Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scumbag Alert: Pentagon Still Promoting Rape and Sexual Assault

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Book given to U.S. veterans in 1919 to help them readjust to civilian life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  While the entire country and the President are appalled at the Pentagon's missteps to correct their vile attitude toward female service members, thousands of women are not getting justice.  Their rapists continue to be promoted to higher positions in the military, never punished or dishonorably discharged.  To add insult to injury the raped service members must salute that superior officer while she finishes her time in the military.  

The Pentagon starts up sensitivity training programs, claiming they have vetted the men placed in charge of them.  Yeah?  Just recently one man was found to have sexually assaulted a woman in a public parking lot. Obviously, he is mocking the very issue of rape and sexual assault publicly.  He was also in charge of one of those classes and possesses a high rank he certainly does not deserve.

The Pentagon claims that men should be in charge of these programs because the troops will not take women seriously as the leaders of these programs.  Really?  What the Pentagon is really saying is that they don't take any military women seriously.  Why are they even bothering with sensitivity training in the first place?  Does Sec. Hagel really believe that re-vetting those in charge of these programs is really going to change the outcome?  

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Here's what you do to end this rape culture:  Issue a harsh edict that those found to have sexually assaulted anyone - since 40 percent of those sexually assaulted are men - will be drummed out of the military with a dishonorable discharge, no pension whatsoever and will be tried in a civilian court.  

The Pentagon is truly not taking this epidemic rape culture seriously which has gone on for decades.  They offer up weak excuses like "well, it's a hook-up culture."  No one believes that so quit offering such a lame excuse.  The psychologists who profile for certain kinds of people to admit into this volunteer military know damn well the men who are rape risks and yet do not thin them out of the ranks.  Those psychologists are lazy and irresponsible.

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Now, this week it has surfaced as to why so few men are prosecuted for their crimes.  With over 26,000 sexual assaults reported 2012 only a mere handful, 190, get prosecuted.  Over 85,000 vets applied for sexual abuse treatment while only 4,000 applied for disability. What is happening and how is it the Good Ol' Boys Club at the Pentagon is so successful at hiding the problem and the evidence?

It turns out that the raped women report to military hospitals when they should be reporting those rapes to a civilian hospital.  That rape evidence is absconded by the military who conveniently lose it or destroy it.  Besides being shameful and deceitful, this is a serious moral and ethical problem for today's military generation.  

If a woman cannot trust the men in her unit - especially in the combat zone - then how well will the military perform successfully?  It's bad enough that female service members are afraid to visit the latrine during the night because of the fear of rape so they limit their intake of fluids to avoid the problem.  What kind of prison are these women living in inside the military?

It's time for President Obama to lead from the front instead of lagging behind waiting to see how things shake out.  It's time for him to issue that military rape edict and make it a harsh punishment.  There is no excuse for men sexually assaulting other men or raping women.  Those 40 percent of men cannot all be gay since only one percent of the entire population of America is gay - so this is not just about homophobia.  What it's about is that psychopaths and sociopaths are allowed to serve as officers in America's military, all without consequence or punishment for their crimes.

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