Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Iran: Gotcha Government Systems With The Stars Virus

From Denny: The Iranian version of Chicken Little is running around screaming that their government systems were targeted again by the West. Read that as "It's America's and Israel's fault. We have been wronged by the Big Bad Bullies of the West."

Iran claims it is the Stars Virus, sent by vicious Western cyberattackers, has infected their computer systems. As usual for this clownish regime, they have not verified any of this to be true - other than the infection.

From Gholam Reza Jalali, who heads the Iranian military unit in charge of combating sabotage: "The Stars virus has been presented to the laboratory but is still being investigated. No definite and final conclusions have been reached."

At present there is no evidence this recent attack on Iran's state systems is on the same level as the Stuxnet worm that compromised their nuclear program within the past eight months. From Orla Cox, who is the security operations manager at a Symantec response center of internet security specialists: "I think it is likely that they were the victim of some sort of infection but it is likely not something special."

Not much is known about the Stars virus in this Iranian situation except that it was trying to disguise itself as legitimate government files.

About the Stars virus from Govind Ramamurthy, MD and CEO, e Scan labs: "We have been recently witnessing a spike in the spread of infection using a new vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat PDF files that has not yet been patched. This scenario combined with reports available on the worm till now makes us think that the Stars Virus uses root-kit techniques and spreads using the vulnerability in files such as PDF via email."

Not familiar with the Stuxnet worm? It's considered one sophisticated cyberweapon   that can take over the control systems of industrial sites like power plants.  . The word is it was designed by American and Israeli specialists though no one has claimed ownership. The Stuxnet worm infected many systems outside Iran as well. But the real prize is how it infected Iran's uranium enrichment facilities at its Natanz nuclear plant   affecting a number of centrifuges - a key component to produce nuclear fuel  . Mission accomplished.

Of course, that sent Iran into a lather, spouting off the usual rhetoric about how everything is America's fault in a feeble attempt to play to domestic politics. They still don't get it. The Arab League probably paid for it. No one likes the crazy bully in the neighborhood. The whole world got together over coffee and talked about ways to deal with the fools living nearby who refuse to comply with common sense, sanity and decency.

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