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Hey, DNI Clapper: Choose Blogger Denny Lyon To Head Bitch Slap Independent NSA Review

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee April 18, 2013 in Washington, D.C. (File photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images).
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testifies before
the Senate Armed Services Committee April 18, 2013 in Washington, D.C.
(File photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images).

Jimmy Kimmel video.
From Denny:  Looking for an echo chamber or a real assessment of the NSA surveillance programs? Then choose Denny Lyon as your man, er, woman to be your truth teller because God knows you all need one desperately.  After all the NSA has been spying on Americans since 1949 and the start of The Cold War.  That's right; it all started with reading every telegram that was sent out or received into America.  The illusion of privacy in our life time is just that: an illusion.

Can you believe this cover-up travesty?  President Obama leaves, well, runs away for holiday before anyone catches on, dumping like a huge turd a big announcement of how he is bringing in "outside" experts to take a look at the NSA surveillance.  These so-called "outsiders" are supposed to determine if the NSA is actually violating any privacy or civil rights, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  Who believes this crap?  Apparently, the only true believers live in the White House and the NSA because none of the press is falling for it...

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Oh, that's right; yet another "brilliant" smoke and mirrors misdirection campaign brought to America by that parlor snake sleaze, Obama's favorite ego-stroking adviser and former campaign manager, David Axelrod.  That's the same guy who never wanted to advance women's rights, gay rights or just about anyone's rights. He isn't big on actually governing either - just running for the next election.

Axelrod just keeps counseling Obama to be a Do Nothing No-Deliver President.  "Why rock the boat?  Hey, boss, you are already going down in the history books as the first black president and you won two terms.  Stick with mediocrity and don't step out and do anything special, spectacular or outstanding to please and help the American people who are feeling mighty desperate.  Oh, just let them eat cake. Working just 29 hours a week will toughen them up.  Who cares if they can make ends meet, afford ObamaCare, pay their bills, or pay off student loans?"

Back to DNI James Clapper.  We all know he's calling up his old pals at Booz Allen to staff this "outsider" independent review board.  What a joke.  There really is just too much collusion here, boys, and you all know it.  Grow a pair; man up and do the right thing:  everyone resign effective immediately.  

The NSA chief Gen. Alexander should have been fired immediately when the Snowden NSA leak story broke.  At the minimum DNI Clapper should have fired him for sheer incompetence.  Booz Allen should have had all their intelligence community (IC) contracts suspended pending investigation.  A real leader would have cancelled their sorry asses and their contracts along with their private contractor status.  

But then Booz Allen has the habit of hiring ex-Pentagon generals like Clapper as their CEO for a honeymoon year or so and then moves them into key positions deep into the government.  What could be better than owning the Director of National Intelligence?  Why?  You guessed it; so Booz Allen is in the plum position of getting the best government contracts.  To date, Booz Allen is making billions of dollars per year off of those highly lucrative contracts.  The beauty of this crookedness is that it's all classified so there is no true oversight from watchdog groups and real journalists willing to do a proper job protecting the public's right to know about corruption in high places.

Here is DNI Clapper's official announcement to the press from the DNI site:

DNI Clapper Announces Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

DNI Clapper Announces Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies

At the direction of the President, I am establishing the Director of National Intelligence Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies to examine our global signals-intelligence collection and surveillance capability.

The Review Group will assess whether, in light of advancements in communications technologies, the United States employs its technical collection capabilities in a manner that optimally protects our national security and advances our foreign policy while appropriately accounting for other policy considerations, such as the risk of unauthorized disclosure and our need to maintain the public trust.

The Review Group will brief its interim findings to the President within 60 days of its establishment, and provide a final report with recommendations no later than Dec. 15, 2013.

James R. Clapper 
Director of National Intelligence

President Obama said "a group of outside experts would consider how we can maintain the trust of the people, how we can make sure that there absolutely is no abuse in terms of how these surveillance technologies are used, ask how surveillance impacts our foreign policy, particularly in an age when more and more information is becoming public."

Did anyone notice how DNI Clapper decided the public trust was the lowest on his list of priorities?  Anyone notice how this is just another political campaign to mollify the American people?  Yeah, it's time to choose Denny Lyon to bitch slap a truly independent NSA review.  By the time I get through with them we will finally know just how much our government leaders have F'd up.  

Oh, that's right; we already know that.  Let me get on the phone to Russia and check in with Snowden and Putin.  I bet they can bend my Independent ear for quite a while, regaling me with many notable stories of interest to the American people.  Game over, Clapper and Obama.  No one is fooled by your grandstanding.

So, as my first official act as head of the Independent NSA Review Board, I got Jimmy Kimmel's input on how to find Edward Snowden in Russia.  He suggested we employ the famous Russian Dash Cams so popular across the country to help the American government in its search for Snowden.  After all, those Russian Dash Cams are programmed to record only corrupt Russian police.  They are the perfect low tech for sniffing out the NSA doings, leading straight to hound dog Snowden.

Take a look; get a laugh and then write your Senators, Congressmen/women, the President and every other annoying government employee in the IC to push Denny Lyon to the top of the list of chosen "outsiders."  In my case, it really is true.  Well, almost.  I grew up inside the CIA.  

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