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Rush Limbaugh Bleeding 3 More Advertisers Over Fluke Slut Slurs

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From Denny:  This week the Rush Limbaugh show bled three more advertisers: Kohler, Fisher Nuts and, an online reputations management and Internet privacy service.  The tally is now up to 145.  Many were regional and local advertisers.  He still enjoys 9 permanent national advertisers, though 3 seem shaky.

It's been a month since the uproar push back from women started with Limbaugh throwing out his slut, prostitute and whore slurs of Sandra Fluke in a three day diatribe that infuriated the nation.

For 53 of Rush Limbaugh's smear attacks on Sandra Fluke, go to this link on youtube. (If you can stomach hearing it all.)

One amusing development is that this uproar forced Limbaugh to hire a crisis consultant.  "Ya think?"

Clear Channel Communications and Premiere Network are still unrepentant, thinking the two week vacation would do the trick, by tricking women into buying the advertiser products again.  They think us stupid and easy to fool.  Get real.

Clear Channel claims to employ 20,000 - have more than 850 radio stations in 40 countries and 110 million listeners.  It's no wonder they believe they can weather the storm of boycotts.  They think "they are too big to fail."  Yeah, let's hear it for the Titanic mindset.

In fact, Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman is now quoted this week as claiming he is "delighted to have the king of radio associated with his company."  What a scumbag.  He's proud of his Hate Merchant status.  This Propaganda In Chief is exactly what is wrong with America in this generation.

But not all companies can take a huge hit to their stock.  The reason this CEO is so cocky and unrepentant is because his company is privately held stock.  But not so the parent company of Clear Channel,  CC Media Holdings, Inc.  The parent stock is traded on Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) under the ticker symbol CCMO.  There are over 26 million shares, currently at $5.78 per share.

There is also an outdoor advertising subsidiary known as Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.  That company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CCO.

Writers and crisis management consultants have it in their stupid heads that because the extreme outrage is no longer being vented on the blogs and in the media, then, therefore, goes their so-called logic, the political temperature has cooled down.  With the coast cleared, it's fine for the advertisers to come slinking back onto the Rush Limbaugh show.  Some have already returned.

From Steven Biel, director of, a site created by for its petition drive against Limbaugh thinks Limbaugh will think twice in the near future:  "I suspect his internal editing equipment is significantly amped up.  I could imagine a scenario in which one more ill-timed comment will get him banished" (to satellite radio).

Women are still insulted and very angry about this onslaught of misogyny from Limbaugh and other Hate Merchants.  As usual, the consumer, women in general and the American public have all been underestimated and misread by all the advertising experts.

They should be far more concerned there is no loud noise at the moment.  It only means one thing:  women in particular have already made a list of the advertisers they will now avoid purchasing their products and services.  I know I have for my house.

Just ask Susan B. Koman Foundation what it feels like when you lose 30 percent of your business all at once.  I wonder just how long these advertisers can succeed on those numbers.  Time will tell.  One thing is for sure:  women have very long memories and will hold a grudge against this Hate Merchant for Eternity.  Until he is off the air will women return to the shopping network these advertisers wish to appeal.

If all the Hate Merchants want to congregate on the Rush Limbaugh show and the Clear Channel stations then so be it.  There are consequences for stupidity and stubbornness.  Women are not fooled by the two week vacation of suspension the advertisers took, waiting for the national temperature to cool off.

Women are so angry they are now calm.  When women are calm after this kind of a storm it only means they are very determined to make a difference and marching forward to boycott all of those advertisers.  It's the acting on the decision to quietly walk away that cannot be measured by all the experts.  It cannot be stopped now because Rush and his loyalists crossed the line.  There is no going back.

And while I'm at it, shame on the Pentagon and Defense Sec. Leon Panetta for not pulling Rush Limbaugh off the Armed Forces radio network for spewing hate against women.  If a talk show host were found to be spewing hate against blacks there would be no question.  He would have been pulled.

Why is there no question right now?  I expect better from all of you and will not relent on my criticism of these wrong decisions until you decide to do the right and honorable thing.  At the moment you are such a disappointment and have certainly lost my support.

All across this country women are reconsidering who and what they will support, from politics to religion to the military to advertisers.  Either get on the band wagon or run fast, boys, because women are fed up and on the move, often silent running.  You won't see us in your rear view business and political mirrors until we are bearing down upon you.

Who said 2012 was about the end of the world?  Maybe only for the stupid who refuse to change for the better who are currently enjoying business, religious, political and military positions.

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