Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chasing ISIS: Why Are Republicans And Pentagon Suddenly Forcing Iraq War Two?

From Denny:  The selling of Iraq War Two to the American public was in full tilt mode on all the Sunday talk and news shows.  Retired generals and other Pentagon talking heads are selling the "need" for U. S. ground troops to kill off the ISIS insurrection.  They all claim that almost 3,000 air strikes have had zero effect upon the psyche and operational ability of the marauding Sunni ISIS group of petty thieves, drug dealers, rapists, clueless teenagers and murdering psychopaths that are hellbent upon an unrealistic goal of world domination.

I tell ya, a person really has to wonder what drugs these Pentagon guys are on, as sometimes they really believe their own fear mongering wild-eyed press briefings.  It's clear they are helping the defense contractors make money:  it's called depraved War Profiteering.  Yeah, sure looks like the spouses and family members of these Pentagon heads are on various defense contractors' board of directors like Do We Cheat 'Em And How...

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There are a bundle of problems with the Pentagon thought processes and rush to war: 

1:  The vast majority of the U. S. ground troops military and their families want nothing to do with going back to Iraq because they are fed up with an Iraqi military (and other Arab countries) that refuse to learn to fight, will not defend themselves or their country or make any effort to fight whatsoever.

2:  The Special Forces guys are even more disgusted with Iraq and other Arab countries as they know these countries are just filled to overflowing with quaking cowards.  The Special Forces troops do not want to be their hired killers.  Is it any wonder the Special Forces units are losing seasoned combat troops at an alarming rate?  Why?  Because they have been overused and are away from their families for as much as 360 days a year.  What kind of life is that?

3:  With the Pentagon reasoning it's high time the U. S. take over all of the Middle East countries (think:  only the oil-producing ones).  The Pentagon believes the U. S. should just control everything in an entire region of the world.  Yeah?  And just who do you think is going to pay for this crazy idea?  The American people?  That would be a "Hell, No!"  Does the Pentagon think they can sell the same story they sold in Iraq War One?  That was the "funny" tale of how Iraq was going to pay for the war with profits from their oil production.  That was a sad joke as the U. S. Treasury was never reimbursed.

4:  It's past due time to fire ALL the Pentagon heads, especially General Dempsey, a guy who has never been in combat and spends more of his time spinning this gullible President and Congress than anything else...  Clearly, Dempsey and his immediate staff really don't know what to do about the Middle East.  Their solution?  Control it with overwhelming force.  That is so unrealistic and just panders to the defense contractors who subscribe to The Perpetual War philosophy.  But hey! They all sure are making billions of dollars out of all this misery.

5:  When the head of the Pentagon tells Congress and the press that "in the event we decide U. S. ground troops are needed we will inform the President." Well, be sure to read that as:  "We have already ordered up the troops and are in the process of sending them over to Iraq but will wait until after the November elections to officially inform the public."  Does Gen. Dempsey really think the American public is that gullible and naive?

6:  By directing engaging ISIS militarily all the U. S. does is give it legitimacy.  How stupid is that?  That just helps them speed up recruitment.

7:  In his speech to the nation the President vowed to "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIS yet has also repeatedly said the air campaigns would not get the job done.  So why spend the money and time to do it if it is totally ineffective???  Either almost 3,000 air strikes are effective or they are not.  Of course, the cold hard truth is that the defense contractors are only too thrilled to continue supplying new missiles to the military, for a huge profit, why, of course!

8:  Isn't it high time we come up with a far better solution that an all out war response?  Iraq and the Sunni nations created and funded this terrorism.  They created a monster to go after the West that has turned on its masters to destroy them.  It's time they be the ones to address the grievances and make things right in the region.

Don't believe those U. S. ground troops are really on their way to Iraq?
 Just watch resident self-important Blabbermouth former NSA Director Hayden who was quick to kiss and tell and "be the first guy" to get out the secret news on Fox News Sunday, "In terms of intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, logistics, advice, command and control assistance, tactical air control parties, look I’m betting we’re up close 5,000 by the end of the year and the U.S. military campaign to defeat ISIS will likely last three to five years even if it is successful."  Is there any doubt what this Pentagon has already planned and is in the process of executing?  

"Do ya think" that Gen. Blabbermouth Hayden was specific enough about the Pentagon's war details?  (This is the same guy who likes to gossip about government plans and secrets on the commuter train, loud enough for everyone on the train to hear in great detail.  If President Obama is looking for one of his leaks, look no further as Gen. Blabbermouth Hayden is his man.  Do ya think this President would be smart enough to revoke his security clearance and quit giving this former NSA and CIA Director any more intelligence or other information???)

My fellow voters, do yourselves a huge favor.  Go to the polls this November and vote out the war hawks from both political parties in this 2014 November midterm election.  Unless, of course, you are all excited about yet more U. S. troops getting maimed and killed in yet another Stupid Middle East War that solves absolutely nothing.  Public support for another war in the Middle East is just not there in the voters of either political party.

Besides, instead of using too many of our military resources to go swat a few mosquitoes in the Middle East where there are plenty of local governments, police and military who could do the same, the U. S. military should really have our attention riveted upon the Russian menace right here at home.  

Right now Russia, (along with allies Iran, North Korea and Syria), has positioned itself quit well, trying to encircle the U. S. from South America with at least two long range missile bases in Nicaragua and Venezuela.  Russia is in the process of building and restoring six military bases in the Arctic to attack the U. S. as well as easily lay claim to the massive 15 percent of all the world's oil and 30 percent of all the world's natural gas deposits.  

The Russian air force is daily and aggressively challenging our air force on our West coast in the Pacific Ocean.  Russian subs and ships every day are cruising off the coast of Washington, D. C. in the Atlantic Ocean.  Just off our shores, the Russian military are stationed in Cuba where they have a long range missile base (paying Cuba $200 million annually) and even in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, Texas and Florida where their submarines routinely patrol in a threatening manner, checking on U. S. oil refineries.

Yes, get out and vote in November and get rid of the war hawks.  Then write all your local politicians to get rid of these idiots running the current Pentagon.  They are chasing the wrong enemy.

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