Thursday, September 5, 2013

Syria War Cluster F**k: Russia, Jon Stewart and Daily Show Weigh In On Dumb and Dumber

Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Sh...
Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Show in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 funny Daily Show video clips.
From Denny:  Can this rush to join in on the Syrian civil war get any weirder?  President Obama, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Sec. Kerry created a new White House page just to sell this new American war.  It looks like it was hastily pulled together like some lame corporate power point presentation.

It's loaded with a short timeline, a few videos, press statement links and some of the properly slanted unclassified intelligence assessment pointing to chemical weapons use.  Of course, it looks like just more of a slick political campaign to influence the public.  Give it up, guys, this page won't convince anyone.

Latest Developments:  MoveOn and most of its eight million members do not support this Syrian war intervention.  The head of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Marcia Fudge (D-OH) has asked members to not make public statements until more is known. Read that as they are reserving support unless they are forced into it. More defections from congressional Republicans who formerly supported the strikes.  The public is calling in by the thousands to voice their opposition to this Syria War and American intervention.  Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi is encountering a more difficult time to rally the troops than previously thought when they declared they had the votes.

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden spouts off that President Obama will most likely put boots on the ground no matter what he is saying now.  Russia is warning Obama about how their missile strikes can set off Syrian nuclear reactors to create more damage than intended.  Then there is the fun moment of Russia's Putin calling Sec. of State Kerry a liar.

Welcome to The Club, Russia, America is fed up with the lying coming out of this administration on a whole host of issues.  Of course, Russia and America often lie to each other and their peoples.  Russia also has some serious self-interest in Syria like a Russian naval base and collecting the fun profits of selling Assad plenty of military weaponry.  I wonder what Israel and America have been selling Syria?  After this Liars Face Off the public figures all bets are off.

In a very contentious hearing with Congress, arrogant Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey rejected Kerry's invitation to support him with Congress, to offer a statement.  What did Dempsey say?  In a I-don't-answer-to-these-fools huff he answered sharply, "No! I don't think so." The 18-second clip from the Daily Show follows below...

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WTF? Russia Reaches Out To Congress For Meeting, Gets Rebuffed:  Stupid is as stupid does and our Congress cannot get any dumb and dumber.  When an opposing nation like Russia reaches out for a meeting on an international issue of great importance - like the start of WWIII in the Middle East - you do not turn them down.  You listen to their argument even if you still find you don't agree.

House Majority Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) also known as Tan Man because he plays more golf than puts in time working for the taxpayers - also dubbed Cry Baby because he cries at the drop of a hat while giving speeches - this guy actually was so rude as to reject the Russian embassy's request for a delegation meeting on Syria.  Maybe Boehner was afraid Russia would yell at him and he was afraid to meet?

Of course, this should be Sec. of State John Kerry's diplomatic purview but, apparently, he does not fancy himself a true diplomat.  Kerry is more interested in going to war - weirdly acting like he's the real President - instead of talking with Syria's long time pal, Russia.  What is the matter with this administration?

The best Daily Show clip is the interview by comic Samantha Bee with bushwhacked Russian Andranik Migranyan who also writes over at Huff Post.  Who is this poor guy that Samantha tried to twist into a pretzel?  He is the Director of the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation.  It's a non-governmental think tank based in New York.  They are dedicated to promoting understanding and cooperation between Russia and America.

I bet this guy never thought his job description meant getting entangled in Comedy Hour with the Daily Show.  The best part?  Old Migranyan not only held his own with the rascal comic, who can slip and slide with an eel and beat them to the finish line, he brought up some great points that were true.  The best line from the clip is "Why don't Russia and the United States get on the same page and agree to support the exact same ruthless dictators?"

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