Friday, August 22, 2014

Note to White House: Quit Killing Future U.S. Hostages

A masked Islamic State British militant holding a knife speaks next to man purported to be U.S. journalist James Foley at an unknown location /REUTERS

From Denny:  Well, the Ferguson "Race Riots" were originally on my posting agenda but the military is fussing and cussing so vociferously about President Obama taking a victory lap and exposing details on the failed hostage rescue yet again this post took precedence.  What is the matter with the political hacks of this Obama White House?  Are they so depraved they don't realize how many people they have now condemned to death all because they wanted to prop up the President's sagging poll numbers?  Is their reasoning "it's better to look like the President is doing something and failed at the ISIL hostage rescue than to be perceived as doing nothing?"

And this is why after winning a second term every President needs to send home his political team and get a real team that is serious about proper governing.  You just can't take political people and transform them into governing people.  Why?  Because when the political heat is on they revert to their default programming.

The same is true for Sec. of State John Kerry taking his people to the State Department.  Political teams do not know how to interface effectively with diplomats of other countries or even of their own country.  It sure shows too as Sec. Kerry keeps coming home with so little in the win category.  His political people really don't know how to do the months and months of negotiations to set it up successfully so the Sec. of State can take his victory lap easily.

Sec. Kerry has six floors of seasoned State Department folks at his disposal, yet most are left with nothing significant to do every day.  They can't all be political backstabbers and clueless trust fund babies.  There must be dozens of qualified professionals in the bunch that can be a real help.  Quit allowing your political people to sideline your best people, elbowing them out of the work.

And back to the White House political hacks who are equally clueless and incompetent, elbowing out of the room the competent people who are eager to help this President.  What is it with all this self-aggrandizement of this President at the risk of getting current and future U. S. hostages killed?  All these political hacks are doing is making the job of hostage rescuers even more difficult than it already stands.  Political hacks are risking the lives of current and future hostages.  This White House already created terrible damage when they foolishly detailed the Bin Laden takedown.  What should they have really said?  How about this:  "Notice:  Bin Laden is dead.  He was killed by a woman:  Lady Karma.  Enough said."

The last thing you do is take a victory lap just to prove you are engaged and doing something behind the scenes.  It really looks so selfish and insensitive.  It cheapens the Presidency too.  When you win against an opponent on the international stage the worst thing to do is brag about it or stomp on their heads one more time.  It's immature at best - and gets too many people killed at worst.

And another thing:  Quit releasing so much information to my fellow media about which Special Forces it was, how many helicopters, what weapons, operational details of any kind.  It's stupid to expose systems and processes, making the next raid that much more difficult to accomplish without harm to our soldiers or the hostages.  All you have to say is something like this:  "We have been working hard behind the scenes at bringing home our hostages.  More updates when the situation changes."

Note to White House:  Quit thinking politically and get it in gear thinking about others beside yourselves.  Don't make me collect my Louisiana baseball bat and travel up to Washington, D. C. just to take a few whacks on the fools that thought this political stunt was such a good idea.  They should be fired, retired or put out to pasture - preferably all three options.

Note to my military friends and dragon warriors risking their lives and planning these operations:  Consider the White House properly yelled at for this disgraceful act of self-aggrandizement that continues to cheapen the Presidency and erode trust with the public, the armed services and the intelligence communities.

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