Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Satire: Daft Punk Disses Colbert, Teaches America How to Fight Back NSA Big Brother

3 funny Colbert videos.
From Denny:  Hey, America, take a page from Colbert's book of what to do when President Obama and Congress break their promises to you and cancel.  Democracy got shipped overseas because of low wages and tax breaks, good jobs never to be seen again as Obama waved a tepid goodbye.  Health insurance costs skyrocketed under the much touted savior ObamaCare without any regulations from the President to keep costs down low enough that minimum wage workers or the sinking middle class can afford it.  

Is the New Police State in America getting you down?  Tired of stop and frisk?  Tired of anal police probes when stopped on the highway for possibly absolutely nothing but a pervvy desire to bully?  Fed up with your DNA taken without a search warrant for a speeding ticket?

Disgusted with the pervvy NSA viewing all your texts, photographs and who knows what else when they get into your home computer?  Follow Stephen Colbert's example and dance all over the faces of the folks that dissed you.  After all, Colbert can't sue the summer megastars French electro-pop group, Daft Punk, that agreed to appear on Colbert for the Song of the Century performance and interview.

You see, Daft Punk was to "surprise" appear on the MTV Video Music Awards too, a conflict with The Colbert Report to which they made a previous commitment.  Guess what; MTV owns Comedy Central and The Colbert Report.  We all know what Colbert says to anyone who pulls rank on him, "You aren't the boss of me!" and said it to his MTV bosses.  Can't sue when you are the injured party?  What can a person do?...

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Colbert took it to the people and danced his way across many a TV show including all kinds of stunned celebrities:  Charlie Rose, Jimmy Fallon and more.  Colbert was joined in his FU Daft Punk Celebration Dance by actors Ashton Kutcher, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Hugh Laurie, Brian Cranston.  Colbert showed up dancing in the office of former Sec. of State Henry Kissinger.  He promptly called security.

Instead of  the you-will-regret-dissing-Colbert Daft Punk group the Colbert Bump went to Robin Thicke and his "Blurred Lines."  Thicke performed in the place of Daft Punk, forever winning more Colbert Bumps in the future from a grateful and snarky host.  Screw Daft Punk.  They're French.

So, if you are fed up with Washington politics then start organizing all over the nation.  It's time to FU Celebration Dance all over Congress and this White House for cancelling on the American people.  Yeah, Russia did it; why not America too?  Hey, NSA, did you get all that?

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