Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Has Clueless German Merkel Sold Out European Security to Military Aggressor Russian Putin?

source: AP

From Denny:  Looks like Germany's Merkel is done politically on the world stage.  Her Russia Policy has most definitely failed.  She is dancing a very slow implosion but an implosion none the less.  Her word apparently means nothing on the world stage any more.  She makes these pronouncements and then backs off, never following through with any tough action, just tough talk that falls like a thud onto the international political floor.  Clearly, Merkel's Russia policy does not reflect the German people's opinion.

Has Merkel foolishly sold out to Putin, deciding in private talks to allow him to take Ukraine - and eventually as much of Europe as he wants?  Is this the beginning of the end of the European Union?  The UK is ready to bolt - and it's probably a good idea if they do - with Germany calling so many bad political decisions in a row.  Has Germany sold out, because as the fourth recognized largest economic power in the world, has taken the political lead and fumbled the football one too many times?  Is Merkel as ready for the world stage as she thought she was, ignoring domestic issues?  Should Merkel be kicked out of power for risking the global security and the European countries' sovereignty?...

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Merkel guilty of dangerously placating Putin's ambitions?

For too long now Germany's Chancellor Merkel has "dated" Russia's Putin, coddling him like a petulant child manipulating his clueless mother.  Just how long is this Russian temper tantrum going to continue?  Just how long will Germany behave like an indulgent parent too weak and incapable of disciplining their wayward child?

Does Merkel personally identify with Putin since she was raised in Eastern Germany before the wall fell and unification occurred?  Obviously Putin has been somewhat adept at pulling those cultural ties tighter to place her in the position of choosing Russia's outrageous aggression over common sense for European security.

Do Merkel or any of her family members enjoy lucrative Russian contracts or Russian campaign donations and that is the reason for her reticence to fight back against Putin:  personal profit?  Time for the news media to quit sitting on their hands and start investigating all the players in this Ukraine Crisis beyond just the newly elected Ukraine President.

Does Merkel even respect Ukraine's sovereignty?  Does Merkel respect the sovereignty of any other European country that was once a forced Russian satellite?  Merkel should quit throwing empty words into the air and start showing the world Germany does respect other countries' sovereignty even if Russia does want to devour them.  Why does Merkel allow Russia to disrespect the rest of Europe?  Why is Merkel so willing to side with Putin against all common sense?

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Follow the German money???

Isn't it always about the money Germany's Big Business sectors are making from Russian contracts?  Is Merkel just the puppet of CEO's Gone Rogue, risking the overrunning of Germany by Russian troops?  And, how stupid is her other political miscalculation when it involves the U. S.?  Right now Germany is codependent upon the U. S. for military security - and continued foreign aid which Germany has the audacity to count as part of their national budget.

Yet Germany currently bites the U. S. hand that has fed it - and its thriving economy for the past 60 years - to now embrace the Russian crime syndicate?  Come on, seriously?  Obviously, the German politicians are too spoiled and have had it good for far too long, taking their relationship with the American people and the U. S. government for granted.

It's time Germany choose Russia or the U. S.  Merkel can't have both.  Frankly, I'd rather Germany did choose Russia as it would get Germany off the U. S. payroll, costing American taxpayers a lot less money to prop them up.  Maybe it's time Germany "moved out of the house" only to discover the consequences of no longer having the U. S. to bail them out every time they do something stupid.  It's past due time for the U. S. to get out of the International Helicopter Parent Business with all of the world.

Don't the Germans understand this Ukraine Crisis isn't about politics and different countries' squabbling?  It's about how Putin and his Gang of Crime Fools have so fleeced the Russian people that they are taking it out of the national coffers faster than it comes into the national treasury, especially since sanctions have significantly slowed the Russian economy.

What Putin's westward military aggression is truly about is expanding the territory of the Russian Crime Syndicate and fattening his wallet by fleecing more money from other countries than just the increasingly depleted Russia - not about the so-called Russian pride of regaining former Soviet satellite countries political "experts" would try to convince us. That's just the lie Putin sells the Russian people who are increasingly now suspicious.  Putin and his Gang of Fools have stolen so much from Russia that it may soon implode the Russian economy even without increased international sanctions.

(Is that font large enough for ya to drive home the obvious for the government folks?)  Putin is really just after the money.

What makes Merkel actually believe Putin will stop at the Ukraine border?  Putin has no intention of doing so if Germany is foolish enough to give him unfettered access.

The real question Germany needs to ask is if they will be content to become a Russian satellite country.  Because if they are choosing to journey down that road then the American people will just shrug our shoulders and say, "OK, pull out the troops and close down the U. S. bases in Germany.  These people are too stupid to protect any more.  Besides, more money back into the U. S. national treasury for more worthwhile domestic projects."

I will miss the awesome German cars like Mercedes and BMW.  But a fine automobile is just not worth keeping Stupid on the payroll.  Well, at least American beer makers have finally learned to rival the good German beer and even the Irish dark beer.  You should try the new Louisiana beer company started up in 2010, Bayou Teche Brewing, that puts out this outstanding dark beer:  LA-31 Biere Noire, using German malts and American hops.  The company was created by a former U. S. Army veteran who was stationed in Germany.  This LA-31 Biere Noire is every bit the same awesome full bodied complex goodness of a Guinness.  Here's a list of national distributors.  Yes, American ingenuity still lives, even in this generation.  Will Europe choose to be as smart?

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