Monday, May 5, 2014

End Ukraine Occupation: Force Money Out Of Russia By Defying Industrialists

John Sherffius

From Denny:  Europe's military and EU politicians, most notably Germany, are making the very same mistakes that were made during the lead up to World War Two:  appeasement of a world bully hell bent on expansionism as a strategy for land grabs and natural resource hoarding.

The same propaganda lies are employed in this generation as previously:  "Oh, our ethnic population in foreign lands need us to come rescue them from their host countries." The names of the villains have changed but the strategy and ruthlessness remain the same.  In this generation, instead of Germany on the march, it's Russia that is on the march across Europe, claiming to first make a short stop and "rescue" ethnic Russians in former Soviet satellite countries.

Once Putin is done conquering his nearest - and very weak - neighbors he plans to move across all of Europe.  He's gambling that NATO is too weak and indecisive to oppose him.  Will NATO prove him right in his assessment?  Stay tuned.  Right now, countries like Germany, France, the UK and Italy are too slow to react to Putin's aggression, comfortable in the false belief they will not ever be attacked because they are trading partners and of great benefit to him.  Wake up, Europe, and run from your comfort zone.  "Why trade with a country when Russia can outright own them?" is Putin's thinking right now...

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Well, if Europeans continue to believe and accept the lies Russia is pumping out like a gushing oil derrick then I have some swamp land located right here in Louisiana they are welcome to purchase for a nominal price.  The Europeans are like the proverbial frog in the pot of slowly heating water, waiting far too long to jump out before the water reaches the boiling point and that stupid European frog is well cooked.  Soon to appear on every Russian fine dining restaurant menu:  Continental style, well tortured before dismemberment to guarantee tenderness, medium rare frog legs, bathed in velvety garlic cream sauce strong enough to cover up well documented war crimes.

History has this nasty habit of conceptually repeating itself every few generations.  The finer details and the names, even the locations can shift, but the concepts remain unchanged:  greed motivates war.  This Ukraine occupation by the Russians is a lead up to World War Three, albeit an economic war, this time to precede a military war if the world does not bear down hard to stop him now.

As a result, a generation of politicians who were not even born, or young children at the time of World War Two - apparently not adept students of history -  are frightened of opposing Putin on any level, especially militarily or economically.  It's a cowardly approach that has only exacerbated matters and resulted in encouraging Russia to gleefully continue on their destructive course of breaking up Europe into tiny little pieces, easy pickings for Russia to gobble up.

While Putin and his ruthless Russian military continue to kidnap, torture and murder Ukraine politicians and regular citizens during this aggressive occupation, the world community continues to worry about how much money they are going to lose by going against Russia.

The only way to end Putin's aggressive march across Europe is to force money out of Russia and pancake the Russian economy for the short term. 

It must be done soon, carving deep into his economy.  If the world does not act quickly, Putin will have made enough side deals, like the one with despicable Austria to build a pipeline, that can mitigate the effect of  crippling economic sanctions.  The longer the world delays getting tough with Russia, the easier it will be for him to succeed in his insane plan.  Cripple his plan now not later.

All the diplomats, politicians and journalists are fond of framing this Ukraine Occupation by Russian forces and military as a complicated situation.  Come on; seriously?  There is nothing complicated about it.  Putin has planned for years to carry out this plan of conquering Europe by utilizing KGB intelligence community tactics.  First, he lies to the local populations, terrifying them with nightmare scenarios.  Then he repeats said lies in greater outrageous fashion until he gets the desired effect: people who react violently without first stopping to consider the consequences their rash actions will bring.

Next step?  Any countries voicing opposition to his lying, well, just lie to them too, promising them he's not the guy sending in his military disguised as civilian militia to stir up rioting against the current government Russia does not control.  Once Russia has destabilized that government then it's time to move in, acting like the savior of the people, bringing all under the control of Russia.  Then it's time to loot the local treasuries and natural resources for profit.

What really happens is that all economic chaos breaks out even worse after Russia assumes control.  For all the years of planning this European invasion the Russians really are lousy at good government that functions well, and, oh, by the way, details.  But then what do you expect from The Russian Mob?  A crime syndicate does not hold as its core life philosophy the ideals of, and discipline to, honor, truth and integrity. 

