presidents and Congress

sailor protest syria
Possible career military protesting Syrian intervention?

From Denny:  Have you ever noticed how many Presidents, when first elected, catch the Washington War Virus once in office?  No matter how many speeches they give laying claim to being anti-war they puff up their chests and start with the bombing to assert American power in the world.

The Pentagon loves to sell this Prove Our Might line of reasoning in every generation to every President, enjoying a hundred percent success for the past 60 years.  These Presidents get infected with Stupid, adding a side meal of Absolute Power like a dish of pickle relish...

Gray Peace Sign Modern Wall Clock

Gray Peace Sign Modern Wall Clock

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Where does all this violent grandstanding originate anyway?  The military loves to play with their expensive Big Toys weaponry.  The defense contractors see dollar signs to resupply the military, eagerly pushing the war talk for their own benefit.  Congress, Washington aides, staff and family start playing the insider trading game on Wall Street stocks to stuff their own wallets.  Hey, for them it's all a win:  profit.  They pat themselves on the back in congratulations, assured that America has proved it's point one more time to their great satisfaction.  Oh, and the money profits sure came in handy for financing all those expensive holiday gifts.

The harshest reality is often glossed over in the rush to war, oh, the Not War-War, the War Action, oh, the Sorta Kinda A Bit Of Bombing War for a limited strike 90-day period.  Of course, that limited time period is soon to be renewed for yet another "short" time period again and again.  Before the American people know it we are entrenched in yet another messy Middle East war that goes nowhere except to maim and kill both Americans and the innocent intertwined with the guilty in some Middle Eastern country.

From Huffington Post:  "In 1916, with World War I looming for the United States, a group of Nebraska residents gathered petition signatures and sent a constitutional amendment to Congress that would have enacted a national referendum before lawmakers could declare war. On top of the national vote, anyone who cast a ballot in favor of war would have been required to register as a volunteer for service in the United States Army."

Meanwhile, people of conscience and Wisdom are busy at work on an Anti-War Vaccine.  We will let you know when we are successful.  Please sign up to help us capture, tie up and hold down Congress and the President of the Moment to take their medicine.  Once they wake up and come to their senses, maybe the entire world will not be on fire.  But at least the U.S. budget will be redirected toward hiring a colossal fire department to do clean-up.  Questions?

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