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Real Time Updates: Boston Bomb Suspect On The Run, Capture Closing In

Boston Marathon Explosions

From Denny:  Updating in real time as situation unfolds.  Corrections ongoing so check back often.

Breaking News: 1 Boston Terrorist Dead, 1 in House to House Search - original post from 5 AM CST this morning with news of last night's breakout robbery and police chase (video) of terror suspects.

Boston Marathion Explosions

Boston Marathon Explosions

Update 7:43 PM CST:  Suspect now in custody, alive and in need of medical attention as police calling for a medic.  The situation is over.  Suspect captured, alive and in custody.  His condition to be confirmed.  And all of America wants to interrogate this fool.  Police are standing down.

Update 7:29 PM CST:  Suspect still alive.  Police using thermal imaging.  A police negotiator has been brought in to coax him out.

Update 7:14 PM CST:  There is now a fire on the boat.  No confirmation yet as to whether the suspect started the fire or if the police assault caused it by sending in so many flash bangs (about 7 or 8) in order to disorient the suspect.

Update 7:10 PM CST:  Police moving in and assaulting the boat.  They are concerned to determine if there is a full tank of gas, maybe diesel on the boat.  You would think when a boat owner parks their boat for the winter they would get rid of the fuel as it will only age during the winter months.  The address is 67 Franklin Street, Watertown, MA.

Update 6:52 PM CST:  Police scanner reporting that the suspect is still moving and sitting up after hail of police bullets.  Ordering the media to move back.

Update 6:47 PM CST:  Suddenly a huge round of gun fire shooting that sounds like they peppered the guy and that boat now looks like Swiss cheese.  If he is in that boat then he is most likely bleeding out or just plain dead after that hail of bullets.  Since he may have a suicide bomb vest on his body the police will not run up to give medical aid.  Police are sending in a robot to view his status.

Update 6:31 PM CST:  Suspect is now surrounded on Franklin Street area.  A boat with a tarp in a yard was spotted by an observant neighbor who took notice of blood on the side of the boat and when a ladder was seen on the side of the boat when it did not exist previously.  The neighbor tipped police and police have now shut down the area.  Police had a helicopter in the air which observed the suspect is still alive and moving.  They don't know yet if he has explosives.  Police are in the process of evacuating citizens in the neighborhood.

Update 6:06 PM CST:  Police lifted the travel ban for the Boston public in the past hour.  New development:  Reports of shots fired in Watertown and hoards of police cars and SWAT teams responding to the gun fire.  Has the suspect come out of hiding or someone seen him and tipped police?

Police have someone cornered in the corner of Birch and Walnut Streets, Watertown, MA where the shots were fired.  There are about 12 houses in the area.  This suspect is now four miles, 1 mile closer, to my relatives, having worked his way in their direction.  Still don't know if this is the bombing suspect or someone else.

Reports now of a body and blood found on a boat.  Whether the boat is in the water of the Charles River or just a boat parked in a yard where the suspect may have hidden is still to be determined.  Police are suiting up with bulletproof vests and don't appear to be hyped up or anxious but rather patiently waiting for information that the suspect is now dead or captured.  Looks like they are staging to take care of explosives in the area in case the suspect booby trapped around him.

Update 5:28 PM CST:  Police are now saying at a press conference that the public is allowed to go outside but to do so with great vigilance.  Police "have not been fruitful in their house to house search" today.  "We can't lock down an entire city (1 million people) or state forever."  Were officials getting pressure from the business district?

The police are backing up on the belief these two bombings suspects were involved in the 7-11 robbery last night as reported all day.  Apparently, the suspects were in the area at the same time when they took the SUV driver hostage and killed the MIT campus police officer.

All afternoon many an expert has been pontificating as to whether these bombing suspects were lone wolves or organized terrorists from Chechnya.  No one really knows for sure yet.  No one has claimed responsibility other than the two bombing suspects when they bragged to their hostage last night.

Earlier today police believed the remaining suspect may be wounded.  It's possible that he is tired, weak from blood loss and lack of sleep, grieving over the loss of his older brother and holed up somewhere in hiding.  As a medical student he has enough knowledge to bandage any wounds.  If he does not have access to medical supplies then he is prone to infection and fever which can weaken him further.  He may even be passed out in his hiding place.  Now is the time for police to press forward in their search to locate him while he is very weak and unable to think clearly.

