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LSU: Should A College Athletic Director Be Allowed to Leverage A Sports Commentator To Run a Power Play to Get Rid of a Coach?

Nov 28, 2015; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles is ...
Coach Miles carried off the LSU field after victory over Texas A & M. Source:  Crystal LoGiudice/USA TODAY Sports

From Denny:  "Hey, I've got an idea; let's leverage this guy Booger McFarland, sports commentator from ESPN and SEC Nation, to be our mouthpiece.  He's already made it clear he is willing to do anything and say anything as mean as possible.  You know he doesn't have any integrity.  He's one of us, he he.  He can slander Coach Les Miles and call for his firing, promoting our weak reasons for why he has to go," says Athletic Director Joe Alleva to a few disgruntled members on the LSU Board of Supervisors and a few wealthy boosters.

Alleva turned Booger loose to grind on the LSU Tigers and run down the brand of both the college and the coach, believing that was a great strategy to get rid of Coach Miles.  After all, Booger bragged he "is great friends with Athletic Director Joe Alleva and LSU President King Alexander."

"Yeah, and let's hide our nasty strategy from the majority of the LSU Board of Supervisors.  Let's keep them in the dark until we have to tell them.  They don't need to know until we have whipped up public sentiment so negative we can easily get rid of Coach Miles.  They never need to find out our game plan until after the coach is gone.  We can brag about what we did and celebrate then.  Agreed?" promises the few conniving members on the LSU Board of Supervisors to Alleva, Alexander and each other, hoping to contain the truth from seeing daylight.

Of course, their nasty plan backfired because of both LSU fan push back and political pressure demanding they quit being Stuck on Stupid immediately.

These were the idiots that decided it would be good business to run down the LSU brand - to which in the public's mind Coach Les Miles is so strongly attached - and run down the very successful football program.  Weren't any of these clueless guys aware that LSU's football program is one of the very few profitable college programs in the entire nation?  Why would any person with a brain and an ounce of emotional maturity be Stuck on Stupid and blow up the profits to the state?

And who installed these fools on the LSU Board of Supervisors?  It's past due time that these pot stirrers - with no business sense - get kicked off the LSU Board.  Gov. elect John Bel Edwards will be in office in early January.  He needs to seriously find some better candidates to replace those diva pot stirrers and fast.

"Well, guys, if this blows up in our faces my fingerprints were never on it," declares scared stick LSU President F. King Alexander, "It's on you, Joe."

Yeah, Alexander was in on the plot as well because he never came out and spoke to the public or the press in support of Coach Miles for well over a week while Miles roasted over the open pit of public and media speculation.  Clearly, Alexander and those few LSU Board members hoped Coach Miles would despair at getting savaged that he would feel compelled to resign.  Coach Miles handled the heat and stayed in that hot kitchen to the bitter end, winning public support, forcing the LSU Board, Alexander and Alleva to relent...

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Alexander must be replaced because of his lack of integrity for starters.  Alexander is not the kind of person who should be a college president, a place where integrity is taught, encouraged and nurtured.  Is it coincidence that he secured an additional five-year contract from the LSU Board in October, then suddenly in November what surfaces were all these ugly leaks to the press that Coach Miles will get replaced?  Did Alexander wait until he thought his job was secure before he unleashed the plot against Coach Miles?

There is so much wrong doing going on here I'm almost at a loss to describe the very long list of grievous sins.  An entire novel could be written about all this backstabbing in academia, dragging in the sports media to do their bidding.

Let's start with the behavior and habits of corporate and academia political weasels like LSU President Alexander and Athletic Director Alleva.  If there is one thing academia political weasels know is how to make people feel special and important, knowing those same people will support anything they want to do.  They will also open their wallets.  Alexander and Alleva sure saw Booger McFarland coming.  He was ripe for the plucking, easy to convince and dupe into carrying out their plan.

McFarland already fancies himself the Smartest Guy in the Room but that wasn't enough.  That's evident by how he bullies and talks over all the other sports commentators, pushing to get his way at the expense of all the others.  What worked in an NFL game simply does not work in every day Life.  Booger is also highly negative, a quibbler, instead of offering constructive criticism.  His analysis leaves a lot to be desired.  Booger makes things far too personal, running down individuals like he has Coach Miles and some members of the LSU Tigers.  Booger is also this negative toward other teams.

Some of his analysis is wacky in the sense he declares one person makes this or that team the winner when everyone knows it takes an entire team, each member doing their job well, to make that one individual look so grand as to garner notice and get the glory.  A lot of his thinking really is quite limited on critical thinking and downright childish.

