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Rush Limbaugh: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire About Advertisers Status

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From Denny:  I'm with Jon Stewart.  Rush Limbaugh just keeps on giving the comedy material, serving it up on a silver platter. His latest gambit is to now challenge the logic about his advertisers' performance since they left his show or if they stayed.

Normal people call it irrational logic, you know, an oxymoron attempt by Rush.  Sometimes, this guy is just too much fun to lampoon.  It's as silly as the research scientists who decided after lengthy study that, "People die six months before or six months after their birthdays."  That stupid study must have been underwritten by Limbaugh.

What he is arguing now is that the advertisers who stayed with his show are increasing their sales but those advertisers who spurned him because of the Slutgate Controversy are failing miserably.  What an insufferable self-centered ego.  He's full of bluster, that's for sure.

Does America's favorite BS Artist know how stupid that sounds?  Better yet, does he offer any proof of his claims?  Of course not.  And that is always the point about Rush Limbaugh.  He never possesses any real hard data or facts to back up his baseless claims for whatever he is "discussing" via monologue.

For some reason, Limbaugh took a Washington Post article last week that claimed the Limbaugh controversy is finished and completely died down as an indication he could crank it up again to be his usual level of obnoxious.  Did it ever occur to Limbaugh that the newspaper was baiting him?  Looks like it worked too - much to the comedy writers' delight.

How stupid can you get?  Just because a newspaper claimed it's over does not mean it is true.  Women have very long memories and even stronger grudges against Hate Merchants.  As a matter of fact, this month, across all 50 states, there will be marches on the state capitals protesting Limbaugh's show and demanding he be taken off the air.

Does that sound like the controversy has died down?  Just because the mainstream media is bored with the controversy does not also hold it true that women have forgiven or forgotten.  Neither has happened.  They are all stupid in my book.

As a result of the article, like Huffington Post said, "Limbaugh thought he could take a victory lap."  Of course, it's this blowhard attitude that always gets him into trouble.  That's when bloggers like me get to start laughing - and posting while we are falling off our chairs.

Limbaugh's boast:  "The advertisers who hung in here are going gangbusters, yes.  I mean, that’s the simple truth. The only ones who got hurt are the ones who left."
Limbaugh's claim about his ratings, "The simple answer is that on the range of all 600 radio stations, our ratings are up anywhere from 10% to 60%, depending on the station.”
Liar, liar, pants on fire:  prove it!

The Slutgate accusations that started the month long furor in the first place:  

And Limbaugh's latest effort at a salient argument:

What Rush Limbaugh has accomplished is that he has mobilized women all across America in unison against him and others like him.  Slutgate has prompted a national conversation.  Women are reconsidering all they have supported from politics to religion to radio show hosts.  Women are not happy with the status quo and are mobilizing to change it.  The balance of power is shifting, thanks to Limbaugh awakening a sleeping woman (chinese proverb).

Women are leaving the Republican party and joining the Independent column.  Even Democratic women are leaving the party and joining the Independent party because they are fed up with unresponsive political parties not taking care of the majority of America:  the voters.  The Independents are now the largest political party in America.  Yeah, that's the dirty little secret.  I may join them soon if I don't see significant movement with the Democrats this year.

Stay tuned.  I can't wait for the next installment on Liar, Liar, Pants On Firegate.  The rat bastard certainly is entertaining.  Be sure to send Rush a thank you note for reinvigorating and focusing the women's movement. 

See?  Vile jerks can prove to be useful from time to time.  Sometimes, you have to just so insult a group of people - like 160 million or more women here in America - that it finally angers them so much they take action.  Rock on, ladies!  Be relentless and run this fool off the air for good.

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