Is he hiding in an abandoned house, commercial building or apartment?  Did he have a "safe house" ready in case he needed it?  Have the officials taken a look at who purchased the 110 Norfolk Street house on 18 January 2013 to see if they also purchased any other properties in the area in the past year since the older brother returned from Russia in July 2012?  Is there a connection, and, if so, maybe they can locate a property to where this suspect may flee?

Update 12:17 PM CST:  One bomb was found this morning in Charles Gate and safely disarmed.  No information yet as to whether that bomb was placed some time ago or from last night after the police chase.

Also, the now dead suspect, Tamerlan, was found to have traveled out of the country to Moscow, Russia, last year in January, returning in July 2012.  He was out of sight for six months.  Was he radicalized on that trip?  Or was he already radicalized for some time and finally financed and then activated last year?  I'm sure the FBI is looking at the money trail and their financials some time ago to learn more.

Update 11:39 AM CST:  News conference about terrorist manhunt - with Gov. Patrick and Mayor Menino still advising residents to remain indoors, sheltering in place.  They did not take questions and thanked the public for helping with this manhunt.

Officials say the manhunt is still in process, having already covered about 60 percent of the area in a house to house search.  On Norfolk Street they will do a controlled explosion of that house as a precaution for explosives and want residents to be aware of what they are doing.

Update 11:06 AM CST:  Media not naming last night's hostage as he was hapless victim and not important to the investigation.  Might I add I'm very pleased there is not reckless reporting from many corners?  There is no need to name the hostage as all it would do is draw the yellow journalism press to his door.  He's been stressed enough from a carjacking and hostage situation.

Oh, by the way, it was reported that police may have blown up that man's Mercedes black SUV used in the robbery getaway as it contained explosives.  So, some guy was on his way somewhere last night, gets car jacked, held hostage and now 12 hours later when police finally locate his Mercedes SUV it gets blown up.  What an experience to tell the grand kids some day.  Can you imagine trying to tell your auto insurance company this fantastic story?

Ruslan Tsarni
Ruslan Tsarni, uncle to Boston Marathon bomber suspects, interviewed outside his home.

Update 10:27 AM CST:  Boston marathon bombers' uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, currently in interview with reporters is agitated, angry, ashamed and frustrated with the situation.  Tsarni states he has not spoken to nephews since 2009 and separated his family from the bombers as he considered them "losers" (especially now for choosing such violent acts as terrorist bombings and killings). Tsarni is angry his nephews have brought shame upon his family and the ethnicity of Chechnyans.

He is advising his nephew, "if still alive, to turn himself in and ask forgiveness."  Hopefully, his plea will reach the ears of his nephew and it will bring this situation to a peaceful conclusion.

Criminologist: Older Tsarnaev brother 'guided' younger brother

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Update 10:17 AM CST:  Russia has offered their condolences to America.

Update 10:04 AM CST:  The situation looks to reporters like the police may have surrounded the suspect and are in the process of trying to negotiate with him in order to take him alive.  He's lucky police are willing to offer him that option and he should take it.

What officials are also concerned about is whether other places in the city may be booby trapped so to cause concern even after his capture.  What has this suspect been doing since last night's robbery when he disappeared from view?  Was he busy planting bombs across the city or just looking to hide?

Update 9:56 AM CST:  Police moving back the media, telling them to crouch down, to an area outside the inner perimeter of a possible weapon range from the suspect.  A person was seen by an NBC News reporter, not moving, on the ground, handcuffed by police.  No verification as to who that person might be, whether the actual suspect or some fool that blundered into the area.

Snipers have now taken up positions though are not in immediate aiming mode.

Update 9:45 AM CST:  Uncle's home of the bombing suspects is currently secured.  The uncle has been in America for about five to seven years.  Did this guy radicalize his nephews or is he clueless as to what set off his nephews for this bombing and killing spree?  What would make a medical student suddenly decide to start killing?

Update 9:24 AM CST:  It's now coming out from the hostage taken last night when his black Mercedes SUV was hijacked by the bombing suspects at the 7-11 robbery, that the suspects clearly identified themselves as the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.  They admitted to the terror bombings and killing a police officer.  They used the hostage's debit card to withdraw $800 last night and then turned him loose later.  Was he released unharmed as a way to get out part of their message that they were bragging they were the marathon bombers?

