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September 11th, Terrorism 13 Years Later: What Have The Saudis Done To Prevent Another?

President Obama, Defense Secretary Hagel, and Gen. Martin Dempsey listen to the national anthem, Sept. 11, 2014
President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, listen to the national anthem during the September 11th Observance Ceremony at the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, Va., Sept. 11, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

From Denny:  While the somber ceremonies at the White House and across the nation remember the horrific terrorism of the day now known as "9/11" perhaps it's time to take a penetrating look at the center of this terrorism:  Saudi Arabia and the Arab League.  For the past 13 years it's astounding to note that neither the U. S. government or the world media have taken Saudi Arabia and other Arab League nations to task for fomenting and financing this global terrorism.

Saudi Arabia in particular, as well as their neighbors, have consistently offered excuses and deflected criticism for the last 13 years, claiming no real responsibility cultural, politically or religiously.  It is in their national self-interest to stomp out terrorism yet they continue to finance and arm these marauding groups like ISIL and al-Qaeda.  The Saudis are notorious for making grandiose promises they never keep.  The Saudis are well versed in telling the West what we want to hear yet never - ever - deliver substantially...

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What ever made these stupid Saudi government heads think that arming a group like ISIL, just because they are "fellow" Sunnis that they would not eventually turn on the very people who had enabled them?  Saudi Arabia has been quite the player in deadly international politics for generations, turning the Middle East against the West while telling the West, "We are your friends."

Well, with friends like Saudi Arabia I think I'd rather invite ISIL to the dinner table.  At least the ISIL psychopaths are honest in their hatred, not wasting time to maneuver you into bizarre situations.  The ISIL creeps will take their shot immediately to try and kill you.  The Saudis are too chicken hawkish to do their own killing, preferring to hire others to do their bidding:  the U. S. government and military.  America must get out of the business of being the Saudi's stooges and killers for hire.  Has it ever occurred to any of the so-called "experts" that with the U. S. too willing to do the Saudi's bidding that is the very reason this terrorism has grown so much it has kicked into an exponential curve of being out of control?

So, here's the deal for why I'm writing this post:  President Obama gave a well laid out four part strategy in his speech to the nation (entire speech transcript) last night about how the world coalition is going to deal with ISIL and other terrorist groups threatening global security.  This "help" from the U. S. should not be open-ended, lasting years as the President stated, quoting his clueless military and intelligence agency heads.  The American people will not accept this nebulous, "We will chase them until we destroy them all" attitude.  Sounds good for the immediate short term visceral crowd but when the adrenaline quits pumping and the people calm they are left with this long term question:  "Why is it always America that does all the heavy lifting, spending billions of dollars to secure other countries while we break our economy and empty our national treasury?"  Can it be that it's the war profiteers are the only ones benefiting here?

The U. S. needs to put a time limit on our help if none of these nations step up to deliver thousands of their boots on the ground, say 60 days or 10 bombing missions.  If the Saudis and the other nations do not step up then they are on their own.  America is no longer willing to go along with the traditional manner of war from the Pentagon or government officials.

To date Saudi Arabia has done the "minimal acceptable" for their part in this terrorism mess they created, financed and armed.  Read that as they haven't done anything significant.  Saudi Arabia has a military and an air force.  It's past due time Saudi Arabia put thousands of boots on the ground in defense of their own nation as well as in defense of their Arab League neighbors.  These Arab League nations spend way too much time squabbling and screwing each other over as much as they screw over the West.  They could put those energies into building better countries and providing a living wage for their peoples and then there would be no need for this terrorism to occur.

The people of the world are restless because their government officials and leaders - from the U. S. and Europe to the Middle East, Russia and Asia - are too busy profiting financially from their positions instead of finding ways to improve their local governments from the highest level to the lowest.

The people of the world are angry they are not getting serious issues addressed:  proper policing to ensure safety of women not getting raped like in Afghanistan and India - and even in the U. S. military, proper government oversight of financial sectors wrecking the world economy like in the U. S., the U. K. and other European nations, and, most especially, no real effort put forth by any government to develop decent paying jobs. 

It's obvious to everyone on the planet that "the rich keep getting richer" and the middle class has evaporated by half in the U. S. and Europe, stagnating everywhere else on the planet.  The American people are disgusted with building up, training and paying for the Arab League military only to have them refuse to fight, wanting the U. S. military to do the fighting and dying for them.  It's outrageous that any U. S. leaders would even consider an open-ended conflict where the U. S. does all the heavy lifting.  Enough of Stupid.

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And when the U. S. military is busy sending out their pilots to bomb ISIL, do be sure to put out plenty of Twitter blasts and paper flyers to let the enemy know there are women piloting those planes and those drones.  And, if the Pentagon doesn't have enough women pilots to staff this effort, recruit them.

By refusing to make this an open-ended long term conflict for the U. S. military it will put pressure upon Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the other Arab League nations to step up in a meaningful way:  provide thousands of ground troops from each nation.  Thousands of Arab League ground troops is the only way to end this terrorism - and an agreement among all of them to remain united and in support of one another.  The time has finally come for all these Arab League nations to discover how to employ their military to do the obvious:  protect their nations and the coalition against terrorism.

Kudos Watch:  Kudos go out to Egypt, UAE and Kurdistan Iraq as they have been committing the ground troops fighting terrorism and ISIL.  The Kurds have even employed women soldiers - a novel idea for Islamic men - who have been found to be just as fierce and effective.  After all, it's women who have the most to lose if ISIL topples any Arab League nation government.  These three peoples have the courage to do what is both smart and practical.  Will their neighbors choose to be as smart or will they - and their governments - topple and perish?

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