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Iraq Sectarian Violence: Will U.S. Be Sunni Or Shiite Puppet?

Volunteers, who have joined the Iraqi Army to fight against the predominantly Sunni militants from the radical Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), gather with their weapons during a parade on the streets in Basra, southeast of Baghdad, June 16, 2014. REUTERS-Essam Al-Sudani
Volunteers, who have joined the Iraqi Army to fight against the predominantly Sunni militants 
from the radical Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), gather with their weapons 
during a parade on the streets in Basra, southeast of Baghdad, June 16, 2014. 
REUTERS/Essam Al-Sudani

From Denny:  While the U.S. Congress rings its collective hands about how to stem the violence erupting in Iraq, everyone is missing the point.  Too many Republican politicians are trying to force a military return to Iraq in order to please their war profiteering defense contractors that support their campaign war chests.

Everyone is shoving bad advice President Obama's way, mostly to support that idiot Shi'ite puppet government that President Bush 43 installed.  This is the same Shi'ite government that aligned itself with Iran to be their puppet instead of the U.S. puppet.  This same Shi'ite government shut out the Sunni faction from participating in its own government.  Is it any surprise the Sunnis went rogue?...

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The U. S. paid billions of dollars into this artificially united country called Iraq, and the ensuing regime, propping up an insincere military too weak to want to defend itself or the country.  After a decade of war this Iraq became co-dependent upon the U. S. military.  After all, the U. S. spent a good $17 billion on trying to train an unteachable group to act like their new military.  What an expensive sad joke.

The Sunni-Shi'ite fight will go on for more generations, fierce and bloodthirsty. The U. S. was foolish to think we could change the paradigm that has existed for centuries. Apparently, there are about 3,000 fighters currently in Iraq.  To hear the news reports you would think there was really a one million man army descending upon Iraq.

But what can the U.S. do besides wipe out this most virulent current form of an Islamic terrorist group via our U. S. Happy Drones?  This particular Sunni group is hiding among the civilian population.  So, are we to send missiles raining down upon children and women who are innocent bystanders?  Are we to send in military troops which we know will be a waste of good resources?  We will only end up with the same problem:  these two "religious" groups hate each other and are hell bent upon total annihilation, not caring who they take down with them.  If ever there was a time when we all wish the Prophet Mohammad would show up and chastise both groups for trying to kill each other it's now.  Since that's not going to happen, let's consider some other options.

A political plan like President Obama proposes to negotiate between the Sunni and Shi'ite factions is a complete waste of time.  As a reasonable man, Obama is under the impression he is dealing with reasonable people.  His idea is fair, reasonable and good.  However, it's wasted on these angry people who are simply not ready for it.

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News Flash, folks:  You are all looking in the totally wrong direction, overreacting to the natural order of things that will happen anyway.  Forget both of these violent groups.  They are just insane, probably from centuries of inbreeding.  A country full of men who have been marrying their sisters and first cousins creates a whole host of issues after a number of generations, a good 1400 years.  These two groups are in a death spiral so the U. S. and the West should stay out of it.  Besides, just where is that wimpy Arab League in all this anyway?  They are famous for standing on the sidelines, expecting the U. S. to pick up the tab and come up with solutions, using our military to do the work they should be doing in their own backyard.

Of course, Big Oil is going nuts, worrying about their investments and the markets are equally stressing about access to easy oil.  So, the push is on to pull the puppet strings on all of the American politicians in order to get them to advance militarily and stem the violence.  Big Oil and Wall Street don't really care if more soldiers die because it's always all about the money from their perspective.

So, you have crazy vicious fools running amok in Iraq, terrorizing the local population and grandiosely threatening to export their violence to Europe and the U. S.   Cue the overreacting media and it's A Made For TV special.  After all, this is a political year, vying to overturn the Senate and the House for whichever political party that covets what the other political party currently possesses.  Cue the voter and they throw out the number two guy in the House, Eric Cantor, and you have a small idea of just how angry is the American voter.  More surprises are due this fall in this off-year election.

If we all consider that violence is inevitable in the Middle East then we must look elsewhere for answers.  First of all, the American people are fed up with the U. S. playing helicopter parent with warring nations, emptying our treasury, and, of supreme importance we do not like sending our sons and daughters to spill their blood for ungrateful fools.  Israel suggests we should just nuke them all and take over the region.  A drastic solution but in time it may end up a viable one at the rate these fools are running out of control.

For over 80 years the Sunni Saudi Arabia rulers have worked U. S. Presidents like personal puppets to help contain the Shi'ite faction they have been fighting for generations.  Saudi Arabia has dangled oil availability for military protection.  Of course, Saudi Arabia continues to fund terrorist groups against the West.  Why do we do business with these nasty double dealing people?

Middle East Primer:  Then the Shi'ite get into power in Iraq and oust the Sunni from any participation.  The Shi'ites then align with Iran's Shi'ites, forcing the hand of the Sunni.  So, now the Iran Sunni are demanding the U. S. do something about all this?  Are you kidding me?

The same Iran that is allied with Russia who has deployed long range missiles against the U. S. from Cuba and South America?  The same Iranian navy threatening us with missiles from international waters?  Why on earth would the U. S. be motivated to help Iran on anything?  These are the same guys who refuse to sign a nuclear agreement and have just been playing games for months, never intending to give up their nuclear capability, research or enrichment programs.

How can we quell the violence that has erupted in Iraq?  Answer:  we can't.  It's a bad fever, generations in the making, that has to burn itself out.  These people are behaving like rabid dogs in the end stages of their illness.  No amount of reasoning will be heard or heeded.  Quit wringing your hands about how a terrorist state will emerge.  Hey, look at it this way:  We can easily find them all in one place if we feel like lobbing missiles their way or decide to round them up.

The awareness everyone seems to be overlooking, and downright ignoring, is this:  It's past due time to carve up Iraq into three states where this population stands a chance to live in Peace among their own kind.  They have proven they cannot get along and refuse to try to trust or work with one another.

The Best Answer for the U. S. and Europe in this chaotic crisis is to figure out with whom they can truly work.  It isn't Saudi Arabia that double deals the U. S. for military protection while funding terrorism against us.  It isn't Iran who also funds terrorism groups against us and lies to us at every turn.  It isn't Iraq that is willing to be the puppet of whoever gives them the most money.

Who is the most reasonable?  Who is trustworthy?  Who is willing to be responsible?  Who is willing to do business with the West in a sane manner?  Who has already proven to be reliable, sane and trustworthy in their dealings with the U. S. and Europe?

The Kurds.  The Kurds are best able to handle this crisis in the region if they received the support they need.  They may do it successfully on their own without help.  It will just accelerate stability if we do support them now.  The business markets would be calmer if they knew it would only be a few years instead of decades to achieve a peaceful standoff in the region.  The Kurds certainly are the most motivated to regain the original territory of their homeland.  The best news is that they are not consumed by all this hatred of generations and are able to think reasonably of how to make the best of this situation.

The Mission Possible here is to militarily support the Kurds in their fight to enlarge their current territory.  Let the Kurds push the Sunni and Shi'ite down into smaller regions of Iraq, butted up against Iran.  That should keep Iran busy for some time to come, drawing away their attention from the U. S. and the West in their need for revenge.  The Kurds can prove useful to themselves and useful to the West in need of dealing with someone reasonable controlling the oil fields.  The Kurds are the only group in the region with any real integrity.  Questions?  Denny Lyon Prep is now in session.

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