Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GOP and Rubio 2016: Women Should Suck It Up And Enjoy Results of Rape And Incest?

From Denny:  Does any one in this country actually promote or like abortion?  No.  Even as a liberal I agree with my Republican voting friends that abortion is disgusting and disrespectful of humanity.  But the way the Republican Party screams about the abortion issue does not solve the problem and has not solved the problem in over 40 years.  Obviously, the Republicans do not know how to lead the country - just stir up passions in cultural scream-offs just to win yet another election.  After the elections all the politicians sit on their hands doing nothing until the next election cycle of what will be broken promises.

Planned Parenthood has some serious problems with those insensitive doctors caught on video discussing the marketing of fetal body parts.  Of course, the calculating GOP strategists are promoting that video to rally the cause to defund Planned Parenthood - that also happens to do a lot of good for women's health issues in other areas like cancer testing.  Defunding Planned Parenthood is not the solution that will change the need for abortions.

The real questions every voter should be asking about that Planned Parenthood video is who the hell are these medical science creeps that are demanding said fetal parts be given for free or sold to them for their research and development of who knows what?  How pervvy can you get?  What exactly are they doing with that fetal tissue?  Why is there a "market" for fetal tissue, hearts and lungs in the first place?  Does this situation have anything to do with a severe shortage of donor organs in China with wealthy Chinese willing to pay any price to procure those organs?...

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Why have no laws been enacted federally - by a Republican Congress - to stop the selling or gifting of fetal tissue?  It sounds like this market is quite lucrative.  If the Republican Party was actually so sincere about the abortion issue you would think they would have thought of this obvious legislation.  Instead, they waste their efforts on persecuting the mothers, shaming the mothers, basically just slamming mothers in poverty with no place to turn for help.  It really is a War on Women.  No one has ever accused the Republican Party of being deep thinkers.  They are more about punitive measures instead of practical solutions to systemic societal problems.

The Republicans go around during previous campaigns talking about "how women can avoid pregnancy by placing an aspirin between their knees" as promoted by now former Sen. Todd Akin, a totally clueless Republican from Missouri.  That man was promoting a weird concept that was popular back in the 1940's and 1950's.  What century does that man and his supporters live in anyway?

Then there is the invasive mandatory vaginal probe legislation that is both humiliating and shaming for women being examined, passed in several states and struck down by higher courts.  It just goes to prove how the Republican Party is hell bent on stepping on women to win an election, no matter the cost.  The GOP can deny it all they want but the facts speak for themselves.  They possess a terrible track record on women's issues.

I've been watching this abortion debate for far too long.  Both sides end up in screaming matches.  Meanwhile, the excessive screamers and talkers are also just do-nothings, never getting anything done that is constructive.

If the Republican Party is truly sincere about ending abortion, then why not get serious about funding for all the issues that lead to abortion in the first place?

Statistically, it's mostly married women who know they just can't afford yet another child that often turn to abortion.  Many daughters and wives of Republican Party members have had abortions.  Talk about hypocrisy.  Just ask the now ex-wife of Republican Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia.  He actually forced his wife to have an abortion and when she was pregnant again he demanded she abort yet again.  Come on; seriously?  Fortunately, she refused and decided to divorce the insensitive lout.

Well, if we all want to end the need for abortions, then how about ensuring that women get equal pay as men do?  Women have been waging this fight for over 40 years and still the federal government and state governments have done little to nothing.  Oh, that's right, the professional politicians make speeches to calm women into believing something will change for the better.  Well, nothing has changed in over 40 years and women are fed up with professional politicians and their political strategists promising change that never arrives.  

Make it possible for a single mother - who may have been abandoned by the father of the child - to raise her child above the poverty line.  And what about forcing said father of the child to supply proper and constant child support until that child is of voting age?

The Republican Party is big on promoting so-called pro-life - but what kind of life is it anyway?  Republican policies are actually promoting poverty, lack of livable wages, not enough hours to pay bills, lack of health care, lack of child care, lack of higher education and the denial of Social Security.  Well, that about covers every decade of that child's life, from cradle to grave.  Mind you that every employee paid into Social Security and it is their savings account to help provide for them in old age and possible illness so they won't be a burden on society.  The Republicans sell their argument derisively as "those entitlements."  Of course, they are entitled to receive it because the money actually belongs to them.

