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Jon Stewart Mocks Outrageous Arizona School Board Fearing Mexican-American Studies

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From Denny:  The Daily Show may be a comedy show but Jon Stewart utilizes what is happening right here in America as material.  You can't make up this stuff.  It's unbelievable.  How do these incredibly insensitive - and more importantly, really stupid - people rise to such high positions of authority where they affect the lives of millions of people?  It's scary in its implications.

It's difficult to believe this superintendent actually has a doctorate in education.  Are you sure this guy didn't lie on his resume or buy his degree from some online scam site?  It's like listening to my Republican Louisiana Senator David Vitter who claims to be a Rhodes scholar and a lawyer who graduated Ivy League schools.  He can barely put a sentence together and lacks rational thinking just like this fool.

Watch as comic Al Madrigal baits this guy about Mexican-American studies now banned in Arizona's Tucson school district.  The reasons this superintendent gives are incredible, all based only upon hearsay. Hearsay - can you believe it? This guy who heads their school board never even bothered to talk to the teachers of the program or read any of the textbooks.  And he calls himself an educator?  Unbelievable.

Apparently, the "educator's" main sticking point is that the historical truth told in the Mexican-American studies program "brainwashes" America's children to hate the white people.  That's how the right wing is selling the truth telling these days:  It's bad, it's ugly and it's brainwashing.

Of course, what this is really about is the Republican move to obliterate all "liberal" viewed education across the nation and it starts on the state level by worming their way into the fears of the locals.  This guy sure bought into the right wing mantra of "keeping down the brown people" so the white people remain supreme.  Fearmongering.

Watch as he cleverly tries to justify his bigotry and racism.  Clever, this man isn't.  He just comes across as a thug waving a doctorate.  Hmmm... kind of like former VP Cheney...  It just goes to show that a college degree really isn't much of an accessory if you haven't developed any real emotional intelligence.  You can still look stupid.

Sadly, check out the real victim of brainwashing and just how bad stupid can really look from a man who claims to be educated:

Tucson's Mexican-American Studies Ban

Al Madrigal travels to Arizona, where the powerful evidence of hearsay convinced the Tucson school board to ban Mexican-American studies programs.

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