Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jockeying For Power: Tea Party Says Replace Boehner Over 2011 Budget Deal

From Denny:  The snake pit fought ferociously today delivering an intense political high stakes drama. Never mind there are 25 million people out of work and in dire need of jobs in America. Apparently, that is not a drama they find interesting enough to tackle when they can be jockeying for personal political power and recognition.

Congress and the White House were all about playing the game of "Screw You!" as much as possible, creating serious bad blood in each party. The snakes are fighting the snakes in their own parties: Republicans vs. Republicans and Democrats vs. Democrats.

Republican Snakes

Right now, the Republicans, via the Tea Party puppeteers, are jockeying to remove Boehner as Speaker and insert Eric Cantor in his place. "Didn't I tell ya?" that Cantor was up to no good? Read this: Government Shutdown and Cartoons: Courtesy of Tea Party and GOP

Democrat Snakes

House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer, is trying to topple Nancy Pelosi. Yeah? Nancy has the majority of the Democratic caucus with her.  Unfortunately, Hoyer's 81 Dems were Centrists and helped the GOP make today's deal.

Here's what happened today in the vote

Remember last week when President Obama announced he had a deal with the GOP to avoid the government shutdown? As usual, the Obama Speak was Details to Follow After A While. So, today those details were voted upon by the House.  All the public heard was a bunch of confusing garble as to those details.

Obama, Senator Reid, Speaker Boehner and Rep. Hoyer, Pelosi's second in command, all made a deal. They shut out Nancy Pelosi, even though she is House Minority Speaker, not Hoyer.  Obama should be ashamed of himself.  It was Pelosi that helped him ascend in the first place by promoting him in the party.

Obama shut out female Speaker Pelosi from budget deal negotiations 

So, now he shuts out "the little woman" as too stupid to participate in the Big Boys Club.  He just throws his Mama from the train.  Got news for this ungrateful arrogant White House: As the saying goes, "When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  Women voters do not like what they see coming out of this White House.  This was a huge error in judgment and political maneuvering.  Stay tuned for a terrible 2012 reelection where your base deserts you, Mr. President.

Good luck on getting the Independents to vote for you.  You will need it no matter how bad the GOP competition.  But then, I know good things are on the horizon right before the election that will turn the Republicans and the Democrats on their disobedient arrogant ears.  Stay tuned for what and who the voters will really choose at the pivotal moment since neither party has taken the plight of every day Americans to heart.

Today, House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and 108 House Democrats voted against the Obama-Boehner budget deal. All Hoyer could deliver were 81 Democrats. The girl can play hard ball to a gang of fools even if the fools did help put the odious deal to a winning vote.  The House vote tally was 260-167, passing the budget deal.  Hours later the Senate voted to pass it with the vote of 81 - 19, sending the bill to Obama for his signature.  Without this bill passage, the government would have run out of funds tomorrow night.

Speaker Pelosi: " My caucus was not a part of the agreement and thus have no ownership of that or any responsibility to it — except that we don't want to shut down the government."

The budget deal contains a lot of ugly spending cuts primarily aimed at low-income people, women's health care and seniors to the tune of  $39.9 billion. It will fund the federal government through September 2011.

Tea Party and Conservatives Furious

Both the Tea Party and the conservative hard right wing of the GOP all want Boehner's head on a pike. They are currently busy blasting away at him on their blogs, demanding a real conservative excoriate Obama.  If Boehner won't do the deed then they will find someone with the courage to do it.  Do these guys ever talk about politics in anything less melodramatic than "the nuclear option"?

Speaking of rich people.  The IRS is still owed $330 billion dollars in unpaid taxes from primarily the wealthy in this country who just refuse to pay their fair share.  This budget deal cut funding to the IRS to collect those taxes.  How stupid is that move?

Check out Cenk Uygar about just what is in that budget cuts deal:

Budget Deal Breakdown - Cuts Hit IRS 

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