In particular, the LSU Tigers are a very young team, comprised mostly of freshmen and sophomores.  The NFL has poached LSU for many years now, weakening the continuity and strength of the team.  Even so, this year's young LSU Tigers still managed to win 8 out of 11 games.  The three games that went sideways were all against experienced senior quarterbacks, all playing in the system for four to five years.

LSU's QB Harris?  This is his first year playing a full season.  He did well considering what he was up against and how many hits he took both on and off the field.  To his credit, blasted by the heat of destructive media criticism, QB Harris toughed it out psychologically and physically, something totally unappreciated and missed by Booger.

Tell me, was Booger as good in his freshman year as he was in his senior?  Who ever is?  What about Booger's last year in the NFL?  Was he perfect?  Apparently, far from it.  Or has he so quickly forgotten what it is to be a student, struggling to take it all in, learning to manage emotions as well as such a national stage and loud stadium?  It's a lot to adjust to and navigate.

You cannot just snap your fingers and instantly enjoy perfection.  Perfection has to be practiced, earned and grows day by day.  The real definition of "perfection" is "maturity."  Maturity takes time and a whole lot of attention to get there, both as a team and as an individual.  Are you paying close attention, Booger?  THIS should be YOUR teachable moment.

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College teams are not the NFL  They are students, student athletes, there to earn a college degree first and play football second.  It's unacceptable how Booger treats them all.  His harsh negative talk is simply not useful in any way other than to promote the Booger brand.  Apparently, he is convinced he is the only person deserving of respect, not any of those around him on the set or on the sports teams across the country.

Booger seems determined to trash talk LSU and grind on the LSU Tigers.  He singled them out, calling them "the most desperate in the bowl games."  Seriously?  How is that useful?  Oh, that's right, it's all orchestrated to prove Booger is right.  Booger is convinced the LSU Tigers are a useless team and so is the coach.  By getting in their heads psychologically, Booger believes he can pretty much guarantee the LSU Tigers will perform badly in the bowl game.  "See, I told you so," will be the Booger mantra after the bowl game.  Really?  That is so immature, viciously calculating and totally lacking in integrity.

Booger wants to be the Most Important Guy in the Room as well.  He radiates it.  Conniving manipulators like Alleva see this type of emotionally needy person every day and they are experienced at leveraging people like Booger, especially when they are media people.  Alleva appears to give Booger what he wants:  acceptance into their group, getting to hang out with The Big Money Boys.  Booger foolishly gives them his loyalty, lapping up the acceptance, never realizing they don't give him an ounce of loyalty in return.  Political weasels are loyal to no one but themselves.  They are their own highest priority, first, last and always.

That's when the manipulators like Alleva know when people like Booger are ready to take it to the next level:  leveraging that national public platform of ESPN and SEC Nation to carry out their insidious slander project to publicly humiliate a man like Coach Les Miles and the LSU Tigers.

"Yeah, it will be a successful strategy to run a very public campaign on the national major sports networks to humiliate Coach Miles that he will be so devastated he will have no alternative but to resign.  Then we don't have to pay out his expensive contract of at least $15 million.  I'll look like the conquering hero to the LSU Board of Supervisors.  I can lay claim to how much money I saved the university in tight fiscal times," crows A.D. Joe Alleva.

Booger went about his assigned job from his handlers, LSU President Alexander and Athletic Director Joe Alleva.  Booger was the ever present battering ram, running down the Les Miles brand at every turn, every conversation, every day for far too long.  The problem is that Booger also ran down the LSU brand in general.

As Booger relished his role of perceived power, he really got into the full swing of mean-spiritedness.  He didn't just slam and slander Coach Les Miles.  Booger disrespected and peed on the LSU football players, dismissing in a disgusted voice, "Oh, that kumbaya stuff of carrying the coach on their shoulders and off the field after the game.  It's irrelevant.  It's stupid."

Booger peed on the LSU fans, dismissing our support of Coach Miles and outrage at what Booger was doing as ridiculously lame.  Booger is of the impression that Love, Loyalty and Integrity are unimportant to a university football program or Life.  He "prides" himself on how much Truth he imparts.  Seriously?  He is the tool of an athletic director.  His Truth cannot be trusted because it comes with a dark and ugly agenda.

