Friday, April 19, 2013

Breaking News: 1 Boston Terrorist Dead, 1 in House to House Search

Boston Marathon Explosions
Updating as more news becomes available.

From Denny:  It's 5 AM at our house and we woke up to breaking news on the Boston Marathon terrorist bombings.  The police have Boston in lock down right now, chasing the remaining armed suspect.

The terrorist suspect number one with the dark baseball hat and sunglasses had an IED strapped to his chest, challenged the police with a hail of bullets, and was killed "suicide by cop."

Last night about 10 PM in Cambridge a 7-11 convenience store robbery by these two suspects where they killed an MIT campus police officer.

The terrorists had kidnapped an SUV driver, drove through Cambridge and then eventually let go the driver 30 minutes later.  Suspect number one decided to get out of the car as the police  pursued them, throwing IEDs and shooting, laying down some heavy fire.  He was killed as he shot at the officers.  The remaining suspect drove the Mercedes black SUV directly at the police and through their line to escape, literally running over his brother's bullet-ridden body...

Since the SUV was a Mercedes I guess the police were able to find this car because all you have to do is call with the serial number and have the company locate it via GPS.  After five hours of heat brought by the FBI after their photos were released yesterday to the public the terrorists emerged out of desperation last night to commit the robbery and killing.  They also seriously wounded another police officer.

The suspects have been in the country for at least a year and are legal permanent residents.  They lived in Cambridge right near my relatives.  The terrorists are brothers, one is 19 years old, the surviving suspect and has a Massachusetts driver's license.  They may be Chechan (rebel terrorists?).  Update:  They are believed to be Kurds who took asylum here about a decade ago.  Terrorists' father was known to have worked in Chechnya.

Police think they may have military experience.  It is odd how Iran came out yesterday to "denounce" the Boston Marathon bombings.  Did anyone else find that really strange?  Sure sounds like Iran sponsored these terrorists.

At our house we debated if these guys had left the country.  My husband thought they had.  My take was that the second terrorist in the white hat depicted on the FBI video was too cocky to leave.  That guy was enjoying the cruelty he was about to inflict on unsuspecting citizens when I saw his walk as he mingled in the marathon crowd.  I figured the other guy was all about the business of killing and probably was the leader.  The white hat guy looked reckless but less well trained.  Because he is so unpredictable he is more dangerous.  I figure the police will find him soon.

From the Boston Marathon bombings, these terrorist brothers killed three people and injured 180.  They have now killed one police officer and seriously injured another.  The brothers are ages 19, Dzhohkar A. Tsarnaev and 26, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  The 26 year old is dead.  The 19 year old is Dzhohkr A. Tsarnaev and he may have a bomb strapped to his body and have additional explosives in his possession as he flees in an attempt to escape police.

Meanwhile, I already emailed my relative and his wife as they are extremely close to this manhunt, hoping they check their email upon waking up instead of trying to go outside.  Contact your family and friends to be on guard until this situation is resolved.

Update 6:59 AM CST: Believed these brothers and their parents may have come to the United States as early as 2003.  The older brother, now dead, was born in Russia.  The younger brother, at large, was born in Kurdistan.

One thing is for sure, once this situation is done, here's the real question:  Were these two brothers radicalized before or after arriving in America?  If after arriving here then there is some serious investigation to be done to find their enabler "friends."

You know their parents recognized them on the FBI video yesterday.  Did they call the FBI to identify them?  Are the parents responsible for radicalizing their children?

Update 7:28 AM CST:  If you live in the search areas of Boston - Cambridge and Watertown - be advised to take more precautions than sheltering in place.  Stay away from windows.  Pull your mattresses off your beds and use them to shield windows near the street in the event of gun fire or bomb blasts.  Find a place in your home without windows or doors and is not an outside wall like you do for safety from hurricanes and tornadoes.

Take account of what you can use as makeshift weaponry in your home - like well-sharpened gourmet kitchen knives that you could use to hurl at him if you are the unlucky guy's house he might burst into for shelter.  This terrorist may be in possession of more explosives to hurl in a neighborhood.  He is on the run and is capable of anything.  He might be wounded or out of ammunition for his guns; no one knows that status yet.

Real Time Updates: Boston Bomb Suspect On The Run, Capture Closing In

Update 7:41 AM CST:  Police are reporting they have an accurate location on the second armed suspect. Police have a third suspect taken into custody at 110 Norfolk Street where the two brothers lived.  What may be of interest is that this house sold quite recently on 18 Jan 2013.  Did a sleeper terrorist cell buy it?  Possibly something to look into in order to nail down a timeline and others involved.  Turns out this terrorist house is just 5 miles from my relatives' house.  Creepy.


In a tribute to the city of Boston and the resilience of their people after the Boston Marathon terror bombing.

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