Monday, April 15, 2013

Breaking News: Twin Bombs Go Off At Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon
Boston Marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AP video clip of twin bombings at marathon.

From Denny:  With about 100 injured, some horrifically, and two dead, this was a sad day at the Boston Marathon.  Two explosions went off near the finish line.  About 23,000 people attended the event.

Across town, about four miles away, there was a fire at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.  In the first reports it was first thought the issue at the Kennedy Library was an explosion but is now called a fire.  Officials do not know if the twin bombings and the Library fire are connected.

Here's what officials know:  pretty much nothing.  Right now they are in the early hours of first treating the many injured and securing the area for investigation.  Police have asked everyone in the area to not use their cell phones in case there are more explosives that could be detonated.  Officials have also asked everyone to remain indoors, sheltering place.  Police did find two more undetonated bombs in the area after the other two bombs went off.


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Today is Patriot's Day and officials do not yet know if this holiday yet has significance.  Is it domestic terrorism?  Is it an international terrorist group?  Is it just a lone wolf who is insane and dangerous?  No one has the answers yet.  No group or individual has yet to call in responsibility.  It sure does make you wonder if it has anything to do with the financial district as the bombs exploded nearby.  There was a symmetry to the bombing as the bombs when off within about 10 seconds of each other.

Like everyone else who heard this news, I emailed a relative living in Boston.  I had a lingering bad vibe about them possibly being in town and near this event - yet sensed that somehow they were OK.  Turns out he and his wife were invited to attend the Boston Marathon's VIP stand at the finish line.  They chose to decline this year because as by-project independent food writers they had a deadline to meet.  Who knew being a couple of workaholics would keep them out of harm's way?

The President also came on TV less than an hour ago to announce the bombing and update America as to the ongoing police, FBI, CIA, counter-terrorism and government efforts.

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