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Women: Pentagon Rapists Decide If Rapes Prosecuted

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From Denny:  This week two new lawsuits against the military were brought concerning sexual assaults in the military academies.  It was necessary because the women were unable to get investigations into the crimes.  They were also wrongfully discharged as retaliation for reporting their rapes.

This past year sexual assault reports in the military have increased by 60 percent.  Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta reads that as women are more comfortable and trusting to make those reports.  Well, that's one optimistic way to view it.

One one court martial for all those reports

Of the 65 reports, only one resulted in a court martial.  It makes you wonder if only one out of the 65 was truly investigated so the Pentagon threw out this bone to the women's groups to look like they were achieving something significant.  And did I mention the White House declared April as Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month?

Rapists rise in command structure and remain

What is most annoying is how these rapists are allowed to remain in the academies, graduate and then rise in the chain of command all the way up to the Pentagon while the women's careers are destroyed as much as their lives.

How about the hard reality of what this increased percentage of reporting really means?  What is really going on here is that finally there is a sizable crack in the military command.  Some of them, a few good men, have developed a conscience and chose to allow the reports up the chain of command to be seen instead of buried and long forgotten or, worse, ripped up reports and immediately dismissed as unimportant.

Defense Secretary played for a fool by Pentagon

What is sad is how easily the affable Sec. Panetta has been fooled and played by the disingenuous Pentagon brass.  They have convinced him they can police themselves.  Yeah?  If that's true then why are there hundreds of thousands of women over many decades who have been so very wronged on so many levels?

The military officially labels sexual assault crimes to include rape, aggravated sexual assault, wrongful sexual assault, non-consensual sodomy, abusive sexual contact, aggravated sexual contact or indecent assault.

Raped women ordered to interact with and obey rapists

It's bad enough the military command orders raped women to just "suck it up" and endure, they also expect women to continue interacting and remain under the command of the man or group of men who raped her even when she requests a transfer.  What an insult to grind her into the ground through humiliation.  And you idiots really expect women like me to just quietly sit on the sidelines and do nothing?  What are you, F'ing stupid?

Pentagon leadership is riddled with dishonorable self-serving cowards

You are living in a fantasy world, boys.  You are not men of honor.  People who live their lives with honor all  find you to be self-serving cowards more interested in preserving your own careers and pensions than in doing what is right.  Shame on you and your ugly culture where you demean women mercilessly to the point they often develop the PTSD symptoms of severe depression and suicide.

Friday 2 additional lawsuits against the military academies, the Pentagon and Def. Secretary

Need proof to believe it is as dire a situation as it truly is?  How about the current new lawsuits contending sexual assaults at the military academies of West Point (Army) and Annapolis (Navy)?  At West Point, the cadet upper class men prey upon the very women of whom they are in charge.

West Point dehumanizes women, labeled and humiliated as "Dubs"

Those West Point upper class men label ALL women at the academy as "Dubs," which is short for Dumb Bitches.  The academy trains all lower class men and women to TRUST the upper class men, therefore, there is a psychological advantage which they have repeatedly violated.  These dishonorable young men used psychological pressure and abuse of authority to achieve their rapes.

Women are raped and then denied investigations into the crimes

These military academies teach young men to dehumanize and belittle a group of fellow Americans:  women.  These are the kind of "warriors" America is now producing?  It disgusts me.  What is more disgusting is how nothing truly effective has been done to counteract this destructive hate culture aimed at women.  Hey, if you aren't allowed to hate and harm blacks then it's time to move on to an easier target: women.  Blacks finally achieved their civil rights.  Now it's time for half of America to enjoy the same.

Military trumps up psychiatric disorders to discharge raped women, denying benefits too

Yet another time-honored tradition in the military culture is to destroy women who report sexual assaults by making sure they are labeled with a false diagnosis like a "personality disorder" and accuse them of being "emotionally unstable" and therefore "unfit to serve."

It always follows the same pattern.  When a sexual assault is reported, then the allegations are ignored and do not get investigated and finally a sudden psychiatric disorder is diagnosed in order to justify a psychiatric discharge.  It's end of story of headaches and public relations problems for the military.  After all, their mindset is if you succeed in trashing a women's character she can't be a credible witness in court.

Think about it.  From 2001 to 2010 over 31,000 service members were discharged because of personality disorder.  How many were raped women?  How many sexual assaults were never reported and not included in this statistic?

To be diagnosed with a personality disorder so suddenly is truly malicious persecution.  The military doctors and psychiatrists willing to serve the Pentagon instead of what is the truth should have their medical licenses stripped as well as their commands.

What is the true definition of a personality disorder so commonly used to shut up raped military women?

A true personality disorder takes years to develop beginning in the teen years or early adulthood.  It's a pattern of someone who is severely inflexible and regularly cannot adapt to the situations around them.  People with personality disorder frequently get in trouble in society like easily getting fired from jobs, brushes with the law or at school and are not able to maintain stable relationships.  Don't you think that would have been evident in the initial screenings of all these raped service women when they first joined the service?  So, who can believe these trumped up diagnoses?

How the military cruelly denies women benefits, any help after traumatic rapes, humiliation and discharge

If an untrue diagnosis and discharge like this is bad enough, the ugly reality is that these women are not eligible for any help for their trauma after discharge.  You see, the military considers a personality disorder to be a pre-existing condition that did not result from a service-related disability.  The Department of Veterans Affairs does not allow these women benefits.

But hey, the military tell the women they can still apply for benefits - which turns out to be an uphill battle.  Talk about a vicious environment where they heap humiliation upon humiliation upon the women like it was the Stone Age Middle East instead of Modern Day America.

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-California, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, says "the military has used personality and other psychiatric diagnoses 'almost robotically' to force women who report sexual assaults out of the service."

Speier says, "It's the default position the military uses. The problem we have in the military is the unit commander is in charge of the entire process."

From Defense Secretary Leon Panetta back in January: "The number of sexual assaults in the military is unacceptable. Our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line every day to keep America safe. We have a moral duty to keep them safe from those who would attack their dignity and their honor."

Pentagon's weak response to correct rapist culture

Here's the weak response from the Pentagon to correct this mess of personality disorder diagnoses and discharges.  You see, now the Army guidelines require commanders to review administrative separations like the famously overused personality disorder diagnoses for sexual assault victims.  That commander is supposed to assess whether that separation is truly a retaliation for reporting sexual assault or if it involved PTSD.

Another change by Sec. Panetta since January is that women who report sexual assaults are allowed to make an immediate request for transfer to a different unit.  The commanding officer then has 72 hours to decide whether to grant her request.  Are you kidding me?  A commander is allowed to decide if a victim can continue to get harassed or raped again by the offending rapist or entire unit for a full three days and nights?

That's the best they can offer by allowing the command to continue to cover up their transgressions, still refusing to punish the rapists in their midst?  Worse, the victim's fate is still in the hands of a command structure unwilling to change their vile culture.

When will this administration understand how important it is to create a truly outside group of investigators to assess each case instead of constantly handling it in house?  No one trusts their reports.

Time for criminal prosecution in the Pentagon

Leon Panetta, you have been mightily played by this morally corrupt Pentagon leadership.  They are a bunch of weasels, jackals and hyenas, laughing at you, the President, and all of America's daughters.  Bring these bad dogs to heel.  It's time for criminal prosecutions of the rapists and the entire command structure that contributed to this vile culture of easy and rewarded rapes.

Where has the honor gone?  When will the military's War On Women end?

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