The federal government has had wildly fun use of said Social Security money for decades, making interest on it and using it to fund other projects - and the average voter never hears about it.  Congress is fond of raiding the Social Security fund to fund various government agencies, pet projects and shore up the military budget, all without cluing in the voter as to their cavalier accounting.  Congress - both political parties - have been playing the shell game with Social Security money for decades as they just can't keep their sticky fingers off our savings accounts.

For many election cycles the Republicans were promoting that Wall Street get their hands on those billions of dollars just sitting in the Social Security fund.  Considering how Wall Street has had to be bailed out by Congress time and time again for bad investments do we really want to create a double problem?  It's the U. S. taxpayers who bailed out Wall Street in the initial IMF-Greece bailout.

Now Wall Street (think Goldman Sachs) is hinting anew how China's economy is about to implode and they want more bailouts for their bad investments when every smart writer told them to withdraw - and fast - before they got caught. Greed got the better of them and now they are caught in the Chinese snare.  China has already devalued their currency twice this week, a strong signal their economy is wobbling.

Now the U. S. taxpayers will bail out Wall Street again and again, all without public discussion or the voters weighing in?  It's all hidden behind closed doors, hoping the voter never finds out about all the deals.  This is the life of financial manipulation and ruin that a child in pro-life America has to look forward to?

Republicans promote war and heartily support war profiteers that contribute to their campaigns.  So, in the Republican mind you save a child from abortion just to send him/her to war to die for war profiteers?  Seriously?  If said unaborted child does not go to war then he/she has a life of poverty to look forward to and no way to better themselves with a higher education because the price of it is so far out of reach it's ridiculous, thanks to predatory lending from the Big Banks the Republicans serve?  

Does that unaborted child also have the right to be abused by employers refusing to supply livable wages a person can pay their basic bills on, affordable health care and affordable child care?  Pensions no longer exist any more than does a short paid vacation.  Does that unaborted child also possess the right to "enjoy" predatory lending by Big Banks and mortgage companies who can change the terms of contracts on a whim but that individual has no standing to go to court because of Republican legislation denying a fair hearing in court?  All of these situations are courtesy of the Republican Party and their greedy lobbyists.

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Why is there no affordable national child care available?  Usually, it's a stretch to afford child care for one child.  Two children in child care - while both parents go to work - begins to strain the family finances.  At three and four children you are looking at one parent finally has to stay at home to raise the family, taking a huge cut in the household income.  I haven't seen one 2016 candidate speak to this issue.  And the Republicans wonder why some desperate women turn to abortion as their only answer to save the children they do have and stay out of worse poverty?

Sen. Marco Rubio is totally clueless.  He wasn't even born when Roe v. Wade was made law and does not know the ugly historical reason of why the law was necessary and passed.  I don't care how much his campaign people protest the truth.  The truth is that abortion was made legal in this country because thousands upon thousands upon hundreds of thousands of desperate women were dying every year from botched backroom abortions.  Rarely, did competent doctors perform those abortions.  They were brutally and crudely done, leaving a woman to die by bleeding out, or, at best case scenario if she survived the butchery, never be able to have children at a later date.

Rubio's own words:  "He does not specifically support rape or incest exceptions, saying that '[while] I think both of those instances are horrifying ... I personally believe you do not correct one tragedy with a second tragedy.'" 

Don't you dare think you can answer back, Marco Rubio.  Just STFU because you really don't know what you are talking about at all and you never will until you personally experience it or it happens to your daughter, your wife, your sister, your mother, your aunt, your grandmother, your female friends.

To add further insult to every woman in America, her daughter, her mother, her sister, her aunt, her grandmother, her niece, her cousin, her female friends the Republican men have unilaterally decided that rape and incest are not good enough exceptions for acquiring an abortion.  

What part of long term trauma do you clueless nasty people not understand?  Years of family abuse, years of spousal abuse, years of a child raped repeatedly by a family member, a young woman gang raped at high school or college - what at least 20 percent of American women endure every year that amounts to millions of women - and Marco Rubio thinks he knows best??  

It's past due time to take abortion off the political table in all elections and get serious about addressing all the ugly issues that lead women to take such a desperate action in the first place.  If the Republican Party wants to sincerely convince women of their compassion then get compassionate in real time.  

Create the legislation, fund the projects, and, for once in their lives, it's time the Republican Party treat women with real respect:  income equality, higher paying jobs, affordable health care, affordable child care, affordable higher education and put an end to predatory lending.

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