Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hey, DNI Clapper: Demand Agency Heads Change Profile of IC Hiring To Get Real Productivity


From Denny:  Listen, Clapper, if your intelligence agency heads keep sending you the same profile over and over, as they have been doing for some time now, quit getting angry about it and just fire their lazy asses.  They are still operating on the outmoded and unsuccessful game plan of Andrew Marshall who seriously F'd up both the military and intelligence communities for the past 60 years.  The Andrew Marshall idea was to hire just the very young, because, he reasoned, they were the easiest to fool and the easiest to control both mentally and physically.  Seriously?

You just can't keep hiring young IT people.  Young people don't belong in the ugly intelligence business.  IT people are the worst choice because they have rarely developed any people skills.  That isn't how their brains move in real time. They certainly don't have much life experience yet either.  The skills they do have for technology is great but you only need a handful of them compared to requiring legions of critical thinkers, and, yes, to a lesser extent, some analytical thinkers.

The field you should be looking at are the Baby Boomers and older.  What a shocking revelation?  That's right; you should be pulling from the 55 - 85 age group, as long as their minds are sharp.  You can teach IT skills to most of them who would be delighted to learn it.  Many of them are either underemployed and bored or outright retired and bored, wanting new challenges.  And, guess what, they would not be frittering away their days collecting dick pics and spying on nude celebrities like at the NSA...

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Older employees have a consistent work ethic and understand and accept the need for discretion and confidentiality.  Many have had families and certainly know all about how young adults behave and move in their world.  They wouldn't have much difficulty tracking young terrorists.  Certain age groups behave in certain ways because they are driven by particular desires.  It's a no-brainer.

Snowden Reveals First Ever Public Disclosure Of Secret Black Budget Programs

While I'm fussing at you I might as well throw out more unsolicited advice since your own employees at all the intelligence agencies feel constrained to give any:  Create diverse groups of different ages and experiences.  You definitely need people who have run their own businesses, run big departments of other businesses, and a real must-have are former sales people.  People who have worked in sales and customer service know how to read people better than the average person.

You can always flush out each group with one or two IT people, a journalist or two who can write coherent reports, some former military like Special Forces who think another way, and, voila! almost instant success.

Right now you have too many people who are each other's echo chambers.  Too many conservative Republicans.  You need some liberal Democrats to challenge their thinking and push them into a broader nuanced perspective.

Terrorism:  All this crap about "you can't stop those lone wolves" is just lazy stinking thinking.  Come on; all your lazy IC and the lazy Pentagon are talking about are the mentally ill that can be identified.  Of course, to deal with the mentally ill in this country Congress - and whichever President  - will have to assist with appropriate gun control laws that will actually be enforced and get a grip on the mental health care system.

Meanwhile, put hard charging pressure on your incompetent agency heads to end the political atmosphere where the average employee is afraid to challenge the status quo.  Think Edward Snowden.  He's the one guy who did challenge all the corruption and incompetence and look where it got him:  hiding out in Siberia.  So, what reputable people will work for the intelligence community if you and President Obama continue to threaten Snowden with death or life in prison just for being a whistleblower?  The way most Americans see it is that Snowden did America a huge favor by exposing a lot of the garbage going on that needs a huge clean up.

So far, Clapper, the past year you've done a good job of pushing out and gracefully retiring the worst of the third parties and government employees in the IC.  They all were a huge waste of government money down a rabbit hole and totally unproductive.  Now do a Donald Trump Dance and challenge the current lazy status quo.  Shake things up.  Those agency heads that are afraid to hire older workers are the very ones who are afraid because they know they can't fool older people.  Older people would catch on quickly to their incompetence and political agendas.  Well, that tells you right there to hire new agency heads.

According to the Jewish calendar September is the New Year.  Time for more deep cleaning of useless and unproductive.  Look for productive people and quit wasting time being too nice to your agency heads.  Nice doesn't always get the job done.  Kicking some lazy wimpy butt does.  The American people are fed up with incompetent lazy government that is not productive.  

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