As a journalist I find this whole situation more than disconcerting.  It's outrageous.  Where were the producers on ESPN and SEC Nation?  If I were producing these shows and witnessed Booger actively carrying out a slander campaign to run down a coach's brand I would be pulling him aside and telling him he could not do such a thing with our national public platform.

As it is fellow sports commentator Marcus Spears tried to be a friend to Booger, pulling him aside, saying, "Don't you think you are disrespecting the LSU football players by attacking their coach?  Don't you think you are going too far?"

Booger dismissed Marcus Spears as well.  And that's the problem with Booger; he doesn't behave like he has to respect any person around him.  He doesn't respect the LSU Tigers team, the coach, his fellow commentators, the viewing audience and the entire state of Louisiana.  Booger peed on all of us.

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If I were one of the shows' producers I would have already gone to the network execs and said the following, "This guy is out of control.  Measures to rein him in have failed.  He isn't teachable.  He bullies every one on the set.  Worst of all, he pees on his viewing audience.  Half that audience are women and we all know how women can't stand a bullying attitude.

"As a sports network do you actually think in the future that Coach Les Miles will enjoy taking a call from Booger or from us?  Do you think Coach Miles or the LSU football players will be amenable to give ESPN or SEC Nation interviews?  Do you think ESPN or SEC Nation will be welcome on the LSU campus ever again or has this situation so hardened attitudes that we are sunk?  Do you think the LSU fans are happy with Booger and will change the channel every time he comes on?  Do you think the viewing audience trusts anything he has to say after proving how untrustworthy and unethical he is?

"We need to cut Booger from the roster and cancel his contract.  He is too immature for the job.  Booger is reckless and irresponsible with the power that comes with a national position.  Time for him to go."

There are two alternatives here for Booger:  evolve his attitude or ESPN cuts his job.  Frankly, after what I've seen for several weeks now Booger doesn't possess the courage to do right and become a better person.  The very day after the Athletic Director Joe Alleva made a public statement at the Texas A & M victory game conclusion, Booger was out there running down Coach Miles yet again like nothing had changed.  He continued to be Alleva's battering ram, carrying out the ugly game plan at every turn, day after day, never letting up.

Yeah, I get it.  Booger was given an LSU scholarship and played on the LSU Tigers.  Booger went on to the NFL.  Apparently, he is convinced that a really bad attitude, coupled with a quibbling meanness and arrogance are the reason for his success.  Acting like a battering ram is the vehicle to carry his success.  Really?  I'm terribly underwhelmed with his Life philosophy.

What ever happened to paying it forward, Booger?  You don't pee on the very state of Louisiana taxpayers who paid for your education and helped propel you into the NFL.  You don't disrespect the up and coming team of LSU Tigers just because "they aren't you."  

Booger has said he has zero respect for Love. Loyalty. Integrity.  Why is it so necessary to disparage the love the LSU Tigers have for their coach?  Why is it necessary to disrespect the loyalty the LSU fans have for the Tigers and Coach Miles?  Most of all, why is Integrity gettin' no respect in this entire ugly drama?

Change must happen.  This bad attitude and garbage game plan cannot continue, especially utilizing a national media platform like ESPN and SEC Nation.  As a journalist I'm outraged that my fellow media were so lame in not dealing with, reining in or firing Booger.  

Booger needs to understand that abusing his media position is wrong and unprofessional to say the least.  Integrity is everything on such a public forum.  Not one of the other ESPN or SEC Nation sports commentators have been such a destructive tool for a college athletic director.

None of the other sports commentators run down individuals or coaches like Booger has done repeatedly.  The other sports commentators have their favorite teams, their passion for the game, their opinions and ideas.  They enjoy heated, downright spirited discussions and friendly rivalries. But the huge difference between them and Booger is that they are willing to offer constructive criticism without dishing out slander and disrespect.  None of them are so determined to prove they are right about their opinions they are willing to destroy and disrespect those around them.

Change must happen.  This situation cannot continue to go on as if if this is no big deal.  As long as Booger remains in place he is too easily leveraged by Athletic Director Alleva.  Perhaps SEC Nation can move him off the public forum and into the background to do his analysis in print or as research for the other commentators while the network execs figure out what to do with him.  It's time for Gov. elect John Bel Edwards to replace LSU President Alexander, A. D. Alleva and those few conniving members of the LSU Board of Supervisors,

Love. Loyalty. Integrity.  They are not dead.  They will not be disparaged, not in the state of Louisiana by the thousands who live it.  GEAUX TIGERS and welcome back Coach Miles!  We never waived our faith in all of you.

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