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Government Shutdown and Cartoons: Courtesy of Tea Party and GOP

Boehner And CantorGOP Cantor, left, GOP Speaker Boehner, right - Image by TalkMediaNews via Flickr

From Denny: This budget mess is a dark farce, courtesy of the Republicans and their inbred political cousins, the Tea Party. The GOP hates women and they hate giving federal funding for women's health care.

Millions of women depend upon that funding in Title 10 which provides reproductive and preventative care. Since it is mainly low-income women who are the beneficiary of these funds, Republicans don't care. After all, low-income people are not their voting demographic. Nor have they ever done anything for women either.

The whole process is disingenuous. To get the $100 billion the Tea Party demands, it's obvious: all you have to do is stop these idiot wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where we spend billions per month. And now our heavy involvement in Libya is equally expensive - to the tune of $1 million per Tomahawk missile fired to enforce the No-Fly Zone.

Want more easy cuts? Try the $1 billion "tax cuts" for the wealthy that President Obama gave away far too easily, especially when 70 percent of the entire country said they did not want the rich to get tax cuts. He foolishly did it anyway. And now, here we are months later, with all of Congress and the President looking stupid in this budget fight.

It's been a head-scratching wonder how long it would take for the Democrats to finally quit playing doormat and say no to the GOP bullying. Every time there is an agreement, the GOP back up on their word and greedily demand more. Politicians throwing temper tantrums is getting old.

Go ahead, shut down the damned government. It will hurt the Republicans far more than it will the Democrats. Republican-voting business people will suffer all over the country, especially in tourist areas where there are federal parks and monuments. A lot of Republican-voting Americans will all be adversely affected by supporting these corrupt and destructive Bozos: teachers, firemen, police. Even Republican-voting military personnel will be expected to work for no pay.

What is so surprising about that? The GOP expects the entire middle class to work for no pay. As it is they are demanding to abolish the minimum wage. And Obama will probably give it to them too.

The GOP and the Tea Party want smaller government. Well, immediately 800,000 federal workers would be furloughed. If they tried to come in and work for free they would find it is illegal to do so and would be arrested. So much for a good work ethic.

For all the grandstanding from the Republicans about how they are the guys who believe in balancing the budget, what a joke. They claim to be fiscally responsible. Another joke.

Trivia: When was the last time a Republican President ever balanced the budget? Bush 41? Wrong answer. Reagan? Wrong answer. OK, no one is stupid enough to mention Bush 43 so you are safe there: he didn't balance the budget either.

So who was the last Republican President to balance America's budget? Try President Ike Eisenhower. That's right, over 50 years ago. Today's Republicans are such lying Bozos they should get an award for Creative Lying.

Of course, the Republicans want to shut down the government. They are like a three year old with matches next to a gas heater. They can't wait to go, "Boom!"  It's the latest GOP Toy Tech.

Have you seen the video of Republican Eric Cantor? He's Speaker Boehner's right hand guy. He's like Ryan. He can't wait to "win." Think about it. For Cantor to push for the shutdown and the Democrats get blamed, like he hopes, he wins. If the Boehner gets blamed, well, Cantor really wins. That's when Cantor can make his move to replace Boehner and take over as Speaker. This government shutdown is like a gift horse to him. No wonder he's so eager.

Of course, in the end, all of this is going to backfire on all of them, most especially the GOP. Expect a whole lot of mounting recall election efforts in the coming months. And it's about time.

Looks like the backfiring has already started as this just in from Republican strategist Karl Rove. Rove has the conservatives doing the political dance to woo Obama now because of a new political poll damaging to the Republicans. Rove said a shutdown would be of political benefit to the Democrats. "Do ya think?"

Karl Rove: "The shutdowns in 1995 and 1996 helped improve President Clinton's political standing, boosting both his approval rating and perceptions of him as a strong leader. President Obama’s ratings as a strong leader have slipped this year … Republicans should be careful not to let him recover as he gears up for his 2012 re-election campaign."

Read that as, "We are running scared. Quick! Give in to the Democrats so all the rotten tomatoes getting thrown our way will disappear!" Do you think these guys could ever have an original thought instead of Karl Rove doing all their thinking for them as Bush's Brain?

Wouldn't it be ever so nice if they gave some real think time to the running of a government with some dignity, grace and deep thought? OK, I'll close the door on that wishful thinking and total fantasy world better left to the cartoonists.

What is not a fantasy is that now the Democrats and President Obama have some serious negotiating room. Knowing that the GOP is losing this political test, it's time for the Democrats to stand tough and walk back all those cuts they gave the GOP every time they took back their word.

In fact, take it all back. Bring the tax cuts for the wealthy and put them back onto the table. Play hard ball with these temper tantrum throwing fools. If the Democrats don't hang tough, they will look like losers yet again if they just roll over and say, "OK, you got a deal," allowing the current cuts to remain in place.

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Update, 11 PM - Just an hour before the scheduled shutdown, the two sides agreed to a tentative aversion of the drastic measure of shutting down the majority of the federal government.

Looks like the Democrats managed to hold onto Planned Parenthood, a $330 million a year expense, and keeping the EPA regulations in place. That had to tick off the billionaire GOP Koch Brothers who have been strongly lobbying to abolish the EPA entirely. They want unrestricted access to dirty the air we try to breathe and suffer no penalties or lawsuits.

The GOP demanded, via their Tea Party loud mouths, a $100 billion in cuts. They ended up receiving $38 billion in cuts in this last war of battling for six long weeks, wearing out the patience of the American public.

Stay tuned for more temper tantrums, threatening of your quality of life, and the GOP fussing about raising the debt ceiling which will be decided by this summer.

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