Friday, April 22, 2011

Funny Friday Lite: Colbert Addresses The Politically Tone Deaf

From Denny:  Well, today the news is far from earth shattering. President Obama announced his reelection campaign to the yawns of the public this week. The GOP presidential hopefuls field is also a yawn to the Republicans. To the tune of 56 percent have absolutely zero interest in the field before them at this time.  Gee, "Do ya think?" they are finally waking up to the true GOP agenda?

Other good news on the horizon? The Tea Party seems to have peaked. A few months ago they were able to gather tens of thousands for their rallies. This week they claimed to have 350 people when the reality was around 70, judging by the camera phone photo sent in to CNN.

President Obama's approval rating continues to slide, especially after his announced his 2012 election campaign. Behind the yawns the public is seething with anger over failed promises for change.

Paired with that resentment is the fury over rising gas prices, rising food prices, more job loss or cut wages or hours, difficulty in getting mortgage loans, and then there's the auto, health and property insurances are far too high, skyrocketing while wages are at best stagnant.

To top it all off, Congress keeps talking about messing with the few social safety nets left: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  The public is in an ugly mood.

So, today Colbert talks about one of our five senses: hearing. Did I mention that I've dedicated this funny video  to all the tone deaf politicians currently occupying the halls of Congress? Don't get too comfortable, guys, you are about to lose your jobs.

So, in the tradition of totally outrageous, get a laugh at Colbert.

On Topic: The Five Senses - Hearing

Stephen thinks his noise is really just very loud hope and wonders about a speech training robot that looks like it should be part of a sex robot. (03:11)

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