Police negotiators want to take him alive, offering him a platform to get out his message to the public.

Update 9:01 AM CST:  MIT campus police officer killed last night in the 7-11 robbery by the terror suspect last night is identified as Sean Collier, age 26.

Also, police stopped an Amtrak train bound from Boston to New York City and a suspect taken into custody.

Also, the suspects taken at the address of 110 Norfolk St. may not have been arrested but were taken in handcuffs and may only be questioned.  Their status not completely clear as police close in while investigating all angles of this case.  These new suspects may be family members that were living with the bombing suspects.

Update 8:26 AM CST:  Father of the suspects is Anzor Tsarnaev who is now residing in Makhachkala, Russia.  He spoke on the phone with the Associated Press today after learning of his older son's death (Tamerlan).

The father advised that his younger son Dzhohkar is "a smart and accomplished young man."  The father also added, "My son is a true angel.  He is a second-year medical student in the U.S.  He is an intelligent boy and we expect him to come home on the holidays here."

Guess that quote answered my question as to who exactly radicalized his own son.  What an idiot.  He sends his sons to do his dirty work while he stays safe in Russia.  Someone get on the phone with Putin to go arrest this creep and give us extradition.

AP Photo

Update 8:20 AM CST:  Father of the suspects is purported to be an ex-police officer or judge from Chechnya or Kyrgyzstan.  Two brothers believed to be permanent legal residents since 2002 or 2003.

locator map of Kyrgyzstan

A no-fly zone initiated over entire area of Boston for the past hour.

Update 7:41 AM CST:  An uncle of the suspects confirmed the names of the suspects as Tamerlan (Who Is Tamerlan Tsarnaev?), a former boxer who is now dead, and Dzhohkar Tsarnaev, a former wrestler and now at large, armed and dangerous as the entire city of Boston remains on lock down.

Police are reporting they have an accurate location on the second armed suspect. Police have a third and now fourth suspects taken into custody at 110 Norfolk Street where the two brothers lived.  What may be of interest is that this house sold quite recently on 18 Jan 2013.

Did a sleeper/active terrorist cell buy this house?  This would be an easy way for renting out to people who want to avoid detection from Homeland Security checks if a terrorist cell owns the housing situation in the first place.  Possibly something to look into in order to nail down a timeline and others involved.  Turns out this terrorist house is just 5 miles from my relatives' house.  Creepy.  Dzhohkar A. Tsarnaev may be closer or farther away from his home as he tries to evade officials.

Update 7:28 AM CST:  If you live in the search areas of Boston - Cambridge and Watertown - be advised to take more precautions than sheltering in place.  Stay away from windows.  Pull your mattresses off your beds and use them to shield windows near the street in the event of gun fire or bomb blasts.  Find a place in your home without windows or doors and is not an outside wall like you do for safety from hurricanes and tornadoes.

Take account of what you can use as makeshift weaponry in your home - like well-sharpened gourmet kitchen knives that you could use to hurl at him if you are the unlucky guy's house he might burst into for shelter.  This terrorist may be in possession of more explosives to hurl in a neighborhood.  He is on the run and is capable of anything.  He might be wounded or out of ammunition for his guns; no one knows that status yet.

Update 6:59 AM CST: Believed these brothers and their parents may have come to the United States as early as 2003.  The older brother, now dead, was born in Russia.  The younger brother, at large, was born in Kyrgyzstan.  There is some confusion on those birth facts as they both may have been born in Kyrgyzstan and were refugees from Chechnya.

One thing is for sure, once this situation is done, here's the real question:  Were these two brothers radicalized before or after arriving in America?  If after arriving here then there is some serious investigation to be done to find their enabler "friends."

You know their parents and family members recognized them on the FBI video yesterday.  Did they call the FBI to identify them?  Are the parents responsible for radicalizing their children?

Update 5:24 AM CST:  Breaking News: 1 Boston Terrorist Dead, 1 in House to House Search - original post from 5 AM CST this morning with news of last night's breakout robbery and police chase (video) of terror suspects.


In a tribute to the city of Boston and the resilience of their people after the Boston Marathon terror bombing.

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