Crimea is no picnic right now after Russia illegally attacked and annexed that region of Ukraine.  Isn't it odd how an energy rich nation like Russia can't get it's act together to make sure that the Crimea region has fuel?  The Crimean fuel lines were severed from Ukraine that fed that region.  Then Russia nationalized all the military bases and all businesses, not offering one coin for compensation of wholesale theft from the Ukrainian people, whatever their government, temporary or permanent.

Russia, no longer a true legitimate government, aka The Russian Mob Crime Syndicate has clamped down upon, kidnapped and tortured journalists in Ukraine and Crimea, fearful the truth will get out about just how bad it really is under Russian rule.  Bet those elderly Russians in Crimea that thought they had a free ride on the Russian state are in shock about now after Russia took their businesses away from them.  Yeah, that will teach them to side with ruthless.  It was Russia that got The Free Ride on them.  Eventually, the truth will seep out no matter how much Russia suppresses the people from talking.  People can only tolerate the bad conditions of tyranny for so long before doing something about it.

The real question is not if Ukraine will suffer civil war.  It's a false narrative that Russia is selling and too many journalists are willing to believe.  Putin is happy to turn people against each other while he steals them blind.  Nothing like a big distraction while the crook makes away with the money in all the commotion.  If you think the Ukraine people are angry now, just wait until they find out how much Putin is stealing from all of them when they finally turn their attention his way to look closely.

The real question is whether the world community will stand up to this rogue state, Russia, which is currently controlled by former KGB and The Russian Mob Crime Syndicate.  This Russian Mob, posing as a government, is kidnapping, torturing and killing innocent civilians, government leaders, journalists and United Nations observers.  

Are the world governments of the U. S., the UK, Germany, France, Italy and many others going to bend to the will of the industrialists like they did in the lead up to World War Two?  Are they all that cowardly and foolish in this generation?

Yes, it was German industrialists that promoted Hitler to power and enabled him to continue on his bloody trail across Europe.  Today, it is the vociferous German industrialists, along with their partners in the U.S., UK, France and Italy, that are counseling their governments not to punish Russia economically.  It's the industrialists that are selfishly worried about their billion dollar investments and profits going away - not what is best for national, European or global security.

The choice is obvious.  Quit thinking of today's Russia as a real government.  It's current government has been infiltrated to the deepest levels - and taken over and is now run - by The Russian Crime Syndicate for well over a decade.  Putin is their front man getting personally rich off many of those crooked deals.  The current Russian government is nothing more than a sham.

Deal with the problem of Mob run Russia now while it is small enough to contain economically or deal with Russia a few years from now after Russia has successfully crushed all of Europe.  Because Europe was too weak to act in a timely fashion and stupid enough to keep feeding profits to the Russian energy sector, Europe will have created an even larger, more insidious global crime syndicate.  Which is easier to fight: a 200 pound baby bear or a 1,000 pound rampaging bear?  Your choice, Europe.

A small amount of pain in the short term is far more palatable than the unimaginable pain of the long term scenario for what could prove to be several generations of misery.  Like a change in the latest fashionable dress color does Europe really want to become known as The New Russia???

It's an important strategy to quit with the talking threats and get serious with new sanctions levied every week.  That's right, every week, ratcheting up the internal pressure on Russia.  There is already a lot of internal fighting going on inside Putin's camp and the Russian military as a result of the current sanctions.  Make use of those heated divisions while there is still time to avoid a military confrontation.

And the world's industrialists?  They are terribly fond of spouting off with their favorite saying, "Let the market forces prevail and keep out government intervention."  When business leaders make deals with The Russian Mob do you really think it's going to end well?  Come on; seriously?  Austria had better reconsider their deal with Russia on that pipeline.  Austria is choosing the wrong side yet again in this global war heating up just like they did during World War Two.  Austria, don't make the same mistake twice, now in this generation.

So, which of the Western and European countries want to get serious and take the lead on opposing this global threat beat down coming out of Russia from these greedy ruthless Russian yard cats?  Yeah, don't overwork yourselves.

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