Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hateful Humor, Hit Counts, and Positive Politics

From Denny: Here is an unusual article about writing in the blogosphere. Since I've never been a fan of political vitriol and character assassination promoted over problem-solving pressing social issues I found this interesting. First I've heard of this Losada Ratio about positive to negative emotions charting what ratio is needed for best group dynamics. There's even some psychology and science involved! :)

"Cruised any politics related web sites recently? Seen any angry, sarcastic, personal attacks wrapped in "humor"? If your answer to the first question was yes and your answer to the second was no, then you either cruise a VERY select set of websites (send me a list, please!) or …. Well, truth to tell, I can’t figure out how you might look through many of the top-rated websites and answer the second question "No."

I was cruising around the web the other day and ran into a post by a blogger who had just gotten his millionth hit. He was giving advice on how to do the same — and since I’m on track to hit that point with my blog in about 2037, maybe I should listen. Then again, maybe not, because two of his key points were to make some enemies and to use enough "vitriolic ad hominem to make sure he never forgets it." Note the lack of an exclamation point on that quote — no excitement here, just sane, sensible advice!

Now, let me note that this advice-giver also suggested that we not confuse "cyber-venom" with "real-world hate", suggesting that the vitriol in web space is equivalent to the theatrics of pro wrestling. And much of it probably is, but that doesn’t mean that engaging in such activities is consequence-free. I suspect that, for many participants, both readers and bloggers, there are very real consequences.

Losada Ratio

Two words: Losada ratio . Marcial Losada’s research established that positivity has a tipping point. At approximately three positive emotions to one negative, individuals and groups begin to experience life in a new way. Patterns of positive relationships, creativity, collegiality, and forward motion emerge that could not have been predicted before. Goals coalesce, pathways appear, and efficacy surges. Further research shows that the highest levels of group performance require a ratio of 5:1."

By Dave Shearon @ Positive Psychology News Daily

Take a look at this interesting site! Just click on the title link to take you to the rest of the article. Thanks for visiting!

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